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Best Hook and Pick SetHooks and picks are tools that are an absolute necessity for work in the garage and workshops. These are nifty little tools that can get into the tiniest areas and pull everything together. As the name suggests, the role of these tools is to hook into and pick out things, thus helping with aligning, cleaning, positioning, and such.

These tools are not to be bought for particular jobs. They come handy in every type of work, whether that be in mechanical, wooden, or electrical settings. Get the best hook and pick set you can find, and you will be able to use that for many years to come.

1. GearWrench 84000D Hook and Pick Set

Highlighted Features

  • Comfortable to hold
  • Rust-resistant and durable
  • Very handy when working with hoses and wires
  • Has hooks and picks of any size and style you need

GearWrench 84000D Hook and Pick SetYou will get 7 different tools in one package. Get one of these and get a solution for all the unwarranted problems you get into while doing your work. This will be able to serve you in any kind of trouble you find yourself in. The shapes vary and the sizes too! Get a dynamic set of uses from just a single set of tools.

With these you will be able to extract parts that get stuck in tiny spaces, you will be able to adjust, and tweak bent springs inside corners, and also be able to position tiny nuts and bolts precisely before drilling them in.

Don’t worry about rust or corrosion. The bits are made with fully polished steel, which is a material that doesn’t let moisture cling on to it to cause damage. Holding it properly is a breeze due to the user-friendly tri-lobed handles.

They are very comfortable to hold and work with. These tools are resistant to oil and other solvents; thus, they will last you a long time. 

2. MLW48-22-9215 Hook & Pick Set

Highlighted Features

  • Top-notch quality
  • Easy to hold and handle
  • It has all the tools you would need to get into small details
  • Has a metal core inside which keeps them strong and durable

MLW48-22-9215 Hook & Pick SetYou most certainly do not want something that will have to be repurchased again within a very short time, right? Unfortunately, many of these nit-picky tools are very unreliable and fragile. Fortunately, this one we are talking about here is not of such poor quality as that. They are metal to their core.

Made 50% of metal, you can rest assured that these are not going to fail you after the first few projects are done. They are very durable and have been made to last. The interior structure is solid, and so is the exterior protection. We have a coat of chrome on all four tools.

No fear of rust or dust when you have these tools in your workshop. They will overcome all external factors and keep their toughness. Of the four tools, three are bent to different degrees. The fourth one is just straight – can be used for fixing the alignment of smaller parts inside tight corners, and also for cleaning those corners.

3. Mini-Hook and Pick Set, 4 Pc

Highlighted Features

  • Handles are comfortable to hold
  • 4 different tools for versatile functions
  • The shafts are heat treated for extra durability

Mini-Hook and Pick Set- 4 PcAt first glance, these look cooler than the other tools commonly sitting on shelves in the market. They have black tips! Not the metallic boring ones. Well, this is not superficial excitement about the appearance on the exterior. They are made with alloyed steel that has been treated with heat to make them stronger.

There is also a chrome plating on top, which makes them even more durable. Chrome has a high endurance to moisture and humidity. Therefore, it will not get corrosion of any kind even if you leave it out in the open air of your workshop. There are 4 different tools in the set.

You will be able to perfectly able to use them for any kind of electrical work as well. The handles are made of plastic and so they are not going to conduct electricity. They are completely safe to work with. There is a straight tool, a curved one, one is bent to a 90-degree angle, and the last one is called a complex hook tool.

With these at your disposal, you will be able to work in very tiny, tricky corners and also scribe lines for better placement and positioning.

4. ATD Tools 8424 9-Piece Scraper, Hook and Pick Set

Highlighted Features

  • Cushioned and good-looking handles
  • The shafts are corrosion and rust-resistant
  • 9 pieces of tools in both mini and macro sizes
  • They are shaped and strengthened by deep forging in heat

ATD Tools 8424 9-Piece Scraper, Hook and Pick SetWell, if you are a dedicated full-time worker, or are a person who likes to be thorough with his projects, then you will love this 9-piece set we have for you! First of all, these are also very good-looking tools. Secondly, having them in your hands will feel good as much as it will look good.

