6 Best Trailer Coupler For More Secure | Top Picks of 2022

Best trailer couplerCouplers are, without a doubt, one of the essential tools in a trailer. Be it gooseneck or a straight trailer; you will need good couplers to assemble your trailer and put it into good use. Doesn’t matter if you’re planning to replace your old coupler or looking for a new one- the quality must not be compromised.

This is where our quest to find out the best trailer coupler begins. It’s not a piece of cake, but with our well-researched list, it will seem like one! All you have to consider is the type of your trailer because different types of trailer tongues require different couplers. Know your preference and set for the land of couplers!

1. CURT 25328 Channel-Mount Adjustable Trailer Coupler

Highlighted Features

  • Made of cast steel with black carbide powder coating
  • Mounts on a vertical channel bracket
  • Not suitable for channels over 2-5/16" diameter
  • Adjustable height
  • Latch system for easy locking

CURT 25328 Channel-Mount Adjustable Trailer CouplerCURT is a prestigious manufacturer of customized trailer hitch receivers,  cargo management systems, weight distribution hitches, trailer brake controllers, ball mounts, and so on. Their heavy-duty towing components turn your car into a much capable replacement of a truck that surprisingly gets the job done.

For starters, this channel mount adjustable trailer coupler comes from a successful series of towing basics. It has the right configurations to mount a vertical channel bracket.

On top of that, you can easily adjust it upwards or downwards to level the towing. This feature makes balancing the weight between your ride and the trailer so easily. What we like about the product is its adaptability with a broad range of trailers. Trailer balls with a 2-5/16-inch diameter are compatible with the 25328 coupler. 

It is compatible with #48610 and #48650 CURT channels. But truth be told, its height adjustment option was a highly sought-after feature among professional tow truck operators. However, you might need to buy lock washers and ⅝”×5″ bolts because the package doesn’t include these mounting tools.

The latch flaunts an easy-lock mechanism, which helps the coupler to ensure a tight fit. After all, a coupler hanging loosely from the trailer ball not only is risky but also blows an overall balance out of proportion.

Up next, we have its material quality to discuss. The trailer coupler is made of sturdy cast steel. On top of that, it is finished with a premium black carbide powder coating. It makes carrying a total of 15,000 pounds of trailer weight and 2,250 pounds of tongue-weight much easier. Moreover, the corrosion-resistant materials withstand the elements- grime, rain, snow, dirt, and more!

 2. CURT 25227 Black A-Frame Trailer Coupler

Highlighted Features

  • A-frame coupler for A-shaped tongue
  • A solid neck and a sleeve lock latch
  • Supports up to 12500lbs gross trailer weight
  • Ideal for trailer balls up to 2-5/16" diameter
  • Protects against corrosion, regular wear, and tear

CURT 25227 Black A-Frame Trailer CouplerWhen it comes to installing a new coupler on your trailer, picking the right size hitch, trailer ball, and ball mount are of the utmost importance. CURT’s very own A-frame 25227 coupler will fit all standard 2-5/16-inch diameter trailer balls and mount an A-frame tongue. It is a no-brainer and an incredibly safe choice for a trailer coupler.

The key aspect to consider when loading your trailer is undoubtedly weight distribution. Higher weight at the trailer’s rear part might make it fishtail. On the other hand, too much load at the front might cause your car to sag. It can end up in reduced braking capacity and handling power. The good news you, the Curt 25227 is an excellent A-frame coupler ready to take your towing game to the next level! 

For example, this coupler is much stronger than a straight-tongue coupler. No wonder why the experienced of the lot prefer an A-frame coupler for towing their RV trailer to places.

It has a solid neck and a sleeve-locked latch for securely attaching the trailer to your ride. This firmly built coupler makes any trailer go long distances without compromising the truck’s brake system and maneuverability. A tongue capacity of 1875 pounds is pretty impressive, and we think it’s enough to keep accidental trailer sways at bay.

It also supports a gross trailer weight of 12500 pounds. Although it’s half the capacity of a regular gooseneck or a fifth wheel hitch, the 25227 coupler is the best a frame trailer coupler for towing mid-range hiker trailers.

Moreover, its protective carbide powder coating goes the extra mile to prevent any possible damage from the elements. And the steel construction at the core does a terrific job at delivering the CURT promise. The latch can be locked so that you can have peace of mind. 

