Best Drop Hitch For Lifted Trucks | Top 8 Picks in 2022

Best Drop Hitch For Lifted TrucksLifted trucks are amazingly useful vehicles. With our cumbersome nest of modern possessions, we’d be stuck in one place forever if these big trucks weren’t there to help us to carry our stuff when we need to.

But big trucks are not simple. They require good maintenance and a bunch of accessories to help them perform their towing duties well.

The drop hitch is an accessory without which these trucks would be as helpless as we would have been without these trucks. So, if you own one, we recommend that you get the best drop hitch for lifted trucks you can find.

On that note, let’s get into that list of suggestions right away! We hope you’ll find yours quickly.

1. CURT 45900 Adjustable Trailer Hitch Ball Mount

Highlighted Features

  • Very durable and powerful
  • Will fit any standard 2 x 2-inch receiver
  • Steel balls have a zinc plating on top to resist corrosion.
  • Can be flipped to carry loads between 10,000 and 14,000 lbs
  • Made with steel with a carbide black powder polish on it

CURT 45900 Adjustable Trailer Hitch Ball MountOne of the best things about this trailer hitch is that it can be towed to any height. It has an easily adjustable ball mount that is very versatile in function. What adds to this versatility is the channel-styled shank that comes with it.

The shank can be flipped to cover big lengths both in drop and in rise. You can expect a full rise at 5¼  inches and the drop at 6 inches!

Working with this hitch is convenient for another reason – the tool is silent as the starry night. One of the annoying things about drop hitches, in general, is that they are quite annoyingly resonant when the truck is on the go.

The Curt 45900, however, is better than that. It doesn’t rattle, vibrate, or chuck at the coupling. Thanks to the anti-rattle property of the hitch, your ride will be peaceful and smooth.

You can carry heavy loads with this hitch. The ball mount is strong – made of low-alloy high-strength steel. No rough or moist weather can make this hitch rust. For further protection, the steel has been sealed from the attack of moisture, salt, and grime by a special black powder carbide finish on it.

The mount can take incredible loads. One ball measuring 2 inches has the ability to carry 10,000 pounds of mass. While the other one measuring 2-5/16 inches can hold up a total of 14,000 pounds!

You can detach the ball mount, and flip them to match the load in the truck.

There are two holes on the side to allow shanks of two different lengths – 11 inches and 12 inches. And due to its standard dimensions, this shank will easily fit the standard 2 x 2 hitch receiver that comes with most trailers.

2. Trimax 8 Inch Premium Aluminum Adjustable Hitch

Highlighted Features

  • Very durable and powerful
  • Will fit any standard 2 x 2-inch receiver
  • Steel balls have a zinc plating on top to resist corrosion.
  • Can be flipped to carry loads between 10,000 and 14,000 lbs
  • Made with steel with a carbide black powder polish on it 

Trimax 8 Inch Premium Aluminum Adjustable HitchYou can get this durable and adjustable drop hitch in three different variations. One can give your trailer a rise of 6 inches, another at 8 inches, and then finally at 12 inches. Choose whichever one you think will be the most useful to you. In terms of quality, durability, and functionality, there are all quite the same.

First of all, let’s begin with the ball mount. There are two chrome balls to the mount – one is 2 inches, and the other is 2-5/16 inches. They are keyed alike, which means that you can flip them both ways, and attach whichever ball you want on top.

You can give your trailer a rise and a drop with this versatile tool.

However, it gets difficult to make this switch if there is any dirt stuck to the hinge. That has nothing to do with the construction of these parts, but you have to keep a cotton cloth handy in case you have difficulty in changing the mount.

Moreover, this drop hitch can carry weights of up to 10,000 pounds without any lagging or swerving. The tongue of the hitch has been constructed to bear weights up to 15,000 pounds, so you’re quite safe to use this as long as you stay within the appropriate weight load.

On top of its great ability to carry great weights, this ball mount hitch looks amazing as well. Not that it matters that much, but the sleek polish on the forged aluminum says quite a bit about the durability of this tool as well.

Forged aluminum is an element that has heated under very high pressures to make it immensely strong yet lightweight.

