5 Best Rock Sliders for Tacoma to Buy in 2022

Best Rock Sliders for TacomaSince its release in 1995, the Toyota Tacoma has earned its place amongst some of the most reliable pick-up trucks.

And if you own one, then you know that it’s perfect for off-roading as well—right up there with other giants like the Jeep Gladiator.

But like any other off-roading truck, the Tacoma also requires protection from the perils off the beaten track, which is why, today, we’re going to give you a rundown of the best rock sliders for Tacoma to be found on the market.

A good pair of rock sliders not only protects the body of your beautiful Tacoma from harsh off-road elements but also serves well as placed foothold steps.

So here are the best ones!

1. Double Cab Nerf Bars Rock Slider Panel

Highlighted Features

  • Wide oval tube shape measures 4.25" for ultimate protection
  • The molded design allows for a comfortable and easy step
  • Made to resist the effects of dirt, water, and even UV rays
  • Available with a heavy or fine texture powder coating
  • Also comes in a mirror-polish finish with stainless steel construction

Double Cab Nerf Bars Rock Slider PanelConstructed with robust and long-enduring alloy steel and made specifically for Toyota Tacoma, this pair of sidebars from TAC is one the best rock sliders we’ve found during our research. Designed as an oval-bending tube, this rock slider has also been integrated with CNC machining in its make.

If you love off-roading, you’ll certainly love what this pair of side bars can do for you. Thanks to its sturdy build, it effortlessly keeps the nuisances of off-roads at bay with its precise shape.

The body of the bars is made to resist water as well as dirt, and their protective powder coating also fights rust. Not to mention, it’s UV-resistant too, so don’t shy away from sunny-day off-roading sessions!

But it doesn’t just keep your precious Tacoma safe from harm. Thanks to its generous width and textured surface, each slider works perfectly as a side step as well, enhancing ascension into and descension from the truck. Plus, installing it is a breeze, thanks to the easy bolt-on mechanism!

2. Tyger Auto TG-RS2T40158 4inch Toyota Tacoma Rock Slider

Highlighted Features

  • Super easy and quick bolt-on installation without damage to your car
  • Constructed with heavy-duty and long-lasting triangular mild steel tubing
  • Extra-wide with padded texture for easy stepping
  • Comes with DIY instructions to make installation easier
  • Available in two finishes: black and stainless steel

Tyger Auto TG-RS2T40158 4inch Toyota Tacoma Rock SliderOur next pick is another highly rated selection, available from Tyger. Measuring 4 inches in length and available in a black powder-coated finish or mirror-polish stainless steel finish, this is also one of the more attractive side bar pairs we have come across.

Let’s start with its construction. Equipped with a traditional rectangular shape that facilitates protection and ease of stepping, each slider has been made from triangle mild steel tubing. In fact, this is certainly one of the more resilient, heavy-duty rock slider pairs you’ll find on the market, so we definitely suggest it for those of you with frequent off-roading tendencies.

Plus, the sliders have also been equipped with a powder coating that enhances protection, further enhancing their durability. So no matter what kind of path you’re taking on, you can rest assured that your Tacoma will stay protected. Oh, and, it’s also one of the most reasonably priced Tacoma rock slider pairs you will find.

There are some reports, however, that these sidebars don’t fit all Tacoma models. Since this is only a technical setback, we don’t think it’s a dealbreaker, but make sure you check with the manufacturers first should you choose to purchase it!

3. AMP Research 75162-01A PowerStep Electric Rock Slider

Highlighted Features

  • Electric-powered automatic boards appear only when you open the door
  • Pivot pins constructed from hardy stainless steel greatly enhance stability
  • Bushings are designed to self-lubricate for dependable performance in all seasons
  • Made from high-quality, long-enduring die-cast aluminum alloy
  • Each step has a weight capacity of 600 pounds

AMP Research 75162-01A PowerStep Electric Rock SliderSome of you reading this may well love off-roading, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you enjoy the aesthetic that rock sliders add. Sure, they look tough (and frankly pretty cool), but if you like a cleaner look for your truck, then you’ll certainly appreciate this automatic pair from AMP Research.

Aptly named PowerStep, these running boards are engineered to extend themselves automatically when a truck door is opened. At other times, they remain tucked out of sight, concealing the lover of wild off-roading in you. And should you choose to avail it, there is even a discreetly placed LED light system on this thing!