3. NBJINGYI Straight Trailer Coupler

Highlighted Features

  • Easy-to-align holes for a safety pin and coupler lock installation
  • Made of high-quality die-cut steel
  • Excellent rust-resistant zinc coating
  • Durable and strong nut profile
  • 3,500lbs load capacity

NBJINGYI Straight Trailer CouplerStraight trailer couplers or standard couplers are the best for recreational purposes apart from heavyweight cargo moving assignments. And when pulling a boat trailer or a camper trailer is involved, NBJINGYI has something extraordinary for you.

Tow hitches can be pricey since it’s the only thing that keeps the trailers firmly attached to your vehicle. If you don’t want to pay crazy high prices for a hitch that you would need once or twice in the camping season, look no further.

This straight trailer coupler will give you the most bang for your buck. It might not be as glorious as a gooseneck hitch, but it sure tows a polar trailer the smoothest! 

Additionally, the fact that it keeps the tongue weight stabilized was a big deal for us because we didn’t expect a seamless performance from a cheap trailer coupler.

It incorporates the easy-lock latching mechanism, as seen in high-end tow hitches in the market. The holes will line up perfectly for a level ride. It also offers the opportunity to add a coupler lock or a safety pin for your convenience.

The tow hitch is suitable for 2-inch wide straight tongues and 2-inch diameter ball mounts. Trailer balls exceeding the mentioned measurements will result in a loose fit.

So, if you want to avoid trailer sways, we suggest that you have the right sizes for all your towing components. And speaking of towing, NBJINGYI produces some of the best affordable trailer accessories and is run by high-caliber technical personnel. 

4. TOWKING Sleeve Lock A-Frame Trailer

Highlighted Features

  • Max GTW of 7000lbs
  • Precision cast head and a solid neck
  • Compliant with SAE/CSA standards
  • Sleeve-lock latching
  • Comes with a prefixed safety pin

TOWKING Sleeve Lock A-Frame TrailerIf you’re looking for a reliable coupler for an A-frame trailer tongue and a 2-inch hitch ball, you’re in luck. The TOWKING trailer coupler packs all the features you’re ever going to need for a smooth ride to your destination.

Towing a trailer can be tricky because if the trailer is fishtailing on the terrain, driving the rest of the way comfortably is impossible. That’s why you need to pick a trailer coupler that balances out the tongue weight.

By this time, if you’re not thoroughly clear about the meaning of tongue weight, let us tell you- it’s simply the force applied to the trailer coupler by the tongue of the trailer in a downward position. Even if you haven’t planned your route carefully, towing a snugly bound trailer behind your pick-up will make it much easier.

After all, TOWKING is a manufacturer of various towing equipment. And the good news is that their trailer couplers have all passed the LAB test in the USA with flying colors.

They are also fully compliant with the SAE/CSA standards. Their tow hitches are made to last. The brand guarantees that the coupler will be free from any defect in workmanship. That said, we weren’t surprised when we found out that the installation is as flawless as the coupler itself. 

In addition, the trailer is constructed from durable steel material, which is further protected with a black coating. It provides a long-lasting corrosion resistant effect, and the overall coupling device holds up pretty nicely against dirt, rust, road grime, and salt. Knowing that everything is in shape will help you drive with ease.

Finally, this A-frame trailer hitch is ideal for 2-inch ball mounts. It has a Gross Trailer Weight (GTW) capacity of 7000 pounds. Its enhanced strength was made possible by a precision cast head and a solid neck. 

5. NBJINGYI Adjustable Trailer Coupler

Highlighted Features

  • Dual-bolt mounting and easy-locking mechanism
  • 8000lbs load capacity
  • Suitable for utility, livestock, construction, and cargo trailers
  • Patented Wedge-Lock ball clamp
  • Easy to connect and disconnect

NBJINGYI Adjustable Trailer CouplerA trailer coupler that keeps your valuables steady and secure on the road is undoubtedly a great buy. And when it comes to getting your money’s worth, NBJINGYI is a great brand you can consider. This particular trailer hitch has a patented Wedge-Latch clamp design on its ball mount- helping you tow the trailer with comfort all the way. 