3. MaxxHaul 70380 Black/Chrome Adjust Dual Ball Mount

Highlighted Features

  • Can tow 8,000 pounds and 12,000 pounds on each ball
  • Perfect for standard hitch receivers of 2 x 2 inches in measure
  • Has a maximum rise of 7.5 inches and a maximum drop of 6.5 inches
  • Two balls mount on a dual-ended platform - one is 2 inches the other is 2-5/16 inches 

MaxxHaul 70380 Black Or Chrome Adjust Dual Ball MountIf you need great heights for both the drop and the rise, then this dual ball mount is quite up to your alley. It houses two chrome balls that are raised vertically on a platform of two bearings. They measure 2 inches and 2-5/16 inches each. According to your need, adjust whichever ball you want to be on top.

When the 2-inch ball is on top, it has a towing capacity of 8000 pounds, and a gross trailer weight of 12, 000 pounds when the 2-5/16-inch ball is on top. The tongue itself has a capacity of 800 and 1000 pounds at max.

The dual pin design helps to make this ball extra stable. The weight balances out on both ends and keeps the tool firm so that there is no rattling sound trailing the truck as it gains speed on the highway. Thus, you are going to have a smooth towing experience with this drop hitch even with high extremely loads.

This drop hitch can be fitted with any truck that has a receiver of 2 x 2 inches. This is the standard for most trucks, so you are not likely to have a mismatch here. You will be able to install this by using the standard hitch pin of ⅝ inches.

The hitch is thoroughly made with steel. It has a solid construction, that has an even weight of 29 pounds to keep it firmly installed into the receiver. There will be a bit of clanking as your truck moves, and the chrome on the ball will also get chipped off a bit as it works against friction.

However, this won’t affect the function, and your drop hitch will go a long way despite the chipped ball mount.

4. Weigh Safe WS10-2.5 Adjustable Ball Mount

Highlighted Features

  • Has a tongue weight of 2000 pounds at max
  • Made with durable and lightweight aluminum
  • Gives a drop of 4 inches and a rise of 5 inches
  • Can carry 8000 pounds and 10000 pounds on each ball
  • Doesn't shed away from the surface of the ball mount

Weigh Safe WS10-2.5 Adjustable Ball MountIf you are going tow your trailer, then you need something sturdy and reliable to attach it to the truck. The WeighSafe ball mount is built with grade 3 aluminum that has been alloyed with manganese to make it stronger.

The balls on the mount measure 2 inches and 2-5/16 inches. You can flip them as needed and use them depending on the weight you are carrying on the truck. The small ball on top will make the hitch capable of carrying 8000 pounds, and when you put the bigger ball on top, you will be able to carry 14,500 pounds. Now, if you are a frequent traveler who tows their trailer under various weights, then you could also get the third ball of 1⅞ inches in diameter, and with this one, you will have a load capacity of 7,500 pounds of mass.

When you use the ball mount in the default position, you will get a drop of 4 inches. If you flip it, the rise will be 1 inch higher, that is, you will get 5 inches in the raised position.

The tongue weight is around 2,200 pounds at max.

The shaft fits aptly with the receiver – it’s not going to be too tight, and neither is it going to be too loose. The fit is just about right; thus, you won’t have the rattling problem with this one either.

Make peaceful journeys and tow your trailer without any swerving with this durable aluminum standard hitch.

5. Geny 525 Dual-ball Pintle Combo Hitch

Highlighted Features

  • Has a solid shank of 2 inches thickness
  • Comes with 3 balls of different diameter
  • Can handle weights of up to 16,000 pounds
  • Compatible will all attachments of 2 inches opening
  • High-quality heat-treated steel used for construction 

Drop Hitch by Geny 525If you have been looking for a heavy-duty drop hitch and none of the ones you saw as of yet had cut it, then we can give you some hope here with this one. It is meant for all types of people who have to make multiple applications towing jobs day in and day out. This is a heavy-duty tool that will help you with all types of vehicles ranging from motorcycle carriers, bicycle racks, cargo racks, and so on.

Even if you have never used a drop hitch before, the easy adjustability and workability of this tool will help you learn real fast. All you have to do is pull the pin on the shank and then move the ball mount up to the position you want it in.

This will go into any standard 2-inch receiver and will give you a drop of 5 inches or a raise of 17.5 inches at max to get your trailer level with the truck. 

