Best Hand Cleaner for Mechanics | Top 5 Picks in 2022

best hand cleaner for mechanicsIt’s always exciting to work on automotive whether changing diesel or cleaning up the chassis and so on. But all that excitement fades away when you find out that your hands are filled with grease, grime, odor, tar and what not!

If you think clearing up those filths is a tough job, you are indeed right. However, there are hand cleaners in the market that can effectively clean up.

Yeah, we know that choosing a hand cleaner that can take off stubborn and toughest dirt is a hard row to hoe. That is why we have come up with the best hand cleaner for mechanics. So, go over the products and get your hands clean and tidy.

1. Tub O Scrub Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

Highlighted Features

  • Natural ingredients to keep the skin smooth.
  • No harmful chemicals used to avoid irritation.
  • The citrus formula for giving a fresh smell.
  • It does not clog drains due to the Biodegradable formula.
  • Easy to carry the jug with a handle.

Tub O Scrub Heavy Duty Hand CleanerGot filthy greases, tough grime on your hand while working on your car, or repairing the garage? Then, leave it Tub O Scrub Hand cleaner. It is a heavy-duty cleaner made from ingredients such as Lanolin, aloe and Vitamin E. As a result, it can deal with the dirt flawlessly.

Since it’s your hand that needs to wash, no harsh ingredients like Petroleum, pumice or solvents have been used. So, this cleaner will break off the toughest dirt while keeping your skin smooth and tender.

Besides, wash your hand either by only rubbing the cleaner on the hand or you can use water to rinse. However, if you use water, the biodegrade formula that comes with cosmetic grade walnut-shell will make sure that it doesn’t clog drains.

After using the Tub O Scrub, you will end up with clean hands with a fresh and strong smell. Well, thanks for using a citrus fresh scent formula.

Moreover, the Tub O Scrub comes with 64 oz cleaner in a pump jug. Therefore, you can carry and use it with the handle anywhere with a breeze.

2. Permatex Orange Hand Cleaner

Highlighted Features

  • Fine pumice for deep cleaning.
  • Skin conditioners to soothe the skin of hands.
  • No toxic materials to avoid bruise.
  • Multipurpose formula for household usage.
  • Natural citrus lotion to give a pleasing smell.

Permatex Orange Hand CleanerDo you flip out when you see stubborn grease and grime on your hand after every session in the garage? Then, bring in the best hand cleaner degreaser from Permatex Orange Pumice Lotion to clear out every filthy particle from your hand.

It comes with the combination of powerful citrus and fine pumice formula that breezes in the deepest and toughest layer of dirt to clean out. Therefore, filthy and disgusting dirt on hand, never again.

In addition to clean the messes, 25122 Fast Orange Hand Cleaner from Permatex will soothe and cradle your hand. Thanks for adding skin conditioners such as aloe, glycerin, lanolin and more in this hand cleaner.

Plus, it doesn’t contain any toxic formula such as solvent, petroleum. So, if you have cuts and wounds on your hand, it will not add fuel to the fire while washing your hands.

On top of that, it takes on step ahead from a typical hand cleaner for its multipurpose formula. You can use it on tile floors, pet odors even on scuff marks and will get the best tidy result for sure.

Moreover, the pure and citrus formula will please you with a heady smell along with clean hands.

3. Grip Clean Hand Cleaner for Auto Mechanics

Highlighted Features

  • Pumice heavy-duty hand cleaner for deep cleaning.
  • Natural ingredients to moisturize skin.
  • Easily degrease dirt due to 2times concentrated solution.
  • A ½ gallon jug to carry and use anywhere.
  • It can provide 500+ wash for long-time use.

Grip Clean Hand Cleaner for Auto MechanicsIf you are working on a construction site or automotive, it is pretty obvious that drywall plaster, thread lubricants will get on your hands. So, you definitely need Grip Clean Hand cleaner as it reckoned to be the best hand soap for mechanics by automotive leaders.

What’s on your hand tar, grease, oil? No worries, the pumice hand cleaner substantially removes any stubborn and tough dirt with deep clean. Just water, lather and rinse to get neat and hygiene hands.

Plus, all-natural ingredients such as bentonite clay, concentrated coconut oil and olive oil have been used while making this cleaner. The clay superbly absorbs dirt for deep cleaning whereas the oil moisturizes your skin. So, feel free to use this cleaner, if you have issues of dry skin or using chemicals.

Moreover, whether walnut scrub or orange hand cleaner, they both fall behind this heavy-duty pumice soap from Grip Clean. Thanks to the 2 times more concentrated solution that can easily degrease and take away any filths such as grease, grime, metal etc.

Besides, it comes with a ½ gallon jug, to give you the flexibility to use in an automotive workshop or even in your garage whenever you need it. Bonus, you will get 500+ wash from this hand cleaner undoubtedly.

4. Fast Orange Pumice Hand Cleaner

Highlighted Features

  • Microgel technology for efficiency.
  • Citrus cleaning power for deep cleaning.
  • Refreshing smell due to fresh-scent formula.
  • It provides moisture to dry hands.
  • Applicable to versatile surface.

Fast Orange Pumice Hand CleanerWhen conventional hand cleaner gives up after a few washes, the Fast Orange hand cleaner will back you up for a long time. Thanks to the Microgel technology, as it clings the foam to your hand to prevent wastage.

