Best Sounding Exhaust for F150 | Top 5 Picks in 2022

Best Sounding Exhaust for F150If you have an f150 truck, you’re likely to experience the poor factory exhaust of your truck.

Are you thinking of modifying your car’s f150 to make it louder? Of course, your car manufacturers know how to do it well.

The best way to modify the sound and overall performance of your lovely truck is to get a new one. Redesigning vehicle exhausts framework is an incredible method to manufacture strength, free up caught torque and enhance prohibitive built-in frameworks.

You can stop your effort by purchasing one of the best sounding exhausts for f150. I tried to make it easy by doing a review on the best sellers sounding exhausts here.

5 Best Sounding Exhaust for F150 Reviews

When you invest your money on something, you mean the expected result out of it, don’t you? An when it comes to a sounding exhaust for f150, it means more than a few things together.

So, what are the things you can get, or you should get from the best sounding exhaust for f150? I’ll tell you here what you should get from the best one and what to consider before you spend the money on it. Let’s see.

1. Flowmaster 817691 Stainless Steel Exhaust System

Key Features

  • It is made of high-quality stainless steel.
  • Dual Outback and Dual Outside tailpipe make compatible with all 2009-2014 Ford F-150.
  • 4.00-inch dim earth secured twofold divider solidified steel to improve its arrangement.
  • It is made for longer fun rides.

Flowmaster 817691 Outlaw Stainless Steel Aggressive Sound Cat-Back Exhaust SystemFlowmaster aims to be the “exhaust technology company,” and they work hard to test their products and establish their performance benefits methodically. In addition to a great lineup of exhaust systems, you can also find replacement mufflers with Flowmaster.

This Outlaw Stainless Cat-Back exhaust structure from Flowmaster on of my top overview for your 2009-2014 F-150 truck – if you need to achieve that back to the front-most outrageous sound level.

This exhaust system contains Dual Outback or Dual Outside tailpipe exits. It fits all of the 2009-2014 Ford F-150 with 4.6L, 5.0L, and 5.4L engines similarly as both 2 and 4-wheel drive models.

It incorporates gigantic 4.00-inch dim earth secured twofold divider solidified steel tips. It is to improve its arrangement similarly to make the quality that you need to for longer fun rides.

It moreover goes with twofold hardened steel mandrel-bowed advancement and some high Super 10 course of action silencer best for your F-150.

This exhaust structure was also dyno tuned for most outrageous execution and will unmistakably give you that strong and mighty solid that can wake your neighbors up. You can even be the most exceptional in the square.

This thing in like manner goes with all of the parts and hardware your necessity for the basic foundation at your parking space.

If you have to give your truck an upgrade, this Outlaw Stainless Cat-Back exhaust structure is the best one. You need to hold both splendid execution and that boisterous sound.

2. Flowmaster 717785 Compatible with Ford F-150 Exhaust System

Key Features

  • Dyno Tuned for Maximum Performance.
  • Full Stainless-Steel Construction.
  • Moderate/Aggressive Sound.
  • Fits with 2015 – 2019 Ford F-150 EcoBoost trucks.

Flowmaster 717785 Compatible with Ford F-150 Exhaust System

Another sounding exhaust from Flowmaster in my top pick list 20120 is Flowmaster 717785. It has all to be enlisted in your shopping cart. A perfect 2015-2016 Ford f150 sounding exhaust.

It features a double 2.50-inch system that makes it perfect for you. If you are desperate to moderate your car’s interior and exterior with belligerent sound, enjoying the best performance.

Intended to deliver a sound that is moderate to forceful, the Flowmaster FlowFX F150 exhaust is a novel framework. That is, to a great extent, down to the area of the fumes leave: directly in front of the back-traveler wheel. It loans an altogether different look to the Ford F-150.

The four-inch dark artistic tempered steel tips add to the look are associated with the framework’s 2.5-inch tailpipe channeling; the delta tubing is of 3-inch breadth. These are mandrel-twisted hardened steel segments. It utilizes the production line holder areas and is upheld by a lifetime guarantee.

As far as sound, it’s promoted as a forceful exhaust, and it conveys in the manner it sounds. The inside is moderately less boisterous in contrast with the other, yet like every single uproarious exhaust, your ears will either cherish it or detest it. It’s perfect with 2015 – 2019 Ford F-150 EcoBoost trucks.

3. 2015-2019 F-150 Cat-Back Side Exit Exhaust System ROUSH 421985

Key Features

  • Features increased airflow and less back pressure that ensures utilizing the ultimate potential of your vehicle's horsepower and torque
  • Made of T304 stainless steel, so it is durable.
  • Inexpensive hangers and clamps.
  • 3-inch gulfs and outlets for a predictable wind stream from inactive to redline.

F-150 Cat Back Side Exit Exhaust System ROUSH 421985The Roush Cat-Back F150 Ecoboost exhaust isn’t for the timid. It has a flavorsome sound to it, which works truly well during cold beginnings and quickening runs.

