Best ATV Tire Chains | Reviews & Buying Guide 2022

Best ATV Tire ChainsATV, a.k.a. All Terrain Vehicle is a quadricycle vehicle designed to work well on a wide range of terrains, something regular vehicles can’t do. They can be quite handy for people who frequently find themselves traveling on less than ideal terrains such as mud, ice, desert, woods, mountains, et cetera.

While ATV tires can do without chains, they are still a fantastic addition as they can provide a better grip on slippery terrains such as ice & mud. Especially in winter, getting one of the best ATV tire chains is a must. They also protect the tires from damage.

Due to the enhanced experience and protection, you will be pleased with the purchase if you get one for your ATV.

In this article, I will review some of the top ATV tire chains out there, so keep on reading!

1. The ROP Shop Pair 2 Link Tire Chains For Lawn Mower & Garden Tractor Rider

The ROP Shop Pair 2 Link Tire Chains For Lawn Mower & Garden Tractor RiderOur first pick is a lawn mower tire chain that works tremendously well in snow. Particularly, if you need to mow your lawn during snow, this one is the best for the value.

Snows can be tough to maneuver in, and the added support of tire chains are imperative when you need to drive your golf cart or lawn mower on inches of piled up snow. Tire chains can almost be a lifesaver in these situations because, without them, the vehicle will either be too slow or not move at all due to slipperiness.

With outside links of 4 millimeters and crosslinks of 6 millimeters, this chain might be a little too thin for some people, but it is nothing to get worked up over; because it does the job perfectly.

Carefully check the dimensions of your tire before getting these because these chains come in only one size. If these don’t fit, getting them would be a hassle instead of convenience.

Some users have reported the chains getting loose after a bit of use. This issue is easily fixable with some Bungie cord tensioners.

The traction is remarkable with these chains. They can easily plow through the snow, even ice, with great speed. The speed is apparent thanks to the many crosslinks on the chains. Generic comparable products usually have fewer crosslinks, which does not help much with snow.

Overall, the Rop Shop pair chains are the best fit for lawn mowers or golf carts that needs to be used in snows. These chains are a good investment because they are heavy duty and will last you for years.


  • Will last for years to come
  • Provides an amazing traction
  • Perfect for mowers or golf carts in snow
  • Easy to install and won’t take up much of your time


  • The ride may get a bit rough or bumpy
  • Gets a little loose after some use

2. Titan Attachment ATV Tire Chains 10 VBAR For Off-Road Snow & Mud Tires

Titan Attachment ATV Tire Chains 10 VBAR For Off-Road Snow & Mud TiresMade with a unique V-bar design made to give outstanding performance through grip & traction, these Titan attachments chains are one of the best snow tire chains you can get your hands on.

The main selling point of these chains is the V-bars that are rugged in texture to ensure excellent grip on slippery ice, snow, and mud. This makes the tires ideal for removing snow because the v-bars can dig deep and grip on the ice like no other.

That’s not all – these chains also work well enough on terrains that are not winter-related; you can keep these on your ATV all year round for the added traction and protection. You can go mudding and plow with these, as well as regular driving. These are an ATV enthusiast’s dream.

While these tires do come in 4 different sizes, the range could be a bit more versatile. Furthermore, one user reported that the size chart is not 100% accurate; the chains did not fit all 4 of their ATV tires. Nonetheless, if the chains are too loose, you can easily use bolt cutters to get them right.

Overall, these chains are fantastic for winter if you get them to fit properly; and they can be a good addition for year-round use.


  • Phenomenal in winter conditions
  • Quick and easy installation is a huge plus
  • Maximum durability of hardened chains
  • Cross width is just the right amount
  • V-bars make them spikey; digs well on snow and ice


  • Chain sizes could be more versatile
  • Sizing chart is ambiguous; chain size may need fixing

3. Grizzler GTN-728 ATV Diamond Studded Tire Chains

Grizzler GTN-728 ATV Diamond Studded Tire ChainsGrizzler GTN-728, the third entry on our list, is a diamond style chain that promises more contact and traction on the road than conventional ladder style chains.

