5 Best Concrete Drill Bits in 2022 | Masonry, Rotary Hammer

Best Concrete Drill BitsIn construction, drill bits are one of the most essential items. Without them, there will be no frames on the wall, no plumbing system, or any kind of electrical lines running through the house either. So, if you are getting a drill machine, make sure that you get the best concrete drill bits along with it.

Good quality drill bits will be the handiest items in your kit of tools. There are several of these types of drill bits to choose from. They cover a great range of sizes and shapes as well.

In this article, we will help you to get drill bits that will give you the most win.

So, without further ado, let’s just begin!

1. COMOWARE Rotary Hammer Drill Bits Set

Highlighted Features

  • Strong and unbreakable bits
  • Comes with a convenient case for storage
  • Set contains 13 drill bits of different sizes
  • Carbide tip makes the drill bits go in quickly
  • Shank is universal and will fit any rotary hammer drill

COMOWARE Rotary Hammer Drill Bits SetThese drill bits are designed for the electric drill machines. Getting these will be an advantage for you in every way as these drill bits are quick and efficient in making holes in concrete quickly and effectively.

If you think that doing this will require greater effort from you, then that is simply not correct. Sit back and let the machine take you through the work. And being made for electric drills, these are designed to resist the innate force of the machine, so use them with high-powered tools, and they still will never break under pressure.

Yes, the impact force will be generated in huge amounts. This is why these drill bits are made of tough carbide steel that is strong and practically indestructible. This indestructible power is further ensured by the addition of a special layer of YG8 carbide that is used on the tip.  

The thin but strong tip will effectuate all the power into the head of the drill bit and gather all the pressure onto a tiny amount of surface area so that the drill bits can penetrate surfaces more efficiently.

These drill bits have a universal design on the shank, and they will fit any rotary hammer drill machine in the market. There are 13 pieces of bits inside, and they come in almost all kinds of shapes you’ll need.

2. WORKPRO 8-Piece SDS-plus Drill Bit Set

Highlighted Features

  • Made for SDS plus systems
  • Contains drill bits of 8 different sizes
  • Carbide tips make the bits more effective
  • Special flute design helps to keep the working area clean
  • Compatible with drill machines from different companies
  • Two types of grooves help the bits to hook on and rotate better.

WORKPRO 8-Piece SDS-plus Drill Bit SetYou will find 8 pieces of drill bits in this set. Look at the box to get the measurement of each of the bits. We are here to tell you that if the measurements match your requirements, these tools are worth the buy.

First of all, they won’t break. Secondly, they won’t get deformed. Thirdly, they’ll get in quickly without giving you any hassle.

They are compatible with machines that have an SDS plus system. These systems are more powerful than the previously marketed SDS machines, and to match up to that level of power, these drill bits are made to be stronger and more durable than most other drill bits.

Also, the flute has a special design – the tip of the flute is wider, and it ends with a U-shape. This feature helps to clean the flying debris away from the working space by spreading them out faster. As a result, drilling with these smartly-shaped drill bits is a bit easier and refreshing.

Another advantageous design feature are the two different types of grooves on the shank. There is a small groove, and then there is a bigger groove. The smaller one helps to hook the bit into the chuck firmly, while the bigger grooves allow a bit more room to the bit while they are within the chuck.

The combination of these grooves makes the bits capable of handling greater torque and hammer strength. 

3. Owl Tools 10-Piece Masonry Drill Bits Set

Highlighted Features

  • Industrial quality carbide used
  • 10 drill bits of exceptional quality
  • Comes with a storage case that keeps moisture outside 
  • The shank of the bits allows greater rotation in the chuck
  • Versatile bits that can puncture holes into surfaces of any level of hardness

Owl Tools 10-Piece Masonry Drill Bits SetEvident from the name, there are 10 pieces of drill bits in this kit. What’s not evident from the name is that these are all made from industrial quality carbide. They will last longer and will be more durable than the average steel bits you’ll find in the market.

The tips are adorned with an extra layer of special quality carbide as well. And due to this layering on the tip, these bits will penetrate and slide through surfaces like butter. And when we say surfaces, we don’t mean concrete only.

We mean everything from cement, cinderblocks, glass, tiles, to mirrors, wood, and much more.  This is one of the greatest benefits of this drill set – they are strong enough for every kind of surface.

The shanks on these bits have a special design that minimizes the amount rotation in the chuck, thus allowing the bits to be strong enough to penetrate any kind of surface.

4. Yescom Hammer Drill Bits Tool Set

Highlighted Features

  • Contains 17 pieces of tools inside
  • Made of carbon steel and carbide tips
  • Comes with a protective case for easy storage
  • Compatible with both SDS and SDS-Plus setups
  • Very strong and durable bits that will penetrate all kinds of hard surfaces 

Yescom Hammer Drill Bits Tool Set

If you are looking for a compact case, then this is not it. This set has a whopping total of 17 drill bits inside. They come in many different diameter sizes, and they are intended for an incredible amount of versatility in usage.