It’s an elegant back type, has 3-inch channeling in the framework, and is perfect with the more current Ford F-150 EcoBoost trucks — the ones made with the model years 2015 – 2020.

A 3-year restricted guarantee backs the framework, and the establishment is said to be simple. But it matters for a sounding exhaust. All the necessary equipment is incorporated and it utilizes the production line holder areas.

Its parts are produced using high-caliber 304 tempered steel, and the arrangement of the exhaust should cause the truck to perform ideally. If you hear it once, you will think that its hard to avoid the gas pedal, because Roush exhausts has such a lot of character.

A well-made unit, the Roush exhaust, is additionally not modest. Like any forceful exhaust framework, Roush exhaust for Ford F-150 EcoBoost additionally accompanies the intrinsic issue of being a touch excessively noisy in the lodge.

There can be an issue, particularly on long expressway drives, because while it probably won’t be on full, the expanded commotion may turn into a worry.

Worked by a regarded Ford execution tuner, Roush 421985 has 3-inch gulfs and outlets for a predictable wind stream from inactive to redline.

It has double cleaned tips with decorated logos, and a tone intended to make your truck sound progressively like a Mustang.

4. Roush 421248 F-150 (2011-2014) Exhaust Rear Exit

Key Features

  • Lurid volume
  • Compatible with all 2011-2014 5.0L F-150s
  • Made of fine 409 stainless-steel
  • Y-pipe tip single rear exit is made for versatility

Roush 421248 11-14 F-150 Exhaust Rear ExitIf you have 2011-2014 F150s and 2010-2014 Raptors, you must have known that you’ve got one of the most belligerent and proficient trucks on the road. It is not enough to know how their sounding exhausts work.

Because of that, Roush introduced this forceful F150 cat-back pack. Roush’s Cat-Back is a finished feline back substitution that erases your F150’s resonator and accompanies a modified suppressor that gives your F150 a forceful and horrible sound.

Roush’s Cat-Back is a complete cat-back replacement that deletes your F150’s resonator and comes with a revised muffler. It gives your F150 an aggressive and vicious sound that is bound to turn a few heads that’s backed by legendary Roush fitment and quality.

The unit’s twin-back leave tips switch up the vibe of your F150’s backside, giving your forceful truck both a sound and styling update.

Roush deliberately planned and tuned their F150 cat-back pack to convey astounding sound with Roush quality that you can rely on. Each Roush F150 feline back unit is worked around 3″ width, mandrel-twisted tubing that takes into account smooth fumes stream with insignificant confinements.

The muffler was painstakingly intended to give your F150 a more profound and all the more threatening sound without making over the top measures of automaton during cruising. The muffler and tubing are made out of 409 hardened steel that can oppose erosion in many environments and applications.

The dual tip is made out of 304 treated steel and comes standard with a cleaned completion and emblazoned “ROUSH” lettering. The feline back introduces directly instead of your F150’s stock cat-back unit. However, it will require some cutting for some wheelbase choices.

5. For Ford F-150 3 inches Straight Through Muffler Cat-back Exhaust System

Key Features

  • Auto exhaust backpressure increases horsepower and torque that results in much better sound.
  • Compatible with 11-14 Ford F-150 3.7L 5.0L Standard Cab 6' Short Bed.
  • Made of high-quality aluminized steel with computerized mandrel bends for strength and durability.
  • Compatible with the fifty-state legitimate system.

For Ford F-150 3 inches Straight Through Muffler Catback Exhaust System - 3.7L 5.0L Standard CabFord Performance is what SVT advanced into. If you have a fantasy about transforming your F-150 into a Raptor-like machine with OEM appearance and reseller’s exchange thundering.

You have a nice option to make it a reality. At that point, you’ll likely discover precisely what you need with Ford Performance’s exhaust frameworks.

The larger pipes, low-restriction mufflers, and tuned resonators of a well-designed performance exhaust system can make a world of difference in your vehicle.

It has bigger channels, low-limitation mufflers, and tuned resonators of a well-planned execution exhaust framework that can improve things significantly on your truck.

The result of this addition is lower auto exhausts backpressure, more drive, more force, and an infinitely improved sound.

This unit is amazingly compatible with 11-14 Ford F-150 3.7L 5.0L Standard Cab 6′ Short Bed. The main drawback of this unit is a placement issue. You may experience it with the exhaust holder. But you can overcome this by grinding the welds.

Made of high-quality aluminized steel with computerized mandrel bends for strength and durability. It’s amplifying the smoothest high exhaust air flow rate, high-performance racing space.

If you’re keen on fairness, in that case, Ford Performance additionally has the biggest choice of fifty-state legitimate exhausts frameworks.

Tips for Buying Sounding Exhaust for F150

If you are already in the market, you must have noticed several commercials of sounding exhausts. You’ll probably get biased if you don’t have the proper knowledge of sounding exhaust.

Here, I’m trying to help you with some of the major factors of shopping a sounding exhaust.