The first thing that impressed me about these chains is the versatile size options they have. With over thirteen different size options, you can be assured that you will find one that can fit your ATV tires. This is very important because you can’t use tire chains no matter how great they are if they don’t fit; these will definitely do.

What makes this product unique and stand out from the rest is the diamond style. Usually, tire chains come in a ladder style design with chains that are vertical to the tire. But these chains are interconnected in diamond shapes, hence the name.

This diamond style ensures that a lot of surface area of the chain is touching the road, thus providing greater traction and grip. It provides great service in snow, as well as in regular day to day use. They are also more stable compared to ladder style chains because of the design.

With these chains installed on your ATV, you’ll be plowing through snows like it’s no big deal. You can even ride on snowy mountains and ice if you wish!


  • Suits tires that have an aggressive tread
  • Increased traction thanks to the diamond style
  • Comes with rubber tensioners
  • Provides a stable ride
  • Can be used on mountain terrains


  • A bit expensive but well worth the price

4. Raider ATV-TC2 ATV Tire Chain with 51” Length And 14” Width

Raider ATV-TC2 ATV Tire Chain with 51” Length And 14” WidthOur 4th contender, the raider ATV-TC2, is yet another affordable tire chain that offers superior traction thanks to the V-Bar design.

The first thing that stands out is the value you will be getting from this set. It retails for half, or even a quarter, the price of regular ATV tire chains, which is seriously impressive. For the price, it performs adequately and can plow snow well. The v-bar design is made to grip ice and provide traction.

There are 5 V-bars in each row of the chain. They are compatible with OEM tire sizes, which is another plus.

One issue a lot of users complained about is that the product is advertised to come in a handy black plastic box – which many users have reported missing. Instead, they got the chains in a bag which is made of a material that can easily trap moisture, causing rust to form on the chains. Storing in the bag is not very practical.

The fit of the chain is ambiguous. Some users reported that they fit perfectly, while others had found the sizing a bit off. You may need to cut or add some links to the chain in order to make it fit perfectly.

Overall, this is a great value option that does the job well despite having some minor issues.


  • V-chains provide superior traction
  • The installation process is simple and not time-consuming
  • Compatible with OEM tires
  • Has ice spikes
  • Performance is decent for the money


  • May not come in the beautiful carrying case as shown
  • Does not always fit the measure given

5. Sedona Cycle Country V-Bar ATV UTV Tire Snow Chain, 10 Inch

Sedona Cycle Country V-Bar ATV UTV Tire Snow Chain, 10 InchThis tire chain is very much comparable to the one before. Much like the previous tire chains, the Sedona cycle country tire chains also feature v-bars.

The fit with these ATV tire chains is amazing thanks to the installation hook that comes with them. It keeps the tire chains snug and secures around the tire, so you don’t have to worry about loose chains. The fit was an issue with some of the tire chains listed above, so you can rely on these if that is a risk you would rather not take.

Many older but popular tire chains do not fit the newer, larger ATV and UTV car tires. They often need some moderation, such as additional chain links. The Sedona cycle country, however, does fit larger tires effortlessly. This is something to keep in mind if you own a larger ATV.

As mentioned already, the V-bar cleats extend the traction of these chains. Moreover, they are made with hardened steel, which adds durability to the mix. You can use these chains for riding during winters because they can tackle ice and icy mud. Additionally, you can also plow snows with them if needed.

The bottom line is, the Sedona cycle country tire chains are another solid option that is affordable, performs well, and fit larger ATV & UTV tires. They are also one of the best UTV tire chains.


  • D size for larger ATV and UTVs
  • V-bar cleats provide good grip
  • Can be used to ride in winter or to plow snow
  • V-bar cleats are made of hardened steel
  • Comes with a handy durable storage bag


  • Size range is not versatile enough

6. Oregon 67-022 ATV Tire Snow Chains With 2 Link Spacing

Oregon 67-022 ATV Tire Snow Chains With 2 Link SpacingThe Oregon ATV tire chains are specifically made to be used with snow, which is apparent when you see these are 2-linked.

You may be wondering, ‘what exactly is a 2-link tire chain?’ As you know, tire chains are made with two base side chains that go around each side of the tire and cross-link chains that cross the tire treads and connects the side chains. On 2-link chains, there will be a cross-chain connected to every second link of the side chains.

