Best Shackle Hitch Receiver | Top 5 Picks in 2022

best shackle hitch receiver reviewsTruck accessories are vital – they help us to use our vehicle to the full potential of its making.

And one of the most useful accessories is a shackle hitch receiver. These hitches have an extraordinary ability to carry a lot of weight, and so they are ideal for most people.

The best shackle hitch receiver for your vehicle is the one that has full compatibility with it. Towing capacity is one thing, and another is the material that the tool is made of – you don’t want to get your money lost on something that breaks off easily.

So, if you are looking for a hitch receiver that’s reliable and stable, you should check out our shortlist below.

1. Rhino USA Shackle Hitch Receiver, Best Towing Accessories for Trucks & Jeeps

Highlighted Features

  • Made with Chromoly steel that has extreme ulterior endurance
  • Several tested performances in the lab verify its reliability
  • Can bear weights of about 31,418 pounds
  • Very easy to use and hook due to the D-ring 

Rhino USA Shackle Hitch Receiver, Best Towing Accessories for Trucks & JeepsFrom SUVs to big lorries, whatever needs pulling, Rhino Shackle Hitch will do it. This hitch is made with the extremely durable and highly tensile enduring forces of thick steel.

The double coat on top of the steel is even more promising – not just one layer of protection supports the structure from the outside, but two. First layer protection comes from the powder coat on the steel, and this protective layer is then sealed into place with a clear layer of anti-rust protection.

With two of the biggest problems with shackle hitches solved, there is nothing else that limits the performance or endurance of this extremely hardcore and useful tool. You can rely on it to give you great service for many years to come. This shackle is so sturdy in construction and build that you might even take it for granted. Well, it does seem invincible, and as long as you do not cross its weight capacity of 31,418 pounds, you’ll be good to go!

And let’s face it – you are probably never going to tow a weight that’s almost 31,500 pounds in the first place. Lorries, trucks, sedans, and pick-up vans all fall within the range of the maximum capacity of this shackle, so use this invincible tool with pride and without fear.

The weight limits have been carefully tested in the lab under various circumstances and environments before the certification, so don’t worry about inaccuracy here at all.

Besides, Rhino is a well-known name among car enthusiasts. The name itself carries the reputation of reliability, and thus you are in the safe zone here with this hitch receiver in your car.

2. Motormic Unique Shackle Hitch Receiver - Trailer Lock Pin and 3/4" D Shackle

Highlighted Features

  • Has been tested under extreme conditions in the lab
  • Can pull weights up to 35,000 pounds
  • 4 rubber washers on the joints keep the tool even more secure
  • Made with Chromoly steel that's malleable, strong, and extremely durable
  • Electro-galvanization on the surface of the steel protects it from corrosion
  • Featured with a reliable and easy-to-use double D-ring arrangement

Motormic Unique Shackle Hitch Receiver - Trailer Lock Pin and 3-4 Inch D ShackleThis thick and fat D-ring shackle was not built to disappoint. It weighs about 8 pounds itself and can endure weights of up to a whopping value of 35,000 pounds due to its cleverly engineered and angled body.

The whole thing has been made of very heavy-duty steel that can easily bear double the weight of a massive truck. Now, unless you are trying to tow two huge trucks at the same time by your vehicle, then we’d say that you are quite safe here.

In order to give you the maximum force of faith on this shackle, the company has installed 4 rubber washers between the welded joints so that all the joint connections stay firmly in place under the perfect compression.  

The D-ring shackle is about ¾ inches in size, and it has a pin of ⅞ inches with it. This pin will work as a safety enhancement so that you get an extra added layer of stability on the joints. 

The more you know about this big shackle hitch, the more impressive it gets, doesn’t it? Well, this tool has been made with the aim of being extremely reliable under the most extreme conditions. So, it’s no wonder that it comes with a micro-managed design structure that never fails to impress and deliver.

Another thing besides the structure, which is highly impressive, is the mega durable protective layer on the steel that this shackle is made entirely with.

The surface has been electro-galvanized to seal all the moisture and air away. There is no way for this Chromoly steel to get any rust on it.

If you are looking for a lifelong commitment from your shackle ring, then this is rightfully where you stop your search. You won’t be disappointed. 

3. ALL-TOP Forged Shackle Hitch 2" Receiver & Pin + 3/4" Shackle

Highlighted Features

  • Extremely durable - will never fail to deliver
  • Universal design - fits all 2-inch mounts
  • Has been tested various times in the lab
  • Made with heavy-duty forged steel
  • Steel comes coated with a thick powder coat on top
  • Comes with the whole kit necessary for towing
  • Can take about 42,000 pounds quite easily

ALL-TOP Forged Shackle Hitch 2 Inch Receiver & Pin + 3-4 Inch ShackleIf you want to get a whole kit with universal usability on all kinds of vehicles, then this shackle hitch will be perfect for you. It comes in a kit that has everything you will need for towing safely and securely.

In the kit, you will find a hitch receiver, then a shackle, one isolator that’s red in color, one hitch pin, and a hitch lock, then finally 2 silicon washers for immovable stability between the parts.

The shackle hitch has been made with forged steel, which is a superbly durable and strong material. The quality of forged steel itself is unbeatable and completely invincible – and when on top of such great qualities, a layer of heavy powder coat is added, then, needless to say, you will have nothing to worry about at all. The biggest enemies of steel, that is, rust and corrosion, are quite out of the question here.

Now, let’s finally talk about the fitting – well, this is a universal design, so it will naturally fit all the hitch mounts that are 2 inches in size – and this is basically every hitch mount out there. So, you will be able to hook this up on any kind of vehicle without a second consideration.

Also, well, how could we forget to mention this! The maximum towing capacity of this hitch receiver is 42,000 pounds! Yes, you read that, right! With such great endurance quality, this shackle will be able to pull anything you hook onto it without trouble!

