How much can a 6×12 Cargo Trailer Hold?

While shifting house or organizing a new office, you have to take everything from the previous venue to a new one! It’s tough to carry each item one by one!

And this is where the cargo trailer comes it! For larger hauling, we recommend the 6×12 cargo trailers. But do you know 6×12 cargo trailer how much will fit? A lot! Yes, a lot! Read it out!

Cargo Trailer 6×12: What will fit?

Getting the cargo trailer, adding the trailer couple, and getting the gears in is not the only job when it comes to towing. If you check out the trailers for towing, the 6×12 Cargo trailers are one of the most common trailers that you will find.

If you are into a business where you need to haul and transport goods, never skip this one! In this case, if you are just an individual who is planning to move the household belongings, you can also rely on this.

As we said, this is loved by the users for moving their gears across the town and in cases for the cross-country moves too!

Size and Weight Lifting Capacity

If you have no idea about the 6×12 cargo trailer, we will describe it a bit so that you get the basic idea of this one.

This one has a low deck. Along with this, the floor is smooth. The access door is wide-open here. As a result, you can easily load and unload your belongings without any complications! Let’s come for the weight lifting capacity of this cargo trailer.

In short, these are capable of lifting more or less 2500 lbs. of weight. While talking about the weight, people often forget about the size of the cargo trailers. The size of the area also matters as much as the weight lifting capacity matters.

If you plan to buy a 6×12 cargo trailer, you will get about 400 cubic feet of the area as your storage! Such cargo trailers include surge brakes. These will help you in slowing during the transit.

In short, whenever your priority is to get a smooth ride along with easy tow, you can pick up the 6×12 cargo trailers at the top! It surely won’t disappoint you!


We have told you the basic sizing of the 6×12 cargo trailer. Now, we will move to the details. First, you have to learn about the inner dimension of the cargo trailer.

You will get 11’7” length along with 6’ width if you are relying on this one. Alongside, the height will be 5’5” in total.

On the contrary, the door opening is also a fact here. The width of the door opening will be 5’0”. And the height here will be 4’10”. Let’s note it down to make it easily understandable!

Inner Dimension of the 6×12 Cargo Trailer:11’7” x 6’ x 5’5” (length x width x height)
Door Opening of the 6×12 Cargo Trailer:5’0” x 4’10” (width x height)


We have already talked about the size and weight lifting capacity. Here, we will discuss the volume along with the maximum load capacity of the cargo trailer.

Along with this, we will discuss the gross vehicle weight. The empty weight in some cases is also necessary. So, for your convenience, we will make it all comprehensible here.

First, let’s talk about the empty weight of the cargo trailer 6×12. If you are measuring the weight of this cargo trailer without hauling anything inside it, the weight will be 1920 lbs.

The gross vehicle weight will be about 4400 lbs. (this is the maximum weight, it can vary a little.) The volume is up to 396 cubic feet here. On the other hand, the maximum load capacity will be 2480 lbs.

So, you cannot lift more weight than this here! In this case drop hitch for towing and tires for towing, both will matter! Again, let’s make some points to make it easy to understand!

Empty Weight: 1920 lbs.
Gross Vehicle Weight: 4400 lbs. (max)
Volume: to 396 cu. ft.
Maximum Load Capacity: 2480 lbs.

The Right Towing

The 6×12 ft. A cargo trailer is designed for lawn equipment or ATV. For home sizes from one to two bedrooms, it will be the best one to go for! A common question is “can a car fit on a 6×12 trailer”- unfortunately, no, it can’t! But yes, so many other things can fit!

When you ask “what size trailer do I need to move couches,” we recommend this one. No matter you settle for the L-shaped couches or the pianos, everything will fit inside it! Along with the queen-sized beds to whatever large equipment you have inside your house, you can tow everything with this one!

But while towing, you have to keep things in your mind so that everything fits properly. Don’t forget the balance between the weight and the cargo.

Make sure you have put 60% of the cargo weight in the front of the axles. Go for side to side loading. If you are settling for the attached trailer, make sure that the stopping distance is more.

It’s necessary to remember that the tow vehicle’s curb weight should be a minimum of 80% of the loaded weight of your trailer. Now, all you need to do is set up weight distribution hitch first. Then, get the towing accessories and haul all your necessities together!

Wrap Up

Whenever it is time for heavy towing, the 6×12 cargo trailer can be the best solution! You can get everything from the house inside it and then carry it to the new venue. But before that, check out how much will fit and how much it can carry! Also, organizing the objects is a fact you can’t avoid!

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