Best Polaris Ranger Tires in 2022 | Ultimate Guide

best Polaris ranger tires reviewsThere is no disagreement regarding the importance of the wheel. Everyone agrees that it is the greatest invention in human history.

Over time, wheels have undergone innovation, starting from plain rims to the rugged, tough tires we see today. Tires are thereby an integral part of any land moving vehicle, big or small.

However, when driving a heavy-duty vehicle like the Polaris ranger, the importance of tires cannot be overstated. They provide invaluable traction, shock absorption and make for a good ride.

Hence, that is why we decided to shout out to the best Polaris ranger tires out there and celebrate the top 4 brands that make them.

Thus, if you are a Polaris enthusiast, buckle up for this ride!

1. Polaris Ranger RZR 800 Front and Rear 25"

Highlighted Features

  • Suitable for all-terrain
  • Has been modified for more strength
  • Graded and endorsed for puncture resistance
  • Offers ride with fewer vibrations.

Polaris Ranger RZR 800 Front and Rear 25 InchOn our hunt for the best road tires for Polaris ranger, we start with the very special and highly sought after RZR 800, for front and rear wheel. This product is one that delivers and performs.

With rugged construction, this product is built for heavy-duty use, day in and day out. Rough trails are no longer an issue with this product, as you can mitigate all sorts of trails and impediments that come your way.

The structure and build of this product have been streamlined for power. The shoulder is fitted with extra lugs for added strength, and the sidewall is reinforced to resist damage.

With high levels of puncture resistance, enjoy the safest of rides, anywhere and anytime.

As a matter of fact, this product has been endorsed with a 6 ply rating for high resistance to puncture and damage.

While most tires are suitable for a specific region or surface, this one has no such limitations. You can use it to travel through mud, thick snow, rock, and gravel, all with the utmost ease.

The size of the tires is more than adequate, as the front ones measure 25×8-12 and the back ones measure 25×10-12.

This is in accordance with the standard size requirements of Polaris Rangers, so there is no need to worry about size discrepancies.

2. MASSFX SL 26" Tall Wheel and Tire Kit for Polaris

Highlighted Features

  • Extra parts provided for repairs
  • Dual compound build for durability
  • Sidewalls are well reinforced
  • A good tread pattern enables resistance to puncture.

MASSFX SL 26 Inch Tall Wheel and TireThe highly durable and long-lasting SL 26’’ from the MasFX store is a tire you have been looking for all this time. With superior grip, it makes a mockery out of the roughest surfaces.

The construction is made fo double compounded 6 ply bia, as this helps to add more strength and durability to the overall design.

The design of this product ensures maximum grip at all times. Moreover, the sidewalls are also protected more, as this ensures less damage to the overall body of the tires.

With a unique tread pattern, puncture resistance is amplified to the core. The dynamic pattern helps in resisting all forms of puncture and ensures that the product lasts longer.

With a size of 26’’, this product is capable of fitting most ATVs from Polaris. This is a big boon for Polaris drivers and enthusiasts, as it does not involve switching tires now and then.

With a free supply of lug nuts and valve stems, there is no reason to worry about spare parts during breakdowns or repairs. Instead, you will always find the required stuff at hand when needed.

3. Sedona Coyote Tire 27x9-12 for Polaris RANGER 900 XP

Highlighted Features

  • Tread design allows for better grip
  • Can be used on all types of surfaces
  • The inner wheel is protected via a rim
  • Side lugs are placed for greater traction.

Sedona Coyote Tire 27x9-12 for Polaris RANGER 900 XPWe now present to you one of the best tires for Polaris ranger 900 XP, and it is the Sedona Coyote from the renowned Sedona brand. Built with advanced technology, this is a long-lasting tire.

The smooth ride technology is really something else. It offers a highly streamlined and efficient tread design for a better ride.

Moreover, this better ride is not limited to a specific area or track and therefore encompasses all terrain.

For extra traction, something which is very important, the side lugs are fortified to go even through rocks and gravel.

The wheel can end up vulnerable at times, and it becomes necessary to protect it. Thus, the built-in rim safeguards the wheel from all sorts of external damage.

With a section width of 9’’ and rim diameter of 12’’, it is more than adequate for heavy-duty cars and vehicles. Hence, it will complement your ride nicely.

4. Set 4 ATV UTV Tires Polaris Ranger 900 CREW/XP

Highlighted Features

  • Complete set for a quick buy
  • Can handle mud, dirt, and rock equally well
  • Has a high ply rating for durability
  • Deep treads allow for ruggedness and increased lifespan.

Set 4 ATV UTV Tires Polaris Ranger 900 CREW XPA full set of 4 tires from Wanda sets the bar really high for the rest of its competitors. With a tread depth of 0.79’’, this is a product that offers unsurpassable quality.

This is a full set consisting of 2 rear and 2 front tires. This makes it the perfect setting for the vehicle enthusiast, as you can buy everything in one go.

