Best Boat Trailer Guides | Top 10 Picks in 2022

best boat trailer guidesGoing on boat rides is more difficult than it should be when you don’t have the right boat guide. This tool can singlehandedly make boat trips more fun for you.

The best boat trailer guides will make sure that mounting the boat on and off the trailer is easy and hassle-free. This product will also ensure that your boat is strongly attached to the trailer when traveling, making your trips safer.

Here, we talk about every detail that you need to know about the product and which ones are worth investing in. As a boat guide is a fairly common thing in the market, getting your hands on ones that meet up your expectation can be hard. Give this guide a good read, and you should be able to get the best ones possible.

1. Extreme Max 3005.3822 Heavy-Duty Roller Guide

Highlighted Features

  • Heavy-duty trailer guide that was designed for the marine
  • Makes getting on and off a trailer easier and faster
  • Attached guides on the trailer help keep the boat centered and balanced
  • Soft rubber rollers and strong steel construction
  • Zinc-coating to protect from corrosion in freshwater
  • Easy mountable installation with all needed accessories included

Extreme Max 3005.3822 Heavy-Duty Roller GuideA guide on the system that was designed for the marine can surely handle your daily boat loading.

This model makes getting your boat on and off the trailer easy. The system also boosts your loading time. To make your loading attempts even easier, you get a pair of guides attached to the trailer frame. These help keep the boat centered and balanced even during strong winds and currents.

Rubber rollers add a bit of a soft touch to the guide while the strong steel frame gives it sturdiness. A perfect balance between these two is just what you need when looking for boat trailer guides.

Made with heavy-duty steel, this guide is sturdy and unbreakable. Even with years of use, the material does not get rusty, making it look brand new. A special zinc-coating protects the guide in freshwater.

There are no preventions you need to take for the longevity of this guide, but you might consider adding a protective layer on the metal to eliminate any chances of getting scratches.

With your purchase, you get all the necessary bolts and accessories you will need to set his guide up. An easy bolt installation system allows you to complete the setup process within minutes.

2. Extreme Max White 45 Inch Post 3005.2175 Trailer Guide

Highlighted Features

  • Taller 45-inch posts that are easy to spot in darkness or murkier water
  • Posts are painted a bright white to catch the eye
  • A mainframe is made of sturdy steel with heavy-duty PVC attachments
  • A sturdy frame keeps the boat aligned and balanced with the trailer
  • The width can be adjusted according to boat size
  • All hardware included, even ones you will need for bigger boats

Extreme Max White 45 Inch Post 3005.2175 Trailer GuideDeep boat launches and taller boats require guides with posts that are taller. This one from Extreme Max white has a 45inch post making it quite visible.

Visibility is an important feature for safety and easy loading. One of the tallest ones in height, this product has the best boat trailer guideposts. Besides being tall, the posts are also painted a vivid white which you can spot from miles away. No need to worry, no matter how dark it gets or how murky water you are in, you will be easily detectable.

Every single part of this guide was made with high-quality material. The main construction is made of sturdy steel which lasts years. A strong core is all you need to make sure the product is durable. Besides that, the PVC parts in the frame are also heavy-duty.

To fit boats of any size, the guide can be adjusted. While this feature is limited to only width customization, this is still a lot considering most guides don’t give you any adjustability.

Directly set the guide on to your roller or bunk trailer. There is no drilling or screwing involved. Any hardware that you will need during this procedure is included in the purchase.

3. CE Smith Trailer Post Guide-On

Highlighted Features

  • Available at a cheap price
  • Fits narrow boats perfectly
  • 2 inch PVC tube allows you to locate the trailer underwater easily
  • Can be adjusted to up to 13 inches on both sides
  • Airflow ensured when the lower end is underwater through drilled holes
  • Strong brackets that stay in place and don’t need to be re-screwed
  • Solid frame that keeps your boat balanced in all conditions
  • Can be set up higher or lower than trailer frame

CE Smith Trailer Post Guide-OnLooking for a guide that will fit your narrowboat perfectly? Take a look at his one from CE smith.

This handy boat trailer guide allows you to locate your trailer underwater. 2 inch PVC tubes make this process easier and more accurate.

Adjust the trailer guide for up to 13 inches on each side. Frames that are up to 3 inches to 4-1/2 inch in height will fit in without any problem.

