Best Place to Get Shocks and Struts Replaced (A Complete Guide)

Shocks and struts not only aid you to have a comfortable ride but also are essential safety components. They keep your car stable when cruising at high speed.

Once they wear out you should replace them as soon as possible. Otherwise, worn-out shocks and struts can contribute from uncomfortable handling to severe accidents.

So, which one is the best place to get shocks and struts replaced?

Luckily there is more than one answer. You can go to Meineke Car Care, Good Year Auto Service, Firestone Complete Auto Care, or to a reputed service center near you.

You just have to make sure that you are handing your vehicle to experienced professionals.

Best Place to Get Shocks and Struts Replaced

Best Place to Get Shocks And Struts Replaced

1. Meineke Car Care:

The best thing about Meineke is that they have 50+ stores all over the country. You are guaranteed quality service no matter where you are. You can join their reward program to get discounts on different services.

2. Firestone Complete Auto Care:

With 30+ stores, Firestone auto care shop promises to cater to your every need. They have been in business since 1926. Firestone is one of the leading providers of repairs, maintenance in the business.

3. Good Year Auto Service:

Goodyear has been in the business of auto care for more than 90 years. With more than a hundred locations, you will find all kinds of authentic parts and excellent service.

4. Toole’s Garage:

If you live around San Francisco then Toole’s garage will be an excellent choice. They are highly specialized professionals who will understand how to treat your vehicle optimally.

When To Replace Shocks and Struts?

How to tell when a shock and struts are worn out? The answer is careful inspection. Let’s dive into detail. Shock and struts wear out very slowly that is why they are very hard to notice.

On top of that, the driver slowly compensates for their deterioration as it happens slowly.

Given enough time, handling of your ride would not be as it was before, but you would not notice.

By that time, you will have unknowingly changed your driving style.

Let’s take a look at some key points to check these components’ health.

  • You will experience less stability even on a plain highway.
  • You will also experience severe instability when cornering and braking.
  • Reduced mileage can be caused by worn-out struts and shocks.
  • Check the tires carefully for unusual patterns.
  • Check for oil spillage on strut body. You can get an idea about their health from oil spillage.
  • Old shocks and struts will result in a subpar steering response.

As you can see these symptoms would not show up all of a sudden. So, you will have to be observant and keep your eyes open. With regular careful inspection, you will be able to judge when to replace the shocks and struts.

Oil Leak Criteria

LevelConditionLeak typeAction
1Oil covering all of strut body, knuckle bracket, spring seatAbnormalReplace shock absorber immediately
2Oil leak covering top strut body and top seatAbnormalReplace shock absorber
3Oil drip extending below spring seat and sealAbnormalReplace shock absorber
4Moderate oil spillageNormal EvaporationShock absorber replacement is necessary
5Slight oil spillageNormal EvaporationReplacement not required

Don’t Forget to Test The Ride

This is the most crucial thing once you have all the components replaced. Drive for at least 30 minutes.

Try to go through all kinds of roads if that is possible. Do all sorts of maneuvers on a safe road to check if everything fits together.

In case, anything unexpected happens in the test drive then explain the incident to the service.


1. How much should it cost to replace shocks and struts?

Overall, it will cost you from 400 to 1100 dollars. The service cost depends on many factors like components, area, utility offered, and other things.

2. Should you replace shocks and struts at the same time?

Yes, they both should be replaced at the same time.

3. Should I go to the cheapest place to get shocks installed?

It would not be a good idea to choose a place just because it is cheap. You should choose a place by their professional expertise.

4. Should I replace all 4 struts?

The best thing would be to replace 4 struts at a time if you have money to spare. Otherwise, try to replace them in pairs.

5. What will bad struts do to a car?

Bad struts will wear down the anti-lock braking system. The car will take longer to stop when braking.

6. Should I replace front or rear shocks first?

It is recommended to change them in pairs as new pairs will offer optimal performance. But it is not mandatory so you can replace which one wears out first.

7. What are the signs of bad front shocks?

Warning signs of bad front shocks are instability, tire bouncing, leaking fluid, nosediving, etc. Among other signs, these are the most significant ones.

Bottom Line

Shock and struts are crucial components of your ride. Riding with worn-out components will put you in danger. At best you will be driving uncomfortably, at worst accident could happen. Also, keep in mind that you should do a test drive once you have changed the shocks and struts.

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