5 Best ATV Tires For Trail And Mud to Buy in 2022 | Latest Picks

best ATV tires for trail and mudWe know that you love taking your all-terrain vehicle into the great unknown on numerous adventures. Such a vehicle that will go on so many adventures with you only needs to be equipped with the best quality tires. If you use tires that are not of good quality and cannot perform well, your trips will be troublesome, and your experience will be bitter.

That is why we are here with reviews of the best ATV tires for trail and mud as well as a comprehensive guide. After you are done reading, we hope that you will have enough knowledge to understand which ones will be best for your vehicle and will make your trips more memorable.

1. ITP Mud Lite XL Mud Terrain ATV Tire 27x10-12

Highlighted Features

  • Made in America to ensure maximum durability and unbeatable quality
  • Rubber compound ensures longer life and greater strength
  • 6-ply tires and yet very lightweight
  • Designed for trail and can also sling mud
  • Has high load capacity and can support heavier vehicles
  • Ensures smooth rides with minimum bumps

ITP Mud Lite XL Mud Terrain ATV Tire 27x10-12These ATV tires from ITV will ensure some game-changing performance for your vehicle. They have some features that stand out and ensure that the performance and quality provided are better than most other tires.

Boasting a 6-ply design, these tires have unmatched strength and toughness. Incredibly lightweight, these are specially made for the trail and can fight muddy conditions very well.  The expertise with which these tires can sling mud makes us want to name these the best ATV mud tires. When it comes to reliability, there truly is none like this American-made brand.

Take numerous trips and go on many adventures with these ITP tires that last longer and work better. The extended-wear rubber compound ensures much longer life and a great value for money. Only the finest technology and the best practices were used to make these beasts, and that clearly can be felt with the performance.

No matter how rough the terrain is, your rides will not be bumpy anymore. These ITP tires provide smooth rides every time, thanks to the center tread contact area. They also have an extremely high load capacity and will surely work very well with heavier vehicles.

2. SunF Warrior Mud & Trail ATV UTV Off-Road Tubeless Tires

Highlighted Features

  • Can be used on UTV, ATV, lawnmower, and golf carts
  • Improved “V” angled patterns for a great ride in all types of terrain
  • Excellent performance and protection in mud and dirt
  • 6-ply design fights puncture and corrosion
  • Tubeless nature delays air release in case of any puncture-related damage

SunF Warrior Mud & Trail 25x8-12 Front & 25x10-12 Rear ATV UTV Off-Road Tubeless TiresFrom the brand, SunF comes the aptly named ‘warrior’ tires that will fight in all types of terrains to make sure your rides are smooth and memorable.

Meet the tire that is proven to work great for quad UTV, ATD, golf cart, and even lawnmower. Its self-cleaning nature ensures improved traction performance in rough terrain.

The patterns on these SunF tires give it the ultimate performance and fight it delivers. The “V” angled tread design works well in most types of terrains. When it comes to mud and dirt, they offer excellent performance that is like no other.

Go on adventures in terrains that are rough and unknown without worrying about your vehicle. Thanks to the 6-ply rated construction, the SunF tires can greatly resist puncture and corrosion. The rim and sidebar areas stay protected thanks to the side bite from shoulder knobs.

In case of any emergency arising from damage or tire puncture, brilliant safety designs are in place. The tubeless nature of these tires delays the air release if any tire gets punctured so that you can get yourself and your vehicle to safety.

3. MaxAuto ATV Go-Karts off-road 4-Ply and Tubeless Tires

Highlighted Features

  • The unique pattern helps with friction and tire cooling
  • “V” tread design works well in most terrains
  • Great as a replacement tire on a number of vehicles
  • More comfortable rides because of reduced tire noise
  • The improved rubber material is resistant to heat and wear

MaxAuto ATV Go-Karts - 16x8-7 AT off-road 4-Ply and Tubeless TiresMaxAuto is known for the premium quality and very strong tires they make. These tires also boast the best materials and premium quality to make sure that you get good performance any time and at any place.

Great as replacement tires, these can be used on ATV, UTV, golf carts, and also lawnmowers. The unique patterns on them help them perform better and make MaxAuto such a user-favorite brand. The “V” tread design has worked well in most terrains, while the patterns help with improved friction and tire cooling.

A comfortable ride is something we all want when we are on a trip with family and friends. The unique patterns of these tires have helped bring down tire noise to a minimum so that rides are more comfortable than usual.

We cannot but call these tires the best ATV tires for mud because they are made with improved and specially formulated rubber. This material also ensures more resistance to heat and wear than tires from most other brands. Tubeless in nature, these 4-ply tires provide increased safety and assurance in case of emergencies.

4. Premium ATV/UTV Tire Mud Ultra Deep Tread

Highlighted Features

  • Perfect for utility grade all-terrain vehicles
  • Aggressive and ultra-deep tread patterns for superior mud traction
  • Works equally well for 2-wheeled and 4-wheeled vehicles
  • The 6-ply design prevents puncture and corrosion
  • Ensures smooth tail riding with no bumps at all
  • Shoulder lugs make the vehicle look good while also ensures traction

Premium ATV UTV Tire 27x12x12 6PR 10220 Mud Ultra Deep TreadWhen traveling through aggressive and extra muddy areas, you need equally aggressive tires that can cut through mud and take you where you need to go.