They have black and red cushioned handles that are comfortable and soft to grip on. Due to their cushioned coating, you will be able to work with them effortlessly. In the case of the main object – the shafts- you will be equally satisfied. They are made of steel, with a coating of chrome vanadium on them.

The steel is drop forged into perfection! You will be very satisfied with how sturdy they are. In the kit, you will get 4 mini tools and 5 full-sized tools for use. Although you won’t be able to replace them with other shafts, you will be quite content with their functionality for many years.

5. Ullman Devices CHP8-L Individual Hook and Pick Set

Highlighted Features

  • Reliable and durable
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Many different types of tools for different projects
  • Allows a very good grip which makes it comfortable to work with

Ullman Devices CHP8-L Individual Hook and Pick SetIn this set, you will find 9 pieces of tools of perfectly the same size. This makes it convenient to store them and also to get used to the grip that they provide. All the tools are of 9-3/4 inches in length, and they also look the same. This might pose a problem for you if you are working in a hurry.

But if you can spare the time to look at them before picking it up, then we’d say you’re golden! You will find a hook pick inside, one that is bent to a 90-degree angle, another one bent to a 45-degree angle. There will also be a double angle pick, a combination pick, an angle hook, and finally, a pick that’s completely straight. 

Each of the tools is made with steel that is heat-treated and polished with high carbon. They are harder and more robust in function than regular steel. This should say something about their durability. This steel is also wear-resistant, so it will be able to serve you for long years in perfect condition.

Buying Guide For Hook And Pick Set

With so many sets available in the stores, you really need to understand what you want before you make a purchase. We can help you be more selective about the set you need to get.

Number of Tools:

So, this is one of the things that beginners get wrong. If you think the more, the merrier is the route to a good decision here; then, we’re sorry to tell you that this approach is not going to help much. You will have to get the right number of tools. Get only the necessary set of 4 - 6 tools so that you can learn your way around it.

After you achieve an advanced set of skills, you will be able to choose more wisely.

Length of the Tools:

Get something that is convenient to work with. If the tools are too long or too short, you will be slowed down to a significant degree. Get tools that fit the size of your hands. Make sure that the shaft and the handle are of proportionate sizes. The handle should be about more than half the size of the shaft itself.

Shaft Material:

This is by far the most defining feature of the tools you use. If the shaft is too fragile, it will definitely break apart regardless of how strongly it is attached to the handle. The shaft cannot be made of corrosive material either. Choosing chromium-plated stainless steel or drop-forged steel is the safest option.

Tools made of high carbon components are good for short term usage. They start to rust with prolonged exposure to moisture as time progresses and will gradually become too corrosive to work with.   


Some tools come with steel handles. Stay far away from those. Get tools with rubberized or cushioned handles that are soft enough for you to have a good grip on them, but hard enough for you to correctly measure out the amount of pressure you should exert on the blades.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I get tools that have separable shafts? 

The short answer is no. They are more of a hassle to work with, as they do not have good stability when they are rotated.

2. Are stainless steel shafts better than high carbon steel ones? 

High carbon steel ones are cheaper, but they will corrode when kept for a long time. Stainless steel ones are far more durable.

3. Can I use these tools to screw in parts to my sewing machine?

Yes, you definitely can. They work on anything starting from automotive parts to wooden furniture.

4. Can I use these tools for lock picking, as well? 

No, they are too thick in diameter to be used on locks.

5. How many tools does the standard set of hock and pick have?

4 tools in a single set make the ideal set for beginners. The tools required are - a straight shaft, a 45-angled shaft, a 90-degree shaft, and a proper hooking shaft. 


Our pick of the best hook and pick set from the list is MLW48-22-9215 Hook & Pick Set. Their tools have a metal core, which makes them very long-lasting and reliable. The set comes at a reasonable price and has all 4 tools necessary to keep things simple.

But even if that doesn’t fit your criteria, we hope you will be able to find the right one for yourself after reading this article. Best of luck!
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