Pre-drilled holes in the caps ensure that when the lower ends in underwater, there is airflow.

Strong brackets stay in place and don’t need to be screwed in tighter very often. The sturdy frame is what keeps your boat aligned and straight with your trailer no matter how much swivel there is.

Set up the trailer guide however you want. You can install it a bit higher or lower than the trailer frame, whichever fits your needs.

4. C.E. Smith Guide-ON BUNKBOARD Trailer Guide

Highlighted Features

  • Popular for being long-lasting and low-maintenance
  • The easy glide-on installation process
  • Buckboard is carpeted to ensure maximum stability and balance
  • Freedom of adjusting the space provided
  • Made with galvanized metal and steel parts that are rust free and heavy-duty 

C.E. Smith Guide ON BUNKBOARD Trailer GuideIf you’re into boats, you know by now that CE Smith is a brand that provides quality products. They never leave a customer unsatisfied. This 5-inch guide on the bunk board from CE smith will also serve you well, just like all their other products.

One other thing that this model is so famous for is how easy it is to install. All you need to do is glide it on to the guide support, and you’re good to go. Check if the distance is correct and tilt it so that the guide is in coherence with the shape of your boat hull just to be safe.

This bunk board is carpeted, allowing it to control and balance your boat even in the toughest winds. Boards such as this one also give you more room to play around with the space you have to get a snug fit on your trailer.

Nothing can be better than galvanized metal when it comes to choosing a material for your boat guide. Made with the sturdiest, more durable frame, this model won’t need to be replaced for a very long time. The pre-galvanized steel parts also make the construction corrosion-resistant.

5. CE Smith - 27610 Guide-ON 9 Inch Roller & END CAPS

Highlighted Features

  • Roller glides are better for easier mounting of a boat
  • Non-marring rubber rollers and heavy-duty steel construction
  • 21 inches above the frame with 9-inch rollers and 2-inch caps
  • Hardware for all adjustments included
  • Adjustment of 13 inches can be made although made for 3 to 4-1/4 inch frame

CE Smith - 27610 Guide-ON 9 Inch Roller & END CAPSRoller glides make mounting your boat on and off quite easy and hassle-free. This is done by centering the boat in fast-moving or shallow water with the help of the end cap. No need to stress about the loading process anymore; enjoy your cruise without any worries.

This is one of those trailer guides that have the perfect combination of softness from rubber and strength from steel or metal. With 9-inch non-marring rubber rollers on the ultra-strength steel arms, there is nothing that can break this guide down. These arms also have end caps.

You can rest assured that no matter how regularly you use this, how much time it spends in the water, or how much impact the guide faces, this product will stay by your side.

Even above the frame, these guides are 21 inches higher. The rollers are 9 inches, and the caps are 2 inches.

Although a frame of 3 to 4-1/4 inch is ideal for the guide, you can adjust the brackets to 13 inches. Hardware for both settings is provided.

The installation process is also kept simple and easy so that people who don’t have much experience with boats can do the set up as well.

6. Extreme Max 3005.3837 Single Post Horizontal Bunk Guide

Highlighted Features

  • Direct installation that requires no moving, drilling, repositioning or screws
  • Both height and width can be adjusted according to boat size
  • Constructed of pressure-treated wood
  • Carpeting eliminates the need to add extra coverage
  • 18 inch carpeted bunks that keep your boat aligned and resistant to any bumps
  • Fits both roller and bunk type trailer 

Extreme Max 3005.3837 Single Post Horizontal Bunk GuideFinding a good trailer guide that fits the style of your boat and trailer can be tough. Why not get one that suits both roller and bunk type trailers to avoid this confusion?

The Extreme Max 3005.3837 is one that fits both types perfectly. To be more specific, his guide can accommodate frames that are 3 inches wide and 4.25 inch high.

To keep your boat aligned right, the guide has two 18 inch carpeted bunks. This extra bunk adds more stability and is a great option if you want to increase the safety of your boat. Even when bumped against, the impact isn’t too noticeable.

Unlike any other trailer boat guide, you will find one of the main components of the construction of this guide is pressure-treated wood. Coated with durable marine-grade carpeting, this wood provides the same if not more protection and longevity. Because of this carpeting, you won’t have to add o any extra covers to protect your boat from sharp scratches.

