5 Best Tesla Charger Extension Cord – Updated 2022

While your Tesla car needs to be charged frequently, it is hard when the charging outlet is out of reach of the charging adapter. This is the time when you need an extension cord. But which one is the best extension cord for Tesla? How to select the best extension cord?

It may happen that you travel a long way from urban areas or go to a campsite with your Tesla where a lot of RVs are used to charge an EV.

However, you must be able to connect the vehicle so much closer which isn't possible always. The best extension cord provides the extra length that you need to charge your Tesla car easily.

While there's a number of extension cords available on the market, I bring the best extension cord for Tesla vehicles so that you don't have to face any trouble while in an emergency. I also bring a detailed buying guide that should help you with buying the right one.

Before starting with the article in detail, have a short glance at the best extension cord for tesla charging from my list.

Best Extension Cord For Tesla Chargers

The Best Tesla Charger Extension Cord Reviews

If you want an extension cord that would charge your car without giving any headache in emergencies, here are some of those on the market:

1. GearIT 50-Amp 30-Feet Extension Cord

Highlighted Features

  • Cord length: 30 feet
  • Weight: 23 pounds
  • NEMA: 14-50P to 14-50R
  • Voltage: 250V
  • Amperage: 50 Amps
  • Gauge: 10
  • Color: Green

Keeping convenience and portability in mind, GearIT 50-Amp is a perfect extension cord designed to charge EVs and RVs.

Lightweight and Portable

The heavy-duty 10 gauge cable is lightweight and portable which makes it easy to carry when you travel around. The cord also features power handles to make it easy to charge RVs and a beaming green that is visible in dark.


GearIT 50 amp cable is UL listed which certifies that the cord is weatherproof and provides protection from wind, rain, snow, or soil and rocks. So, if you're looking for a long-lasting durable extension cord, this should be the one.

Fast Charging Capability

The best extension cord for generator has a fast charging capability as well. It connects male to female NEMA 14-50P to 14-50R molded connector.


GearIT 50 amp is a heavy-duty high durable extension cord for Tesla. It is easily portable and has weatherproof. Its fast charging capability allows you to charge your vehicle faster.


The cord comes in a coil and it's difficult to run it straight as it retains that coiled shape frequently.

2. Ceptics 50-Amp 25-Ft Auto EV Extension Cord

Highlighted Features

  • Cord length: 25 feet
  • Weight: 19 pounds
  • NEMA: 14-50P to 14-50R
  • Voltage: 125V
  • Amperage: 50 Amps
  • Gauge: 8
  • Color: Black

Ceptics 50-Amp is one of the most reliable extension cords to connect your Tesla car and other electrical home appliances. The most incredible feature of this cable is its high gauge wire that lets you charge higher amperage devices.

Heavy-Duty Extension Cord

The high performance extension cord comes with a maximum capacity of 12500w. It connects male to female NEMA 14-50P to 14-50R molded connector with fast charging capability. Also, the strong gauge wire makes it perfect to charge your Tesla Model 3, S, X, Y, or any RVs.

Weather Resistant

Ceptics 50-amp extension cable components and wires are UL certified which indicates it provides protection from wind, rain, snow, soil, and rocks. As the components are weatherproof, you can literally charge your Tesla Model S outdoor any time of the year.


The heavy-duty extension cord for Tesla is very reliable and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. It is weather-resistant and well insulated. The material used is also sturdy. The cord uses strong gauge wires for a better charging experience.


The best extension cord for tesla model 3 requires strong pull for turning corners most of the time which should not be a complaint as it performs!

3. Lectron 240V 16A Extension Cord

Highlighted Features

  • Cord length: 21 feet
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • NEMA: 6-20
  • Voltage: 240V
  • Amperage: 16 Amps
  • Gauge: 10
  • Color: Black

If you're looking for the best Tesla extension cord 240V, the Lectron 240V level 2 charger extension cord is just the right one with enormous advanced features.

Level 2 Charging

Lectron 240V is designed to make your electric vehicle charging effortless and quick. It comes with the J1772 charging protocol which is compatible with all electric cars and plug-in hybrids.

Coming with the tag of a level 2 charger, the extension cord offers 3X charging speed than conventional chargers with the help of 240V maximum voltage. It charges up to 3.86 KW/Hour.

High Quality

Apart from its fast-charging capability, the cable is compact and durable. It is made with rugged and robust PVP materials. It is also equipped with overvoltage, overheating, and overcurrent protection.


Lectron 240V is a heavy-duty robust extension cord that comes with protection from heat, current, and voltage. It indicates LED light shows different stages of charging and warns you if there's any problem.


Even though the cable comes with overcurrent protection, you should make sure no overcurrent is flowing through the cable as it is made for flowing low current effortlessly.

In case you need a Tesla 110V charging extension cord, Lectron 110V is also there with level 1 charging speed. Everything else is pretty much the same.

4. Camco Heavy-Duty 30-Amp Extension Cord

Highlighted Features

  • Cord length: 25 feet
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • NEMA: 14-30P & 14-30R
  • Voltage: 125V
  • Amperage: 30 Amps
  • Gauge: 10
  • Color: Black

Camco is a well-recognized brand that makes high quality products for different vehicles. With no exception to that, the Camco 30-Amp extension cord is a heavy-duty cable to charge your EV.