This means that on 2-link tire chains, there are more cross-links than usual tire chains, which is a fantastic addition. It greatly increases the surface area of the tire covered. As the surface area increases, so does the grip and traction, making these chains ideal for use on snow.

One thing that could be added to these chains is some spike or cleats for even more grip. These chains are normal smooth chains. However, because they are 2-link, you will not be getting a significantly less amount of traction from these compared to spiked chains.

These chains come in a good range of sizes, so rest assured that you will most likely find one suitable for your ATV tires.


  • Adaptable tire size compatibility
  • More cross-links increase traction
  • Made specifically for snow
  • Offers good value for the money
  • Great performance


  • The chains are smooth with no spike or ruggedness, which could have increased grip

7. ATV UTV Net Tire Chains, 27 x 11-12 ATV UTV Net Tire Chains, 27 x chains are known to have very high quality. These ones, in particular, feature a unique diamond shape, just like the Grizzler ones reviewed above.

The material of these chains is called alloy steel, which is a tougher kind of steel than can last 80 percent longer than the standard Rockwell 56. As a cherry on top, the chains are also thicker than most regular tire chains. So if you are looking for something durable which lasts for years, look no further.

As I have already stated before, the diamond design comes with a lot of benefits over the usual ladder style. You can ride on mountain terrains easily because the diamond chain will be giving you lateral traction. It also works well with ice, snow, and mud because of the increased grip.

Another perk of the diamond design is the chains are more interconnected. Riding with these will not be as bumpy and rough as riding with regular chains. However, please keep in mind that these chains have been made to use on harsh terrains, not smooth driveways, even though the chains will generally not harm them.

Overall, these are one of the top ATV tire chains hands down. They have everything you could ask for from tire chains – durability, stability, traction. So they are a good value for money.


  • Diamond shape provides lateral grip for hilly terrains.
  • The chains are made of thick steels, which adds durability
  • The alloy steel material is 80% more durable than Rockwell steel
  • Studs on the chains maximize the traction
  •  Impact on plain driveways is low


  • A bit on the expensive side; but you will be getting what you pay for

8. ATV UTV 2 Link V Bar Tire Chains ATV UTV 2 Link V Bar Tire Chains, 25 x 12 x 9Our last pick shares a lot of qualities with the previous one, that’s because they are made by the same brand, but in ladder design. If you are looking for the same quality of the previous one at a slightly more affordable place, check this one out.

You will have trouble finding ATV tire chains as thick as these. The cross chains have a thickness of 0.234 inches, and the side chains have 0.218 inches. This means that you will have a much easier time riding through snow or mud, or riding on ice; because thicker chains will be harsher on these difficult surfaces and provide grip.

Even though these chains are not made with a diamond shape, do not mistake them as being less capable. These chains are equipped with V-bars. Furthermore, these are 2-link chains, meaning you will be getting more surface area of chains. Both of these provide extra grip and traction.

You can count on these chains to last you for years because of how thick and durable they are. They are very heavy-duty and will not break easily. One slight issue with them is that as with other ladder style chains, riding with these will not very smooth. It will be slightly bumpy and rugged.

Overall, these are solid heavy-duty tire chains that are perfect for the job.


  • Will be able to endure rough use
  • Made of heavy-duty material
  • V-bars add traction and helps on hills and ice
  • The 2-link style also adds traction
  • Suitable for deep treads


  • The ride may be slightly wonky due to the ladder design

Buying Guide for ATV Tire Chains

It is vital that you consider some factors to find the tire chains best suited for you before settling on one based solely on reviews. In this section, I will talk about the considerations you should keep in mind when shopping for ATV tire chains.

Chain & Link Patterns

This is one of the most important factors. The more area of the tire the chain covers, the more effective they will be. Ladder chain styles do work, but the diamond style works better than them. You can also find other tire chains with more complex design than a diamond. Remember, the more cross-links and interlocks, the better.

Covering more tire surface also means that the chain has less chances of coming off from the tire; which puts the user in a sticky situation. However, ladder ones are not bad. They do the job well too. If you opt for a ladder style, make sure they have v-bar cleats for a better grip.

