Best Air Compressor Fittings | Top Picks in 2022

Best Air Compressor FittingsIt can be very frustrating to have one small tug at the hose mess up the entire set up of the compression system. You need to ensure that you have a completely airtight security on your connections. Finding the best air compressor fittings can be a lot of work.

Information on the internet is scattered and confusing. You have to look at the type of plugs, match the coupler with the particular plug type, and understand threading. So, to help you out, we have prepared a small list of the best universal compression kits. Take a look!

1. Milton (S-210) 1/4″ NPT M-Style Coupler and Plug Kit

Highlighted Features

  • Has incredible tolerance to pressure and temperature changes
  • Will not leak due to strict dimensions
  • Very long-lasting
  • Looks elegant
  • Comes with two connectors

Milton S-210 1-4Inch NPT M-Style Coupler and Plug KitIf you don’t want to be constricted in your choices of hose pipes, then you will find great appreciation for this product. Milton is a company based in Chicago, America, who has been in the business for more than 70 years! This alone should be enough to tell you how prudent this company is about their service.

They have now come up with a plug and coupler kit, which will keep all your future worries and troubles about piping and fittings at bay. In this kit, you will get everything you may need to get the water to flow at the right volume and flow capacity.

There are 12 pieces in this kit, and among the accessories, you will find couplers, plugs, and fittings of 1/4 inches, which is an elemental size that will give you the maximum air handling capacity. You don’t ever have to watch out for the formation of rust – all their equipment is made with brass.

However, the plugs are not. They are made with hardened steel – which is the completely rust-free version of steel. All these features will allow you to cover a maximum of 300 pounds for every square inch of space, and the maximum airflow is 40 cubic feet for every minute.

And with all this, the fittings can bear temperatures as high as about 250 degrees in Fahrenheit! Milton air fittings have made a name of their own in the market with proof of their diligence in production time and time again. So, rest assured, you will not be disappointed to get your hands on this kit.

2. Campbell Hausfeld MP284701AV

Highlighted Features

  • Can resist corrosion to ensure a long lifetime
  • The all-rounder kit for inflation as well as connection
  • Easy to work with
  • Suitable for beginners and chosen by professionals

17 Piece Compressor Inflation Kit with Blow GunIf your compressor is giving you any sort of trouble, then you might be craving the comfort of having an all-around kit which contains all the tools, bits, and little accessories in one place. The kit we have for you here today has got it all. It’s a great starter kit for purposes of inflation and tool connection.

It has a total of 17 pieces of accessories in it, which are all of the industrial standards. They are robust, solid structures that will hold your compressor in its best form. All the pieces and tools here are made of brass, which is a durable and strong material completely resistant to rust and wear. 

In the kit, you will find a 50 PSI gauge, a chuck, an NPT (F) coupler of 1/4 inches, 2 NPT (F) plugs of 1/4 inches, 4 NPT (M) plugs each of 1/4 inches, male and female couplings, and finally, 3 different types of nozzles for different purposes. If you have some idea about how to work these tools, then you are going to love using them!

The tools are very easy to manage and engage with. These are made for people with little to no experience, but are used by professionals as well! Once you thread everything into place, there will be no budging, no leaking, or any other sort of trouble. 

3. WYNNsky Air Tool and Compressor Accessory Kit

Highlighted Features

  • It has a universal fit for all types of compressors
  • Very easy to manage and use
  • Multiple connection choices

WYNNsky Air Tool and Compressor Accessory KitThe most important aspect of the compression tool is its ability to hold on to the junctions of hoses and pipes in a way that will cease any amount of water leakage. If you are looking for a suitable set of tools, then you will do good to bet your money on this 17-piece compressor apparatus.

You will be able to begin working projects from scratch and also do repair and maintenance work later on as necessary. In this set, you will get a pencil tire gauge, a dual-head air chuck, a 1/4-inch coupler and plug of the industrial quality, an air blow gun along with a needle, and all the sealant you might need to complete your task.

It is very easy to use the tires and maintain the pressure on the tires once you thread the coupler and plug properly into place. The connection system of these air tool fittings is quite incredible, as well. Operation is fast, simple, and easy! There is no risk of hazards when you have this reliable set of tools at your disposal.

Along with these, you will get 2 pieces of the FNPT industrial plugs of 1/4 inches in size. Two pieces of male coupling will be included in the package. The tapered nozzle of the blowgun will make it very convenient to set your target. As a result, you will be able to get done with your job efficiently and with minimal errors.

One additional feature of this kit is that it all comes in a good storage case that will help you keep everything organized and in one place.

4. FYPower 15 Pieces 1/4″ NPT Air Coupler and Plug Kit

Highlighted Features

  • The connect system has a sleeve guard which helps to prevent leaks
  • Can be used universally with all sorts of hoses
  • Very durable and resistant

FYPower 15 Pieces 1-4 inch NPT Air Coupler and Plug Kit, Quick Connect Air FittingsYou don’t want your coupler and plugs to get rusty, do you? That will beat the entire purpose of getting a compressor system in the first place. Whatever compressor you get, it must be able to withstand high pressures pushing it out. In that end, you will need something solid and durable.