Adjust both the width and height of the boat trailer to fit your boat size. This feature comes in handy if you own more than one boat and eliminates the need to buy a new guide when you get a new boat.

7. Extreme Max 3005.3783 Heavy-Duty Pontoon Trailer Guide

Highlighted Features

  • Great if you live in an area that has strong wing and storms
  • Works great in freshwater; corrosion and rust-resistant
  • Sizes are available to choose from
  • Upright posture makes the trailer visible in the dark and easier to tow
  • PVC coated upright markets protect your boat and hulls from scratches

Extreme Max 3005.3783 Heavy-Duty Pontoon Trailer GuideOnce you get this guide up and going, you will understand why it was named heavy-duty.

Getting your boat mounted on and off even in bad weather is easy when you’re using the Extreme Max 3005.3783 pontoon trailer guide. Be it wind, storm r strong currant this guide will support you safely in all kinds of situations.

You cannot take these down into saltwater, but you can rest assured that you have no worries in freshwater. All sturdy steel construction is trustable and won’t break or bend easily. Even with prolonged use in the water, you won’t notice any corrosion or rusting.

You can choose the product according to your boat’s size. There is no need for any adjustment. All hardware for installation is free with the guide as well.

The upright posture of this guide makes this visible at all times. Although these are not the tallest, they are easy to spot in the dark and in cloudy or dark water. When backing into the water, you will be able to see the trailer easily from your tow vehicle.

The upright markers that you get on this trailer boat guide are PCV coated and thus do not harm your boat or the hull. These markers are great to have as a guide for getting boats on and off of bunks.

8. CE Smith Trailer Post Guide-On with LED Lighted Posts

Highlighted Features

  • Great for fishing or going on boat rides in the dark
  • Amber light in front to help you work and red light in the back
  • Light is not too bright to distract you from driving.
  • Notched 2 inch PVC tube construction to prevent twisting
  • Quick installation time of about 2 hours
  • LED lights provide visual cues for better and safer mounting and backing of boat 

CE Smith Trailer Post Guide-On with LED Lighted PostsIf you like fishing for long hours or during dawn or dusk, a trailer post guide with lights is a must-have for you.

Loading or mounting your boat in the dark can get quite critical. Visual cues that you get from this guide are helpful for fast and easy work. You will be able to keep your boat straight even if it is empty.

You get two kinds of lights from this post. Amber-colored light faces the boat helping you work easier while a red one shines backward. The light is just bright enough to help you out without causing a distraction when driving.  This product from CE smith is the best boat trailer guide posts with lights.

Lightweight 2 inch PVC tubing is what this trailer guide is constructed of. This helps make the guide more affordable but durable at the same time. Installing this whole set will take you just about 2 hours in total, which is quite impressive.

Besides the basic hardware, you also get wires and wire connectors with your purchase. These accessories are for frames that are 3 inches wide and 4-1/4 inch tall.

9. Fulton BGR20 0101 Heavy Duty Boat Roller Guides

Highlighted Features

  • Made in the USA with high-quality material
  • 15-inch adjustment feature makes the guide quite flexible
  • Thorough and well instructed set up manual
  • Fits frames that are 5 inches tall and 3 inches wide
  • Self-centers to the perfect balanced position
  • Galva-tech finish brackets and sturdy frame
  • Cushioned rollers save your boat from scratches and chips 

Fulton BGR20 0101 Heavy Duty Boat Roller GuidesIf you are new to using and riding boats, you know just how hard centering can be. Even people who have been accustomed to boats for years have trouble sometimes with this function.

So having a boat roller guide that self-centers is nothing but a blessing to anyone who loves cruising in the water. With his fun feature from Fulton, you won’t have to worry about your boat being centered ever again.

Keeping your precious boat in mind, the guide comes with cushioned rollers. This way, there is no need for any extra rubber covers to keep scratches and chips away from your boat.

Brackets made of Galva-tach finish steel last long without any maintenance. The mainframe of the boat is also quite sturdy. 

To get the perfect fit on your boat, you can use the handy 15-inch adjustment feature that is available on both sides. Besides that, the 18-inch tall structure makes locating and backing up easier and safer.

Fit larger frames easily as this guide can position frames that are 5 inches high and 3 inches wide without any struggle.