For utility-grade all-terrain vehicles, no tires are better than these ones from the Wanda store. The aggressive and ultra-deep tread patterns have been designed especially for superior quality mud traction. For 2-wheeled and 4-wheeled vehicles, they are equally well and equally strong.

No matter how frequently you travel, these tires will surely accompany you on many rides. The tough 6-ply design prevents corrosion and puncture and makes sure the tires last a long time. With a max capacity of 550 pounds, these surely are the lightest aggressive ATV mud tires ever.

Bumpy and uncomfortable rides will not be a cause of bother anymore when your vehicle is equipped with these tires. The riding cleats on them will ensure smooth tail riding and no discomfort at all. These tires will also make your vehicle look good with its shoulder lugs that are known for traction improvement.

5. Kenda Executioner 6ply ATV Tires

Highlighted Features

  • Built to fight and excel in muddy terrains
  • Tread pattern offers traction in muddy condition
  • Works great in less muddy conditions
  • 6-ply design for greater support and toughness
  • Tires resist puncture and last for a long time

Kenda Executioner (6ply) 25x8-12 and 25x10-12 ATV TiresThose of you who frequently have to deal with muddy terrains and areas will absolutely love these Kenda Executional tires from Powersports Bundle. Designed and built specifically to deal with muddy terrains, no tires can fight mud as well as these.

The pattern and design on these tires from Powersports were put in place to deal with the nastiest and swampiest mud possible. The tread patterns deliver excellent traction in mud, while the 6-ply design offers increased strength and support.

Even if the terrain is not much muddy, these tires will not disappoint you. The tread surface on each tire is dimpled to help increase traction for this specific condition. Your tires will also enjoy high protection because of the rim guard that protects the rim from rocks and debris.

Rider comfort is maximized when you are hitting muddy areas with these tires arming your ATV. The reinforced knobs on these help increase user comfort even at lower tire pressure. The puncture-resistant nature keeps you assured during rides and makes sure the tires last a long time.

Buying Guide for ATV Tires for Trail And Mud

The tires that will be gracing your vehicle for years to come need some serious consideration before purchase. In order to choose the perfect and suitable tires for your ATV, you need to have as much information as possible. That is why this buying guide has been constructed just for you. Continue reading to find out more about these tires.

The Size

Getting the size right is important in order to ensure that the tires can deliver the performance they are intended to deliver. Picking tires with the wrong size will make your vehicle perform worse and will also deliver bitter experiences. You will normally find the size related information in your owner’s manual. You can also check online for suggestions and consult experts for better guidance. For any all-terrain vehicle, there is always a range of tires that work well for your vehicle, and you should choose from them.

The Terrain and The Type

For a wide variety of terrains, there exists a wide number of tires. Sand, utility, racing, all-terrain, and trail are some of those. All-terrain tires are generally extremely versatile and work well in most types of terrain. Even then, we recommend you focus on the type of terrain you will be frequenting with your vehicle and choose something that works better for that type of terrain.


Be it dirt, mud, rocks, snow, or sand you drive on, traction of tires is something that cannot be ignored. If you drive on any one type of terrain, getting tires that provide good traction in that terrain is something that will be useful and beneficial for you. On the other hand, those who just sort of go everywhere should choose tires that can provide overall good performance.

Tread Patterns 

The tread patterns on the tires also play a large part in determining the comfort of the ride and the performance of the vehicle. Tread patterns generally work more or less the same without some exceptions. Which tread pattern will work better for you also depends on the types of terrain you like to visit frequently. 

Ply Ratings 

The play ratings on ATV tires signify their strength and purpose. But you should not make the mistake of thinking that higher ply ratings mean better performance. For muddier conditions, higher ply ratings are more suitable. On the other hand, for sports riders and racers, tires with low ply ratings work best as higher ply rated tires are heavier and slow them down.

The Budget

Good quality tires from well-known and well-established brands will surely cost much more than regular tires. We recommend spending a little more and purchasing something that is from a good brand and is backed by customer reviews. These tires will cost more but will also last a very long time and will rarely need repairs. Low-quality tires, on the other hand, will need frequent repairs, which will cost you a lot of time and money.


Among the many brands available in the market, some stand out with the good quality and sophisticatedly designed tires they make. Some brands we love include – ITP, Wanda, SunF, MaxAuto, Maxxis, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I tell the ply number of my ATV tires?

The Ply-rating is usually mentioned by the seller in the product description section, or you will be informed directly in case of a physical purchase. You can also find it on the sidewall of a tire.

2. Can I use car tires on my all-terrain vehicle?

You cannot use your car tires on your ATV because, in almost all cases, they will not fit.

3. Can I change my own ATV tires?

If you are an expert and have done these before, of course, you can. If you are not an expert at this, it is always better to take the help of a professional and make sure they get installed properly.

4. When should I replace my tires on my ATV?

When your tires get worn, aged, look deformed, or get punctured, you should replace the tire. See the manufacturer’s guide to better understand which types of tires will be suitable replacements for your vehicle’s specific model.

5. What does the ply rating on my tires mean?

The play rating signifies how strong the tire is and how much load it can bear. For an ATV, 4 and 6 ply tires are generally used most.

Final Words

We hope that this article on the best ATV tires for trail and mud have helped you gather information regarding which tires perform well and how to choose a pair for your vehicle. We hope that you will have a safe and memorable experience no matter where you go.

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