Rough terrain handling is one of its key and premium features. With some amazing treads, you can easily roll over dirt, mud, and even tough rock.

And that is not all! This pair of tires even offers equally good services in harsh, dry areas like desserts and also moist surfaces like in the wood. This makes it a real all-rounder for the win.

With a 6 ply rated construction, this product is as sturdy and powerful as they possibly come. It is highly resistant to all sorts of punctures and abrasions, making it a fine choice in rough areas.

The tread pattern and build of this product are also very unique. The treads are a full 36% deeper than you would find in other brands and tires. Hence, this greatly contributes to the overall longevity of the tires.

5. ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire 25x8-12

Highlighted Features

  • 21mm tread depth for maximizing grip
  • Made of a highly long-lasting rubber compound
  • Can remove mud by a slingshot action
  • Is compatible with the most high-powered ATVs, thereby making it a versatile choice.

5. ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV TireITP brings you their top-notch mud terrain tire, suitable for even the roughest rides. Made of tough and highly durable rubber, this product will complement your Polaris perfectly.

The tread depth stands at 21mm, which is the perfect size for a high grip. At this size range, there are not many surfaces that can even pose a threat to this product.

Suitable for late models, this product performs equally well on newer sport ATV’s as well. Thus, it is a highly versatile product that can be used on most vehicles.

The material it is made up of is composed of a very tough rubber compound. This is not just for strength, but also longevity. The product can last longer than most of its competitors.

The 6 ply design does not just get the mud out of the way; it literally flings dirt and mud from the path. This makes it suitable for use on even the muddiest paths. Hence, when it comes to mud trail racing, this product offers unparalleled service and performance.

The contact area is composed of treads that help in maximizing the overall grip between the tire and the surface. This ensures that there is minimal slippage, thereby preventing any unfortunate occurrence.

Buying Guide for Polaris Ranger Tires

The buying guide of this article will cover the most important aspects you should keep an eye out for when buying a Polaris ranger tire.

Read this section to know where to focus on more.

Terrain Types

The most important aspect of choosing the right tires is knowing the type of terrain and surface you will be traveling on.

This not only helps you to make the right choice but also leads to a more long-lasting purchase, as you can optimize the type of tire required.

There are a number of terrains you should look out for, and the most common will be discussed here.


If you live in a colder region, where temperatures drop below freezing, then you surely need the best Polaris ranger tires for snow, as this will minimize skidding.

The tires should also have sufficient grip to make sure that the vehicle does not overturn or lose balance when traveling over loose snow.


For roads with a lot of hard rocks and gravel, the tires have to be sturdy and durable. This should also be accompanied by a lot of grips to ensure the balance is maintained.


If you travel over different surfaces at different times, a multi-terrain tire set should be good for you. These types of tires can deal with a wide range of surfaces. However, they may not be suitable for racing.

Puncture Resistance

Punctures are bound to happen, sooner or later. However, that should not mean they should happen frequently.

The tires you get should have a high resistance to puncture and wear. This will lead to a more long-lasting purchase.

Tread Pattern

Tread pattern plays a big role in safety, and also comfort. There are generally two types of tread patterns, flat and rounded. Each has its uses.

Flat patterns are mainly suited to hard surfaces, such as dirt, stone, pavement, rock, and gravel. These are surfaces that are more or less even in geometry, and thus the flat pattern can provide speed and grip on these surfaces.

Round tread patterns are mainly suitable for wet, uneven surfaces. This includes the most common: mud.

With its uneven nature, mud can be a tricky customer and can pose a lot of safety threats.

Round treads help to provide better grip when traversing on muddy paths, thereby reducing the chances of slippage.

Hence, whichever type of tread pattern you ultimately settle for, make sure it is suited to the surface you drive on frequently.

FAQs for Polaris Ranger Tires

Time to clear your doubts. Our FAQ section will do just that, so read on to know more!

1. How much do tires for Polaris rangers weigh?

This is subjective and depends on the overall width and build of the tire. However, strong models weigh around 100lbs or so.

2. I mainly drive on the street. Will Polaris ranger tires work for me?

There are different categories of tires, and while most are suitable for rough road driving, a few perform well on smooth roads and pavements.

3. What type of treads do I need to travel over snow and sand?

Sand and snow can be tricky to navigate over. You have to look for treads that provide traction, but less digging in, as that will impede your vehicle from moving forward.

4. Will the tires skid on wet roads?

Polaris tires are known to have high traction levels, so the chances of skidding are very low.

5. How long can I expect the tires to last?

This depends on how often you use them. For frequent use, traveling hundreds of miles a month, expect a lifetime of 2 years at most.

For less frequent use, you can expect 5 years or so.


We hope your search for the best Polaris ranger tires has come to fruition. If not, no worries, this article has got you on good footing. Use the information you learned here to make your best purchase, and never compromise on tires again. Till then, happy driving!

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