Basic Auto Mechanic Tools and Equipment List – Ultimate Guide

Being a beginner in the mechanical and automotive industry means you’ll have to do tons of research and study. It’s not only going to be about tutorials and diagnostic information but also the basic tools you’ll need.

There’s an exhaustive list of must have mechanic specialty tools. But considering your ease, I’ll be talking about the very common ones.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to sum up your entry level mechanic tool list after reading it out.

auto mechanic tools and equipment list

Starter Automotive Tools and Equipment List: Taking About the Bare Basics

Let me clear down that I won’t be talking about any specific brand. Instead I’ll provide names of essential tools that play a major part in mechanical world. If you need to deal with engines, cars or similar gears then these tools will certainly come in use.

Let’s get started on your automobile workshop tools list.

1. A Sturdy but Lightweight Tool Box

You will certainly find a bunch of sizes available for Mechanic Tool box. However, as a mere starter, you should consider better usability than junk of functions.

A toolbox that is strong enough to hold your gears as well as lightweight to carry around. That’s what your ideal pick must look like.

Montezuma – ME300B – 30-Inch Portable TRIANGLE Toolbox

No matter beginner or pro, toolboxes are always falling and taking beats regularly. If you think a cheap priced toolbox will be just okay to fulfill your beginner needs, then consider again.

Because no matter how light in feature and weight it is, the construction quality can never be anything less.

Also, consider your tools and find out what size box you’ll need. There are so many reasonable options in each size variant both for portable or home garage toolbox.

2. Essential Pliers Instead of Many Different Pairs

Doing automotive repairs for years, I have a pile of pliers locked up in my garage drawer. It’s totally a mess. This is obvious to happen once your year of practice increases. It’s going to make you buy many different pairs of pliers.

But as a beginner, you probably don’t need that much of plier types. So, the better way to save you space and money is considering the most essential ones.

I think the top list includes three types of important pliers. A Vise-grip plier, a needle-nose version and diagonal cutting pair are probably what you need.

These three are the most essential ones that will help you handle maximum chores. Rest of the pairs are fantastic to have and use. But most of the time, it’s possible to get away without using them.

3. Different Purpose Hammers

I’m sure if you ever come to meet any expert mechanic’s toolbox, you’ll find at least fifteen types of different hammers.

It’s no big deal since each of them has individual purposes. However, I do believe, as a novice you are not going to need such a huge variety when it comes to hammer.

A couple of good working basic hammer will be enough to complete most repairs. You should focus more on what the hammers are intended to do.

You should consider getting an air hammer, rubber mallet, plastic tip version, and such minimal designs.

Little Advice!

You should always consider a hammer that is softer than the working material. If you strike with a steel hammer on an aluminum part, it’s probably going to shatter. Because aluminum is so much more fragile than steel. Obviously, it won’t be able to take the hit. Remember that replacing the hammerhead is cheaper than getting new automotive parts.

4. An Affordable Screwdriver Set

Working on cars or trucks will lead you to use multiple type of soft flat-blades and screwdrivers, no doubt.

So, your next consideration in this list should be different types of screwdrivers and flat blades. I think buying a complete set is going to work even better.

There is also screwdriver bit set available that makes the struggle easier. A pro technician probably considers thirty to forty screwdrivers in his toolbox. You’ll also get there soon. Because just like hairbands, screwdrivers are never enough to not buy again.

Always make sure you are getting these from authentic and genuine brands with lifetime warranty options.

Pro Tip

There are magnetized screwdrivers available. But I actually don’t consider them quite worthy. You’ll probably find a compact magnetizer tool in less than ten dollars. These are perfect to magnetize any type of screwdriver and work efficiently.

5. Cordless Gears

Compressors will not be at your gate every time. Well, that’s the case with most of us. So, thinking about cordless tools is what you need to do next.

In recent days, cordless has become quite admiring and used because of the compactness and ease of use. That’s why it has almost taken the place of air guns.

Technicians are more likely to get affordable cordless tools for minimal tasks. However, for hardcore power requirements, people still prefer the compressed air option. These are good at providing better torque. There is no hassle of batteries as well.

However, as a starter or DIYer mechanic, you probably should think about cordless tools and batteries. Go for the best warranty when picking a suitable option.

Some essential options are electric die grinder, drill, cordless impact ratchet, and wench.

6. Metric Size Wrenches

Best Wrench Organizer

I know most of you already have this on your list. But still, I want to point out a few matters.

First of all, most beginners do the mistake of buying any wrench they find common or inexpensive. This is not going to work.

Always consider buying wrenches that provide high quality because ultimately, these are the tools that are intended to make your task easier and quicker.

Another fact is the metric and standard sizes. I highly recommend you to get metric sizes for a wrench.

You can also think about investing in a wrench organizer, because I have already lost many for not organizing them properly.

7. Lighting Up Your Working Space

This is also another basic tool you need to consider. There are lots of options for LED flashlight and headlamp.

Getting bolts out from a machine needs you to have a closer look. A flashlight or headlamp will make that happen.

If you want to go hand free, consider headlamp. These are also optimal for car underneath repairing jobs.

Some Smart Tools for Your Workshop

  • Consider getting an organizer tray that comes with magnets. These are great for keeping your sockets in place. Also, these are affordable and space-saving.
  • You can consider getting a nut splitter to work on too-tight screws. These are small but quite handy for regular works.
  • You will find a magnetic belt clip that can hold all tiny parts such as nuts, bolts, and washers in one place. So, the next time you don’t waste time looking for these continuously.


Get these basic tools for your garage or workshop and organize them in a proper way. You may want to consider a tool organizer to hold them well. Also, there are so many other gears that come handy while working on machinery and automotive parts. So, if you find another tool that needs to be there in your arsenal, go for it. I hope you enjoy the long drive of becoming an expert in this field. Good Luck!

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