4. BETOOLL HW9113 2-Inch Shackle Tow Hitch Receiver

Highlighted Features

  • Has a working capacity of 5 tonnes
  • Maximum capacity is double at 10 tonnes
  • Made with drop-forged steel that is specially designed to seal off moisture
  • Black powder coat on the surface for added protection against rust
  • Particularly compatible with big names like Jeep Wranglers, Dodge, Ford, Chevy, and so on

BETOOLL HW9113 2-Inch Shackle Tow Hitch ReceiverFor your big Wranglers, Chevy, Ford, Dodge, and so on, you may not trust many tow hitches, but this one will be an exception to that.

All of these vehicles come with mounts of 2 inches – so it will be a perfect fit for this hitch receiver. Okay, this does not prove how reliable this hitch receiver is.

But maybe it will help to put things into perspective when we tell you that this hitch receiver has been made with the best quality drop-forged steel that was made through such an intricate and heat-induced environment that the joints and the mechanical capacity of the shackle hitch were sealed right into perfection.

This specially forged steel has a very low porosity – this means that its structure was artificially manipulated into having the lowest number of gaps through which moisture could potentially enter and eat the structure away.

Rust and corrosion are two of the worst enemies of a durable shackle hitch, but with this steel, there is no chance for any of those disasters.

The working load limit of this shackle hitch is an impressive 5 tonnes, while its maximum capacity for weight is another impressive value of 10 tonnes! With such high capacities, this shackle hitch will be ready to cater to all casual or professional towing demands alike.

5. A-KARCK 2" Shackle Hitch Receiver Fits 2" Receiver Tube

Highlighted Features

  • Made with heavy-duty metal
  • Coated with aluminum to keep moisture and air away
  • Has a working capacity of 4.75 tons and a breaking limit of 19 tons
  • The glossy black finish on the surface makes it more enduring
  • The receiver can be mounted both vertically and horizontally.

A-KARCK 2 Inch Shackle Hitch Receiver Fits 2 Inch Receiver TubeLast in the list, not at all the least by any measure of quality. This is the first and only metal shackle hitch on our list. Well, it has a 4.75 ton capacity at regular working loads, but this capacity extends to about a whopping figure of 19 tonnes when pushed to the limit.

This also has a universal fit with all regular mounts. It has a 2-inch receiver tube that you can use with any vehicle on the road anywhere.

The body is made with metal, and to give it an added layer of protection, an aluminum coat has been layered on top of its surface. The finishing on this surface has been done with a black coating that has gloss in it – the end result is visually very appealing.

The gloss on the surface helps the receiver tube to slide into the mount without causing any easy scratches on it.

Another great thing about this shackle receiver is that it has holes on both ends of the body that allows it to be mounted from both the vertical and the horizontal sides.

Also, there is a red rubber sleeve on the tow strap, and the function of this is to cut out friction and reduce the effects of wear and tear.

Overall, this is a very sturdy and easy-to-use tool that will be able to deliver in all situations without any trouble.

Before you buy Shackle Hitch Receiver!

A hitch receiver of poor quality is of use to nobody. So, make sure you don't spend your money in vain. One of the ways to validate your product choice before a purchase is to ask detailed questions about it.

So in this section, we’ll show you exactly what to ask.


This is the first matter that you should be looking into. It doesn’t matter how well designed the product is when you see that there is a huge discrepancy in the quality of the materials that it was made with.

Hitch receivers are almost always made of steel or metal. These are the only materials that have such immense tensile strength and high malleability at the same time. However, metal has some problems of its own, which are rust and corrosion.

To ensure that your truck hitch receiver won’t get junked up halfway through its lifetime, what you have to do is get one that has been made with powder-coated metal. Surface coating on the metal helps to prevent it from breaking down through rust, so you can trust it to last longer and pull tonnes of weight without breaking apart.

Towing Capacity 

Shackle hitch receivers have big towing capacities. We all know this. But in remembering this, we quite often forget that the towing capacity is not unlimited.

Shackle hitches can easily carry weights of up to 10,000 pounds without any trouble. This covers sedans, SUVs, and many other common vehicles that people will usually tow. Therefore, shackle hitches are quite heavy-duty and will be suitable for most people without a doubt.

But you must still be careful - putting more pressure on the hitch receiver than it can bear will most definitely cause it to break - even if it was made with the most enduring metal.

So, make sure that you don’t take your hitch receiver for granted.

Check its capacity before you put a big weight on it. 

If you never exceed the limit of its towing weight capacity, then your hitch shackle and its receiver will both last for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I hook the shackle hitch on the bumper of the car?

No, it should be connected to the receiver hitch that’s in the rear of the vehicle.

2. How to use the D-ring?

You have to put a pin of the D-ring through one hole and then pass it through from the inside to the other hole. Make sure you thread it properly; otherwise, the ring will come off. 

3. What is meant by a safe working load?

This is the load that is safest for the apparatus to pull without any chances of breaking apart.

4. Are steel hitch receivers better than metal ones?

Yes. Although both are extremely strong and durable, steel is artificially molded into a structure that can handle pressures better than the naturally occurring metal.

5. Will one hitch receiver be enough, or do I need multiple sizes?

The only size that matters here is the size of the receiver's tube, and there is not much variation here. All receiver tubes come at a universal size of 2 inches. So, getting one hitch receiver is quite enough.

Final Words

Keeping a shackle hitch receiver in your car is always a good idea. You never know when you might need it. But these tools don't actually get used all that much - so you must get the best shackle hitch receiver for the occasional use that it gets. If you buy a subpar hitch receiver, then it will rust away before you can properly use it. 

This list had all the reliable ones from the market. Get any; you won't regret it. Best of luck!

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