In ladder style tire chains, you will find 2-link chains and 4-link chains. Because of the reasons stated above (more coverage, more cross-links et cetera.), 2-link chains will perform better than 4-link chains.

Tire Size and Tread

Even the best and highest rated tire chains won’t be of any use if it does not fit your tire. Carefully check the dimensions your tire has and then choose a tire chain that fits or is close to the dimension. Tire sizes are often written on the side of a tire. Make sure the chain is tightly wrapped around the tire.

A well-fit tire chain will give you better grip and safety and will not come or break off. They are also easier to install, as well. If the chain is a bit too loose, you can use tensioners or link cutters to make it better fitting. For chains that are a bit too tight, use extenders such as additional links.

The tread pattern on your tires also matters because specific types of chains are more suitable for specific tread patterns. If the wrong kind of chain is used, your tires can actually get damaged.

Weight & Thickness

Heavier chains will use up more fuel. Lighter chains are more fuel-efficient, but with a tradeoff of effectiveness. If your ATV is operated in very tough winter weather conditions, heavy chains will give you better performance. For light snow, stick to lighter chains to save fuel.

Additionally, heavy tire chains will also be a hassle to carry around. Keep that in mind if you need to carry the chains around frequently.

For off-road use such as snow, mud, ice, and hills, thicker chains are preferable to thinner ones because they will give you the grip you need to get through the unfavorable surface. Conversely, for smooth roads and pavements, thinner chains are better because thick ones may damage those surfaces.


The materials used for tire chains are not very versatile; most manufacturers stick to different types of steel and alloy. For prolonged use, look for durable & sturdy materials that will not break off when in contact with ice and do not get rusty.


ATV tire chains are easy to install because the ATV wheels are accessible and open. There are two common ways you can install a tire chain –

  • Clamp-on

This is the easiest and fastest method of installing and removing. It also provides a better fit because usually, there is an auto tensioning feature with the clamp. Make sure the clamp is heavy-duty, tight, and secure.

  • Drape-over

With this type, you have to drape the tire over the tire to install. This is slightly tougher for people with no experience, but you can find guides online. They may give poor-fitting without any auto tensioning.

Spikes and V-bars

This is particularly important if you are dealing with very harsh winter conditions, i.e., thick snow and ice. Tire chains that have spikes, V-bars, and studs on can grip really well on snow and ice. V-bars are hardened angle steels that are welded to the links of the cross chains of the tires.

For lighter winter, regular smooth tire chains can do the job. But if you need heavy-duty work, definitely look for tire chains with spikes or ruggedness.

FAQs for ATV Tire Chains

1. Do I need to buy additional tensioners with the tire chains?

This depends on how tight or loose the tire chains are on your ATV tires. If they are a bit loose, it is good to have some tensioners such as bungee straps to make the fit snugger. But if the tire chains are not loose, then you do not need tensioners. Clamp-on tire chains may already have tensioners,

2. Should I use tire chains on all four tires of my vehicle?

Depends on the usage of your ATV. You can use chains on only the front tires, or only the back tires, or on all four tires. If you are plowing snow, using chains on the front tires is a must; all four can be helpful for that too. For driving in winter, tire chains on the back tires are a must.

3. Why are almost all of the tire chains designed with V-bars?

V-bars on tire chains help with hilly terrains, ice, and hard surfaces. This is why most tire chains have them.

4. What can I do to keep my tire chains from coming off?

Install the tire chains as tightly as you can. Secure the latches with zip ties. If these do not help enough, then use chain tensioners to ensure a proper fit.

5. Does the casing tire chains come in matter?

To an extent, it does. Many people only use tire chains during harsh winter weather and take them off when winter ends. If you do that, then you need to keep the tire chains in a place where they will not be exposed to moisture and rust off. A good casing can do exactly that.

6. Should I get a 2-link or a 4-link tire chain?

2-link chains are the best for use in winter; 4-link ones often do not provide enough grip.


I have presented you with a list of the best ATV tire chains and how to choose one. The choice is up to you. For heavy winters, I would suggest the diamond style chains because they check all the boxes. If you are after a lighter chain, go for the Titan Attachment tire chains.

That’s all for this article. Thanks for reading!

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