No doubt, lurid and belligerent sound make you buy the new one for your vehicle. You may love to hear a loud, aggressive sound that makes people look back to you repeatedly. Let me remind you once more. All the five sounding exhausts I talked about above are known for making loving sounds.


A perfect sounding exhaust can influence the overall performance of your truck. Pick the unit that is trusted and known for the best performance.

A perfect is worthwhile not only for rendering the best sound rather the overall performance of your vehicle. A right exhaust can maximize the strength of the vehicle as much as 50 torque or as little as 2 or 3 strength. So, consider the right one for the maximum benefit of your investment.

Easy Fitting

Fitting the exhaust on the right place in the right way matters. If your sounding exhaust is made for easy installation, that would be easy to get it done quickly without asking any paid expert. Ask the manufacturer regarding the installation process.


No compromise with durability at all. Find something that made of stainless steel. It is also important for getting adorable sound. In the case of durability, all sounding exhausts are durable, as all of them made of stainless steel.


Price and size should get importance while you shop a sounding exhaust for your vehicle. You should not regret later for getting ripped off. If you pick Roush 421248 11-14 F-150 Exhaust Rear Exit, you won’t need to wait for Cyber Monday or Black Friday. It’ll bring you an opportunity to save some extra bucks.


It is very common with a sounding exhaust. But get to know about your product. Whether it gives a lifetime warranty or a limited period of the next three years.

Exhaust Legality

It is important to issue when you live in an area like California, where exhausting has a limit. Don’t worry. All cities are not strict. But you have to care about it when you buy a sounding exhaust. No one doesn’t buy a sounding exhaust, not to use it. If you are really scared of it, you can think of Ford f150. It is compatible with the fifty-state legal exhaust framework.

Axle-Back or Cat-Back Exhaust – What is the best choice?

Axle-back frameworks are somewhat simpler to introduce, yet with regards to performance enhancements, cat-back frameworks offer progressively applicable additions both as far as power and sound. Cat-back and axle-back frameworks are pretty uniformly mainstream for most vehicles, yet for pickups, specifically, cat-back frameworks are endlessly liked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look at some of the general questions regarding sounding exhausts. These are the questions people often ask us. You may find yours here. We are going to answer them the best way we can.

1. Can stainless-steel exhaust sound much more improved?

Ans: 409 pure, which holds less Chromium and is in this manner more affordable. It won't rust out for at any rate eight years. That’s why exhaust that made of stainless-steel sounds better.

2. What is the cat-back exhaust system?

Ans: It might sound a little bit complex; they are not. An axle-back system replaces everything from your rear axle to your exhaust tip. A cat-back system replaces everything from your catalytic converter to your exhaust tips.

3. What is the better exhaust – single or twofold?

Ans: Since the exhaust gases leave each complex through two channels rather than only one, they can leave the motor quicker and give extra pull gains. Double exhaust frameworks help lessen back weight, which can spare vitality and increment the motor's proficiency for better gas mileage.

4. What would be the best stainless-steel for exhaust material?

Ans: Even though stainless is the costly material, it is the best for making sounding exhaust. It has the maximum resistance to corrosion.

5. Can straight channel maximize horsepower?

Ans: The most compelling motivation that numerous users decide on a straight channel exhausts is that these frameworks upgrade your vehicle's HP. You show signs of improvement, efficiency, and marginally better horsepower. However, the size of the channel is significant. You can't simply proceed to get a thick funnel for your vehicle.

6. Will double exhaust maximize horsepower?

Ans: If you have double exhaust tips to a sole exhaust, your vehicle will look incredible.

However, it does not mean that it can maximize the power. Double exhausts will give you a critical power increment due to the motor's capacity to inhale better. In this way, if you are attempting to expand torque, double exhausts might merit the expense.

7. Do greater exhausts give more power?

Ans: The more prominent the volume of the exhaust, the more noteworthy the size of the ideal exhaust. Exhaust volume increments with motor RPM and fuel conveyance. So, in a perfect world, you'd have a variable estimated exhaust pipe that increments in size as rpm and fuel infusion amount increments.

8. Does exhaust increment strength?

Ans: Depending on your vehicle and the framework you pick, a reseller's exchange exhausts can include as much as 50 torque or as little as 2 or 3 strength. That’s why, if another exhaust framework includes only 10 lb — Ft of torque at 5,000 RPM, that will bring about a pull increment of 9.5 hp.

9. What is the better exhaust – aluminized or tempered steel exhaust?

Ans: OEM exhaust frameworks are normally aluminized steel and are far progressively normal. Aluminized steel isn't as tastefully satisfying, or as rust proof as tempered steel. It has a significantly duller appearance than hardened steel does even though aluminized steel is the better of the two cash insightful.

What’s Now

You might get something else in the market, but this top five best sounding exhaust for f150 will give you a different vibe and experience all the way.

Finding the right sounding exhaust would be easy and simple with this quick rundown. Enjoy the best loudest, striking and astounding sound you desire for.
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