Get brass-ed up! Brass is a material which is not prone to any sort of rust problems. The 15-piece set right here is completely made of brass. They will last longer and function for days on end! Other than this, leakage is also out of the question, due to the male thread and the strong sealants that are provided in the kit.

For an additional guarantee of the toughness of the joints, you will also be handed done some Teflon tape. With this toolkit, there really is nothing else that you would need to bother externally with. Everything comes in the package, and it all comes together to give you the best service for long periods of time.

Now let’s get down to talk about the details of the apparatus you will be getting. You will get 2 pieces of NPT female couplers and 2 pieces of NPT male couplers, both of which are 1/4 inches in size. In order to keep the joints tight in their respective places, you will get 5 pieces of brass plugs and 2 types of threads as well.

All of these tools are of the industrial standard, and yet they are all designed for beginners. If you want quality, you will get it in full blast in this plug and coupler kit.

5. Tanya Hardware Coupler and Plug Kit

Highlighted Features

  • Very wide range of temperature and pressure
  • You get many different female and male couplers
  • The apparatus is compatible with most compression systems
  • Extra Teflon tape is provided for sealing properly

Tanya Hardware Coupler and Plug KitIf you are at work and you have to quickly change between different sorts of connections, then you will be able to derive some good amount of benefits out of this kit. The company has a good reputation in the market for consistently putting out good tools and kits.

All their items are made of brass, which is a resistant and non-corrosive material. You will be able to make quick switch-ups between any sort of pneumatic tools you need help with. The tools are very simple to use, which accounts for a pretty secure experience for everyone. 

Work with these equipment without hindrance, regardless of whether in the store or out there in the field. There are 4 couplers in the kit in total – 2 of them are female, and 2 are male. Both types are modeled in a special way, which makes them able to rotate without getting the hose twisted.

This apparatus is safe for total beginners, and as a testament to that, there are sleeve guards attached to the coupling arm. These guards are there to trim down the chances of accidents and disconnections. Now, along with the two types of couplers, you will also find plugs that are both female and male.

There are 6 male plugs and 4 female plugs, which are very easy to operate. The maximum pressure that this compression kit can handle is 213 PSI, and on the other hand, minimum pressure is about 142 PSI. As with pressure, there is a limit for the temperature shifts as well.

As per measurement, it can bear fluctuating temperatures as long as the range is between 4 degrees in Fahrenheit to 176 degrees of Fahrenheit.

Buying Guide for Air Compressor Fittings

Just picking out from a list of well-received products will not ensure that you will have the compression fittings of your dreams. What you need to do is to understand the individual features of the fittings and how they work. This is why we have prepared this small buying guide for you.

The Size of The Fitting Port

The fittings need to be airtight. You need to know the exact measurements in order to get quick-connect fittings that will keep leaks out to the full degree. Consumer and contractor gears usually require one of the two sizes – 1/4 inches or 1/8 inches.

But if your tool has already been used a few times, then this standard size might not fit it anymore. In that case, measure the diameter of the port, holding the measuring tape right through the center of the opening. Measure in inches, of course.

Once you have the right proportions, you will be able to get the right attachment to replace the connector bit with.

Industrial vs Automotive Air Fittings

One of the things that might cause you to be majorly confused when selecting the fittings are the labels. Some tool kits are labeled industrial, whereas, some are labeled automotive. Although this sounds very important, there is practically no difference between the two.

Both of these labels indicate the standard measurement compatibility – which is basically an estimation of how those particular fittings will work with other tools in the market. Since compression fittings are accessories, they need to fit the main body of the tool you’ll be working with, in order to function at all.

Just check the measurements of the dimensions, and that will tell you if the fittings will suit your compressor system.  

Check Out the Color Coding

The different colors you see are not just for the purposes of beautifying the product. They are actually indicators of the different types of fittings. Industrial ones are called Type D, and they are colored red. Automotive fittings are called Type C, and they come in blue. Lastly, ARO fittings are called Type B, and they are green in color. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to be concerned about getting a regulator with the fittings?

Ans: Getting a regulator is not compulsory, but it will definitely help you to keep the pressure levels low. Ideally, you should always use your compressor at the lowest pressure so that it lasts you longer.

Q: Do I need to use additional Teflon tape to ensure that it doesn’t leak?

Ans: Yes, it is always a good idea to be safe than sorry. Even though some fittings are airtight enough to keep leakage out of the question, you’ll do good to always keep some Teflon tape around just for a matter of precaution.

Q: What is the standard size for hose pipes?

Ans: Universally, the length of the standard hose pipe should be 50 feet, and the diameter should be about 1/4 inches.

Q: How does a manual coupler differ from an automatic coupler?

Ans: In the case of manual couplers, you need to pull back the sleeve to insert the plug, and with automatic couplers, you can just push the plug into the coupler, and it will connect by itself.

Q: How many times should I service my compressor to make it last long?

Ans: This totally depends on how often you use it. If your compressor fittings do not have sort of leaking problems, then once a year will be enough. If it has the tendency to leak irregularly, then you need to serve once every two months.


The best air compressor fittings will always have great endurance against rust, and the ability to be sustainable for very long periods without breaking or cracking. We hope you were able to find the one to suit your needs.

But if you’re still unsure, we’d say that the15-piece kit from FYPower is your best bet. It checks out all the attributes characteristic to a good kit, and it will serve you a long time. Good luck!

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