Plus, the pumice is dispersed equally inside the bottle via this technology to give splendid washing performance till the last drop. Therefore, it proves to be an efficient hand cleaner to keep around you.

Moreover, its superior citrus cleaning power superbly takes away sticky and gross dirt from your hand.

Also, this hand cleaner contains a fresh-cent formula to eliminate odors of kerosene, gasoline. So, you will get tidy hands with refreshing smell every time.

Since hard working hands get dirty frequently, they need to wash hands constantly. That is why, 25419 Extreme Hand cleaner from Fast Orange have used verities skin conditioners like aloe, glycerin, lanolin and others. Hence, it nourishes dry hands and halts skin from cracking.

Most importantly, it can be used for removing multiple types of elements for instance, grease, oil, ink, tile cement, paint, adhesive. Where do you want? Just apply it and this hand cleaner will tidy away every dirt that comes on its way.

5. GOJO NATURAL Orange Pumice Hand Cleaner

Highlighted Features

  • Pumice scrubber to remove grease.
  • Safe for skin due to the solvent-free solution.
  • The orange-citrus scent for giving fresh smell.
  • Effectively works on grease, oil and soil.
  • Easy to carry with the handle of the jug.

Fast Orange Pumice Hand CleanerGOJO NATURAL Orange hand cleaner, a dynamic and powerful lotion that acts quickly to remove dirt from hands. So, it will take less time but shall provide you the best tidy result after cleansing.

Plus, whatever is filing your hand whether industrial soil or grease. No worries, the particles of pumice scrubber prudently and intensively will clear out every bit of filths.

Besides, while it goes hard on oil, grease to clear out every dirty particle, it also makes sure that the skin remains soft and smooth. Thanks to the GOJO hand cleaner for making the lotion solvent-free.

However, even after washing, there remains a smell of kerosene, petrol and diesel oil on hands. But never again with this hand cleaner, as it comes with a natural strong orange-citrus scent. Therefore, your hands will smell fresh as though you haven’t done any hard work.

Moreover, you will be splendid by experiencing how effectively this hand cleaner from GOJO can remove grease, oil and soil.

It is not obvious that you always work in your garage, right? That is why this lotion comes in a jug that can contain 1 gallon of cleaner. As a result, you can take it outside the garage, or keep it in a car on a long tour and use it conveniently.

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Buying Guide for Mechanics Hand Cleaner

By now, you have gained profound knowledge of the best products to clean your hands. But still there remain some exclusive features to be ensured before buying a hand cleaner. Otherwise, you might end up with a worse messed up hand. So, follow our guidelines to make the final purchase that will certainly make you smile.


Most of the manufacturers use natural ingredients for making hand cleaner. They use aloe, lanolin, vitamin E and others to provide thorough cleaning while protecting the skin.

But you also need to keep your eyes open for harmful materials like petroleum, solvent. Because they can severely damage your skin, the worst if you have issues of chemicals using, you will face unfortunate skin disease.

So, attentively read the ingredients on the label that have been used before buying a hand cleaner.

Skin Conditioners

Since you are going to use hand cleaner every often, it should contain skin conditioners.

There is concentrated coconut oil, olive oil, aloe, vitamin E that not only helps for deep cleaning, they profoundly moisturize skins. Plus, they also prevent skins from drying up or cracking.

Going for pure natural skin conditioner may bring out the best result, But it’s your turn to make the choice.


Certainly, after a long hard-working day, it feels great and refreshing to smell fresh aroma from hands.

You will find hand cleaners most likely containing either only citrus or both orange-citrus smell. However, a little number of cleaners come more or less odorless.

Now, taste and choice vary from person to person. So, pick up whichever you like – with or without aroma.


Though hand cleaners are made for hands specifically, there are some all-rounder that can be used for household purposes.

You can apply such one on a tiles floor, scuff marks, paint, odor, metal and the list goes long. So, if you want to save both money and time while searching for a separate cleaner, get the hand cleaner that is applicable anywhere.


Hand cleaners come in mostly 1 or ½ gallon jug and lotion bottle. But a lotion bottle can contain relatively less amount of cleaner than a jug. Plus, it is easy to carry the jug, thanks to the handle.

Therefore, if you work on a large automotive store or in a construction site, a jug will be easy for you to carry and use anywhere.

FAQs About Mechanics Hand Cleaner

1. How to use a hand cleaner?

Ans. It is really easy to use a hand cleaner. Take some cleaner on the palm, add water, lather it and then rinse thoroughly with water. If there is no water nearby, a paper towel can do the work. Though some hand cleaners don’t require to use water for cleaning, water helps a thorough cleansing.

2. Is it harmful to use automotive hand cleaner more often?

Ans. Though manufacturers use skin conditioners in hand cleaners, using frequently probably results to dry, cracked and unhealthy skin. Plus, people with skin diseases should be more cautious when using an automotive hand cleaner.

3. What is the difference between hand sanitizer and hand cleaner?

Ans. A sanitizer is an expert at killing the bacteria except that it cannot remove dirt, grease effectively. On the other hand, while cleaning hands with a cleaner, it cleans away the germ along with the dirt.

Wrapping Up!

We bend over backward and have done our best to provide with all the facts about a hand cleaner. Finally, you are just one step behind for buying the best hand cleaner for mechanics. Now, the ball is in your court. Make the right decision so that you won’t need to cry over spilled milk.

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