The tool is made with heavy-duty steel, which is very strong and durable. You can trust the tool to hold itself up without causing the vehicle to swerve.

With the help of this drop hitch, you will be able to tow weights up to 16,000 pounds. The tongue has a capacity of about 2000 pounds. You can avail the full benefits of this tongue capacity by moving all the load towards the very back of the truck – this way; your vehicle will be able to gain speed as well.

It comes with a ball mount, and three balls – 2 inches, 2-5/16 inches, and an additional 1-⅞ inches in case you need extra help. All the pins necessary for adjustment are provided in the kit, so you won’t have to make extra purchases to get this drop hitch to work – it comes ready for use.

6. B&W B&W Tow & Stow Double Ball Trailer Hitches

Highlighted Features

  • Has a solid shank of 2 inches thickness
  • Comes with 3 balls of different diameter
  • Can handle weights of up to 16,000 pounds
  • Compatible will all attachments of 2 inches opening
  • High-quality heat-treated steel used for construction 

B&W Tow & StowThe only thing holding the truck and the trailer together is this piece of hardware that you stick in between them. So, needless to say, a lot rides on this tool. Nothing but the strongest of builds will be able to hold up against the pressure pulling at it from both sides. You, therefore, are in good hands here. This is a heavy-duty all-steel drop hitch that will give the peace of mind you need when towing.

There are various sizes available – all come with incredible capabilities.

The drop hitch that is most commonly used is the one that has a shank of 2 inches – it can tow about 10,000 pounds of mass.  Then there is another one with a shank of 2.5 inches will tow 14,500 pounds, and finally, there is a version with a shank of 3 inches, which can carry about 21,000 pounds of mass altogether. This was all about the total gross weighing rate.

In terms of the vertical towing rate, or the tongue weight, their capabilities are 1000, 1450, and 2100 pounds consecutively.

With each shank, you will need a receiver on your truck of its corresponding size. So make sure that you choose your version with proper knowledge of your requirements.

On top of this flexibility in capacity, you will be glad to note that this hitch can be left attached to its receiver even when it’s not in use. When there’s no load to the hitch, the balls rotate to the back of the tool to prevent unnecessary damage to the vehicle. It locks into the receiver itself for the next time it’s needed.

7. BulletProof Hitches 2.0 Inch Adjustable Heavy Duty

Highlighted Features

  • The ball mount can be flipped for different loads
  • Has a solid steel body with a black powder coating on the surface
  • Maximum load capacity is 20,000 pounds, and the minimum is 12,000 pounds
  • At the drop, the TGW is 22,000 pounds, and the tongue weight is 3000 pounds

BulletProof Hitches 2.0 Inch Adjustable Heavy DutyWell, we hope no one will be shooting your vehicle down. But even if they were to do so, we’d say that your cargo trailer would be perfectly safe with this heavy-duty military-grade hitch holding it together.

This hitch features a shank of 2 inches in thickness, and it will fit into any receiver of the corresponding size. Don’t worry; this is the standard size that fits most vehicles; therefore, it will most likely be a perfect fit for yours as well.

This shank has seven different height adjustments, and you will be able to avail of the full benefits of this on the whole range of loads you’re carrying. All you have to do to get to a certain height is pull the pins and shift the ball up or down the notches as you require.

You will get pins of ⅝ inches with this device. The dual ball mount has one of 2 inches in diameter and the other of 2-5/16 inches. With the former ball, you can carry loads of 12,000 pounds, and with the latter one, the load capacity will be raised to 20,000 pounds.

With these humongous loads, this drop hitch is quite unbeatable in terms of capacity.

The drop and rise height is 12 inches in equal measure with this hitch.

The hitch is very strong – it’s made of solid steel, and then it has been polished on the surface with a coat of textured black powder that makes it scratch-resistant.

8. Fastway FLASH Solid Steel Adjustable Steel Ball Mount

Highlighted Features

  • Made for commercial uses
  • Built with forged solid steel
  • Has a ball mount of 2 inches and 2-5/16 inches
  • Balls cannot be changed individually, but the whole unit can be flipped
  • Maximum TGW is 12000 pounds, and the tongue weight is 2000 pounds

Fastway FLASH Solid Steel Adjustable Steel Ball MountIf you want the strongest of the strong, then this solid forged steel shank is what you should put your bets on. It’s inside is not hollow, but the whole shank is a consistent steel body with a ball mount that matches it exactly in terms of strength.