But it doesn’t just look fancy; it performs beautifully, as well. Constructed from super-strength die-cast aluminum alloy, it also comes with a PTFE coating for greater protection from corrosion and rust. Furthermore, it has been equipped with stainless steel pivot pins that enhance its stability. No wonder it has such an impressive weight capacity of 600 pounds.

Yes, it’s certainly the most expensive pair of sliders on our list, but we think the reason for that is quite clear. However, if you own a Tacoma that is not a 2016-2018 model, sorry! This slider won’t suit your needs. With so many other amazing options on this very list, though, you barely have reason to panic.

4. Auto Dynasty Black Coated Round Tubing Side Nerf Bar

Highlighted Features

  • Unique rounded and raised design enhances both protection and stepping comfort
  • Comes with ultra-strength mounting brackets for easy installation
  • Textured surface ensures a surer grip while stepping
  • Has an impressive weight capacity of 500 pounds
  • Powder coating provides protection and gives an attractive matte look

Auto Dynasty Black Coated Round Tubing Side Nerf BarNext on our list is a highly efficient and long-wearing pair of running boards from Auto Dynasty. With its round design and high-strength construction, this is an ideal choice for those of you who are more interested in foothold steps than protection.

That’s not to say that these won’t secure your car from off-road damage; it most certainly will! Thanks to its tough steel build and innovative rounded design, this thing will definitely keep undesirables at bay. And don’t worry; it can do that for your Tacoma no matter which gen it is!

But what we love most about this pair is its design. They have a raised design, and gripping texture allows it to act perfectly as a stepping foothold, enabling you to ascend into your magnificent truck with ease. And when you consider that its weight capacity is a whopping 500 pounds, you’re bound to be even more impressed. All in all, certainly a winner!

5. N-FAB EPYX Cab Length Step - fits Toyota Tacoma

Highlighted Features

  • Hollowed-out drop-down step design allows for a comfortable and secure foothold
  • Finished with a protective matte black coating for a longer life
  • Constructed fully from super-strong and durable steel
  • Included modular brackets allow for easy installment and adjustments

N-FAB EPYX Cab Length StepAnd for our final pick, we have a selection made specially for those of you seeking protection and a comfortable foothold for your Tacoma on a budget. While it’s generally true that better parts for cars usually come with a higher price tag, the high rating of this offering from N-Fab proves that this pair is an exception to that rule.

Constructed fully from hard-wearing steel, this pair of sliders can easily be customized according to the length of your Tacoma’s cab, thanks to the included modular brackets. Its textured finish ensures that it stays pristine for longer, ensuring that your truck remains safe while on the road.

What we love most, though, is their design. These rock sliders steps are specifically designed to offer a comfortable and sure step when ascending to and descending from your truck. The hollowed-out stepping points drop down at an angle, making it easier to place a secure foothold. Not to mention, they look super cool and tough, too.

And the best part, of course, is the incredibly attractive price point. Although this pair is better categorized as a step than a slider, it certainly works very well as both. So if you’re looking to protect your Tacoma without burning a hole in your wallet, it seems you’ve found the right fit!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are rock sliders used for?

Usually made from tough metal such as tubular steel, rock sliders protect your truck’s rockers and doors from potentially damaging stumps, rocks, or other obstacles on the road that your truck may come into contact with while you’re off-roading.

2. How much do rock sliders for Tacomas cost?

Rock sliders are usually priced at a range of $400 to $1,000, depending on quality. You’ll have to pay a little more if you want your sliders to have a protective powder coating.

3. Where are rock sliders installed?

Rock sliders are usually mounted to the underside of off-road trucks, where the rocker panels are. Do note that sliders stick out of the truck somewhat; however, this means they can also be used as winch lines.

4. Is it better to buy weld-on or bolt-on rock sliders?

Bolt-on sliders must be drilled onto the body of your truck, while weld-on ones must be welded to the frame. To be sure, welding on offers a stronger attachment; bolting will probably lower your car's resale value.

4. Can rock sliders be used as steps to get into the truck?

Yes, they certainly can! But if you're seeking real steps for your truck, then you might be better off choosing aftermarket models.

Final Words

No matter how frequently you find yourself off-roading, you certainly shouldn’t be doing it without the best rock sliders for Tacoma. On that note, our top pick today would definitely have to be this electronic pair from AMP Research, with its seamless performance and impressive protective abilities.

It’s quite expensive, however, in which case this offering from Tyger Auto will suit your needs perfectly.

Stay safe when you’re out there. Happy off-roading!

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