Flexible and Durable Construction

Camco extension cord is extremely flexible. It is made of bare copper. The outer part is coated with a heavy-duty flame and heat-resistant PVC which protects it from wear and tear.

High Conductivity

The NEMA 14-30 extension cord tesla is made with copper wires of 10 gauge for superior conductivity.

Power Grip

The extension cord also features a hassle-free power handle to assist you to grip, plug, and unplug safely and conveniently without damaging the male and female ends.

Again, its 90-degree heads reduce pressure and stress on the cable and its connection.


Camco 30-Amp extension cord is incredibly flexible and durable. The 10-gauge wires provide superior conductivity. Also, the power grip and rotating heads come in handy.  


The extension cord has very good reviews. However, I found out some complaints about its longevity.

5. Ceptics 10-Ft 50-Amp Extension Cord

Highlighted Features

  • Cord length: 10 feet
  • Weight: 8 pounds
  • NEMA: 14-50P & 14-50R
  • Voltage: 125V
  • Amperage: 50 Amps
  • Gauge: 8
  • Color: Black

If you don't require a long extension cord, this one is the best suited for you.

High Amperage

The Tesla dryer extension cord uses an 8-gauge wire so that you can charge higher amperage devices. Also, the cord is PVC molded with copper wires which makes it highly conductive.

Short Length

If you know it right, then you should know that a long-length extension cord increases voltage losses that result in slow charging.

So, to eliminate the chance of slow charging, you should go for a short-length cable as much as possible.

UL Certified

The cord is also UL certified just like the 25ft long length extension cord from Ceptics. It is hence, safe to use outdoors any time of the year.


The extension cord is easy to install. Its high-quality materials make it a robust cable that tends to last long. Also, the short extension cord for Tesla can be used throughout the year without a worry.


The cord is difficult to move around. There's no proper handling installed to the cord.

How to Buy the Best Extension Cord for Tesla?

Well, there are lots of cords available on the market but you need the best one for you. I have already mentioned the products I found to be the best to charge your vehicle.

However, if you still want to explore more and wish to choose one by yourself, I'm still here to help you. While choosing the right extension cord, you may ask, ”œDo I need to use a specific extension cord to charge my Tesla?”

Well, the answer is ”œYes”, you should always use the same specific cord to charge the vehicle. And there are some considerations you should make before buying any extension cord.

Choose the Right Length

The very first thing you need to look for is the length of the cord. You must look for a short in a long extension cord for Tesla. The cable should be as short as possible as longer cables increase the resistance which results in voltage drop.

That is why most Tesla charging cables aren't more than 30 feet on average. You must not purchase a longer cord more than what you actually need. You should look for an extension cord within 20 to 30 feet.

Higher Insulation

As a proud EV owner, you should know that you can charge the vehicle outdoor, even in the rain. The components of Tesla are waterproof and can be charged without worry. But, don't take it for granted for the extension cables.

If you need to charge outside and it is expected to rain anytime, you should use an extension cord with higher insulation. Cables with high insulation have strong resistance against water and heat.

Heavy-Duty Cable

Make sure your extension cable has ”œHeavy-duty” written on the box. Heavy-duty cords have at least a 12-gauge number which indicates strong insulation. The best 12 gauge extension cord would be perfect but I would recommend going for 10. The lower the number is, the stronger the gauge is.

You may find the heavy-duty cables expensive but they're worth the price considering their strong insulation and low resistance. Also, extension cord with multiple outlets might be a considering option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can Tesla's 110-volt adapter be used with extension cords?

Yes, certainly it is possible to utilize Tesla's 110V adapter to connect with the extension cord which is an excellent way to increase the usable length of the cord.

2. Is it safe for the Tesla battery to charge with an extension cord?

Even though Tesla officially says ”œNo” to the extension cord to charge its battery, it is possible to charge with extension cables.u003cbru003eBut before starting with any cables, make sure it is in a good condition and has not cracked within the entire length which may cause you trouble.u003cbru003eWell, canyou use an extension cord permanently? Click here if you are interested about it.

3. Is it possible to use two extension cords to increase charging distance?

While two charging cables can be attached together to increase usable charging length if needed, but it is not recommended until an emergency.u003cbru003eAs total distance increases, line losses also increase which makes it less efficient and takes more time to finish charging.u003cbru003eAgain, connecting two or more cords may cause overheating or any other irreversible damage to your can when runs at full load.

Final Verdict

The electronic vehicle industry is booming with time. With the increasing number of EV cars, the number of superchargers is also increasing around parking lots, petrol pumps, and other resting areas.

However, at times you may not be able to reach so close to the outlet with your electric car. It may also happen right inside your garage if it is far from a 14-50 NEMA outlet. So, an extension cord comes in handy at times, and storing one in your Tesla is a good idea.

I hope this article helps you find the best extension cord for Tesla. Make sure to go through the buying guide before ordering one. Hope you liked reading the blog and I'd appreciate it if you share so that others can get help as well.  

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