The manual that you get with this guide is so thorough and detailed that the installation process feels like no work at all.

10. CE Smith Trailer Pontoon Bunk Board Guide-On

Highlighted Features

  • Ideal boat guide for bunk style trailers
  • Zinc coated hardware that stays looking brand new
  • The galvanized steel frame that makes this construction long-lasting
  • Better performing U-bolt mounting brackets
  • Rubber roller bunks are safer and gentler on your boat’s surface
  • Easy gliding technique gets the pontoons back into the trailer
  • Adjustable height; you get an option to choose between 24 to 36 inches

CE Smith Trailer Pontoon Bunk Board Guide-OnCE Smith Trailer Pontoon is the best trailer guide for bunk style trailers. Standard beam frames that are up to 3 inches wide and 4-1/4 inch tall will be compatible with this bunk board guide. Pontoons are guided back into the trailer easily by gliding past the carpeted bunk.

Adjust the height of the guide for a better fit. Choose from 24 inches to 36 inches above the trailer. This is set during the installation process.

Hardware that is coated with zinc increases longevity and also gives the product more shine. Zinc coating ensures that there is no corrosion and scratches on the frame as well.

Beneath the zinc coating is a strong and unbreakable galvanized steel frame. This form of material is used to construct only the finest kind of boat guides, making them more attractive to customers. Besides that, the U-bolt mounting brackets on these are more useful functions better than most other kinds.

Roller bunks that come with pre-installed rubber eliminate the need to buy extra covers. Keep your boat intact with no scratches or paint chips with this soft roller bunk around.

Buying Guide for Boat Trailer Guides

There are some main features that you need to focus on when buying yourself a trailer guide. Some of them are as follows. 


The taller the trailer guide, the better the view. That is why guides that are designed in a post style are easier to see. You can get trailer guides in size of 36 inches to 60 inches. Invisibility is your main concern; post style will be the best; if not, you can go for bunk styles, which range from a height of 18 to 24 inches.


Metal is the best material that you could go for when buying a boat trailer guide. This will ensure that the guide lasts through all weather conditions.

While using a metal boat trailer guide, you need to ensure that that the exterior is covered with some kind of foam or plastic. This prevents any scratches and unwanted marks on your boat.


Your trailer guide can also act as a light mount. Because of the frequent submersion of the light into the water, these are known to malfunction at times. When trailer lights are mounted on the guide, the light lifts higher, preventing and damage. As now the lights are in less contact with water, you get to the product for a longer time.


Getting trailer guides that can be adjusted according to the size of your boat is a feature that you need. This will allow you to get a better and snug fit. If you have more than one boat, having an adjustable trailer guide will be quite useful.

Ease of Installation 

Trailer guides are not something you call in a professional for. You should be able to install the product all by yourself. If it is your first time installing this, make sure your product comes with thorough set up guidelines. Never go for the ones which have installation processes that are too hard to follow.

Frequently Asked Questions

In case we didn’t cover all the facts that you need to know about a trailer guide, here are a few commonly asked questions.

1. What are the different kinds of boat trailer guides? 

There are three kinds of boat trailer guides; post, bunk, and roller.

2. How tall of a boat guide should you buy? 

Boat guides of 36 to 60 inches are better to buy as they give you more visibility.

3. Which one is better between the bunk and roller boat trailer guide?

Roller boat trailer guides are better for sliding the hull off and onto the water while bunk guides come with grip adjustability. They are both goods in their ways, but larger boats always go with roller boat guides.

4. What maintenance do boat trailer guides need? 

Fortunately, boat trailer guides need little to no maintenance. To ensure that everything is working well, give the guide a check once in a while to ensure that the screws and nuts are all tight and in place.

5. Can you make your trailer guide at home?

With the help of a few tools like a power drill, PVC end caps, bolts, aluminum pipes, and some other ones, you can make a trailer guide of your own. Making a trailer guide from scratch costs more money and takes too much time. Homemade trailer guides are also not the most durable and hence not trustworthy.


We’re sure by the end of this article you get how important and useful this product is.

The best boat trailer guides make your job of loading and launching the boat easier so you can enjoy your time in the water without having to stress about the dreadful procedure. We’re sure one of the guides from our list will be an ideal option for you.
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