Also, it doesn’t matter if you have an SDS or an SDS plus connection port – these bits are compatible with both these types of drill machines. What makes these drill bits capable of handling pressure is the carbon steel body that ends with a bit of YG8 carbide on the tip. Both of these elements give the bits incredible strength and allows them to penetrate through different types of hard surfaces like brick, stone, concrete, and so on.

The design of the body is quite simple, and they can be used with machines from different companies without any trouble. You will get 13 drill bits inside, 2 flat chisels, a point chisel, a u-grooved chisel, and it will all come inside a protective case.

5. Makita 5-Piece Drill Bit Set for Aggressive Drilling in Concrete & Masonry

Highlighted Features

  • Requires a rotary hammer chuck of 7/8-inches
  • The special flute design makes the bits more effective
  • Will be compatible with both SDS and SDS-plus systems
  • Bits have superior strength due to tungsten carbide and steel
  • 5 bits of the universal sizes required in any drilling work

Makita 5-Piece Drill Bit Set for Aggressive Drilling in Concrete & MasonryIf you want a compact set that will be of definite quality, then here is the perfect kit for you. This set doesn’t try to over-impress. It has only 5 bits, but each of these bits will last you a lifetime. Made from premium quality tungsten carbide and steel, these bits are superior in hardness to any of the other kits we have discussed so far.

What this set lacks in versatility, is made up by the strength and durability of its bits. They will be able to drill 4-inch deep holes into tough, reinforced concrete. Tiles, bricks, cinderblocks will also be quite easily handled by these tough bits. 

In the kit, you will find bits of ¼-inches, 1/2-inches, 5/16-inches, 3/8-inches, and 3/16-inches. Both SDS and SDS-Plus rotary hammer drills can make use of these bits. But you will need to have a hammer drill that has a chuck of 7/8-inches in minimum.

The flute design of these bits allows them a great amount of rotation within the chuck – as a result, a good amount of concrete can be removed by these within a short time. So, if you want durability and efficiency, its all packed into this one compact set.

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Buying Guide for Concrete Drill Bits

If you want the best drill bits for concrete, you need to take a look here. This guide will tell you the characteristics you need to look out for in any potential drill bits purchasing decisions.

Match the Sizes of the Chuck and the Shank 

The shank is the part of the drill bit that goes inside a part of the drill machine, which is called the chuck. This chuck and the shank need to be the right size for each other. If they are not compatible, the drill bit will simply not fit into the machine, so it will be useless to you. 

If you are confused and are new to drilling, then just try to find drill bits that have a universal shank. Those will nicely fit into most of the regular drill machines you can find.

Material Used to Make the Bits 

If the material is not solid enough, your drill bit might break into two pieces in the middle of work. This would be highly inconvenient, of course. So, make sure you but good quality stuff.

Bits made of high-speed steel are reliable. This steel is heat-treated, so they are tough and will easily penetrate hard surfaces without trouble.

The shape of the Tips 

If you want longevity, make sure that your drill bits have a nice point on the tip. If the tip ends with a nice cone, then it will be more efficient at point drilling. It will be able to exert a great amount of force into a single point, without risking the drill bit to snap into two.

Material Used on the Tip

The tip of the drill bit is the main point of contact. If this tip has an extra coating on top with some hard material such as carbide, or tungsten carbide, then it will be more efficient at directing the body of the drill bit into hard surfaces without breaking off. So, make sure that your drill bits come with a special coating on the tip. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We have guess-worked our way through some of the questions you might have in your head right now. But if you have any further questions, feel free to ask.

Q: Can I use SDS plus drill bits with an SBS machine? 

Ans: Yes, you can. You’ll just have to get an SDS plus adapter for the machine. After installing that on it, SDS Plus drill bits will become compatible with your SDS machine as well.

Q: How do I know which drill bits are for concrete?

Ans: The ones meant for concrete has a cone at the tip.

Q: Can I sharpen my drill bit?

Ans: You don’t need to. Masonry drill bits are designed to be blunt so that they can displace more concrete at once.

Q: How to put the drill bit into the machine?

Ans: Hold it between your thumb and index finger, then push into the chuck. Press the trigger to secure the bit, then twist the ratchet to make it sit into place.

Q: Can I use these masonry drill bits on wood?

Ans: Nope, the tip is not going to be effective on wood. These are only meant for hard surfaces such as cement, concrete, tiles, and so on.  


And that’s the end of the article! We hope you found the best concrete drill bits from our list. If not, we hope the guide has given you all the information you need to keep looking on your own. Remember to prioritize quality, and you won’t lose. Best of luck!

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