This ball mount is made to be used for commercial purposes. It can carry a trailer of 12,000 pounds at max, while its tongue weight is 2000 pounds.

The balls are 2 inches and 2-5/16 inches each. They cannot be separated, but the ball unit can altogether be flipped before fitting it into the shank. It also has the advantage of having multiple height adjustments to accommodate the weight of your trailer.

One of the extra best features of this hitch is that it won’t loosen up. Nor will there be any noise while you ride your truck out. The hitch will hold on to your trailer cargo without making a sound, and it will be quite a smooth, successful ride for you.

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Buying Guide for Drop Hitch For Lifted Trucks: 

Your trailer and truck need to be at the same height, otherwise towing will be prone to accidents or at least severely hazardous - neither of which is desirable. So, it's important to know what makes a drop hitch reliable. Let's get in-depth here to find the best drop hitch for towing.

Flippable Drop Hitches 

First of all, let's talk about the drop and rise.

You give your trailer a drop when it's lower than the truck height and needs to be raised. On the other hand, you give your trailer a rise when it’s already higher than your truck height and needs to be lowered.

It’s important to have both functions accessible - you never know what you’ll need. Both functions are only available in drop hitches that can be flipped.

All drop hitches have a drop level, but not all of them have a rising level. So make sure that your hitch is strong enough to give you rise too.

Height Adjustability 

If you are going to be towing different trailers, then you need a drop hitch with good adjustability. This refers mainly to the height at which the trailer can be coupled to the truck.

Choose drop hitches that have several height increments. That way, you can tow multiple trailers with one drop hitch.

Also, note that there is no standard hitch height that's safe for all trailers because each trailer has a unique hitching level.

However, every time you tow your trailer, make sure that it has enough clearance from the ground level to avoid getting in the way of all kinds of bumps and elevations on the road.

Shank Size 

The shank comes in many different sizes. But you need to buy one that has a shank of the same size as that of the receiver tube in your truck. There are four options that you can choose from - 1¼ inches, 2 inches, 2½ inches, and lastly, 3 inches.

In case your shank size doesn’t match your receiver tube’s opening, you will need to buy an adapter to connect the hitch to your truck.

Weight Capacity 

There are two categories here. One is the GTW (gross trailer weight), and the other is TW (tongue weight).

You need to be aware of both; otherwise, your purchase will most likely fail on you. The TGW is the total combined weight of the trailer, and TW is only the weight that it is concentrated at the coupling point of the two vehicles.

Check your truck’s towing rate to see what values you need the ball hitch to match with. And to be on the safe side, always get a ball hitch that exceeds both the TGW and the TW values so that your ball hitch is future-proof. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does a hitch class mean?

The hitch class is an indicator of how much weight the hitch can carry. This is determined by the towing vehicle and its towing capacity. Higher the class rating, the bigger the weight that they can carry.

2. What will happen if the trailer is not level with the towing vehicle?

If it's not level, then as the vehicle moves, the trailer will keep weighing it down with its weight and, at one point, cause it to swerve off track. Depending on the extent of the swerve, this could lead to minor speed problems on the road to big and bad accidents.

To avoid this, the trailer always has to match the height of the towing vehicle. It can be a bit higher than level, but never below level. 

3. What is a safe distance for the hitch to be at?

The hitch and the ground must be separated by a distance of 17 inches - this is the safest value.

4. Why does my drop hitch keep rattling?

The connection at the coupling point might be too tight or a bit loose. If this can’t be fixed by reinstalling the hitch, then you need to get a tightening plate. 

5. Are all ball mounts designed to be used by flipping?

No, not all ball mounts are reversible. Check before you buy it. If you try to reverse a non-flippable ball mount, then it will surely break under the weight.


Towing is a steady business. You will be working with two heavy vehicles and a bunch of cargo that each weighs much more than you. If anything goes wrong, you'll go down with the whole set up. One way to make sure that you are maintaining proper safety while towing is to get the best drop hitch for lifted trucks.

Take proper account of the height and the weight proportions so that the truck stays steady and level without ever swaying off the track. Best of luck.

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