The hitch system is designed especially for utility towing, livestock, construction, and cargo trailers. Engaging the coupler with the trailer is an easy job, so is detaching it. However, it is not compliant with SAE Standard J684. Other than that, the channel-mount coupler will be your perfect companion for towing tasks.

A solid steel construction alongside a premium powder coating work side by side in making the channel-mount hitch as rugged as it is! It has an 8000lbs weight capacity and is compatible with 2-inch diameter ball mounts only. Exceeding these parameters will affect the trailer’s stability and your steering as well. So, it’s important that you have a clear idea about the trailers you would generally be working with. Additionally, before you start towing, check that the coupler handle is securely properly in place.

The trailer hitch certainly covered all safety grounds with its remarkably protective measures. To begin with, it offers a safe coupler hook-up with a Quick-Lock design. The dual-bolt mounting system also brings glory to the best trailer coupler lock by NBJINGYI. 

6. AMPLOCK U-BRP2516 RV/Trailer Coupler Lock

Highlighted Features

  • Only suitable for specific 2 5/16'-inch trailer couplers
  • Unpickable, high-quality cylinder lock
  • Resists torch cut, liquid nitrogen, and other forms of theft attempt
  • Rotative face prevents drilling impact
  • A unique key combination for each customer
  • Corrosion-resistant, USA-made materials

AMPLOCK U-BRP2516 RV or Trailer Coupler LockIt seems like rusty trailer couplers can’t wait to give away when you tow on an urgent assignment and take a random turn. Luckily for you, the AMPLOCK coupler lock offers the best maneuverability, safety, and quality in an unbelievable deal.

AMPLOCK is a family-owned company- upholding its name in selling the best-in-class trailer locks adjustable to any trailer coupler. The thing about some trailer couplers is that they are prone to theft.  So, if you don’t want anybody to make away with your valuable cargo, consider this coupler lock as an investment.

This foolproof lock is more reliable compared to an extra criss-cross chain. Moreover, its smart swivel design prevents vehicle traction for a smooth ride. AMPLOCK’s patented locking mechanism consists of a 2-parts lock and a Cylinder Lock location. This modern configuration offers the opportunity to protect your pick-up, caravan, RV, and car with the best trailer coupler latch lock. 

Additionally, the coupler lock will mold to fit the exact shape of your tow hitch when unhitched. This 12-pound heavy lock slows down any cutting attempt. It is because the materials are made to absorb shock and not break. It means that the lock might be warped or contorted after facing impact, but it will not break.

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Buying Guide For Trailer Coupler

Before hopping in the market for a suitable trailer coupler, you might first need to know the prerequisites of a decent coupler. Worry not, we’ll provide you with that guide as well!


Let’s be honest with this- trailer couplers aren’t something you would want to buy on a regular basis. You would expect to buy one of these and use it up until eternity, no? This is why you need a durable, long-lasting coupler. One that doesn’t wear off easily, one that doesn’t get loose over time.


This is one of the key issues with people who order trailer couplers online. It is crucial that the couple fits with the trailer tongue, and if it doesn't, then it is of no use. So you need to be extra careful with the measurements. The best way to do it is to buy the product on the spot; that way, you can directly check the fitting and everything.

Even if you cannot do, make sure the specifications of your trailer and the coupler you’re ordering match properly. That should do for you.


Couplers are supposed to withstand heavy force and show a good lot of endurance, so the build has to be sturdy enough. The metal that is used in such a coupler needs to be thick. Look for a Zinc finish to ensure longevity. Some of the quality products come with die-cut steel and certified corrosion resistance- be sure to check if your one has it or not!


If the installation provides you a lot of concern, then why go for that product? Towing something with your trailer is no easy job, and one small mistake in setting the coupler could result in massive disasters.

Go for one that has an easy usage and installation process. The lock-latching system needs to be simple. The coupler lock should be strong but easily accessible by you. Last but not least- if the coupler latches itself, you’re in for a bargain buy!

FAQs About Trailer Coupler

1. How can I attach the coupler to a trailer frame?

Ans: There are two ways that you can attach your coupler to a trailer frame. Bolting it into the trailer frame is an option, while the other is to weld the coupler. Generally, such couplers fit well on the end side of the trailer, but there are differences. You need to make sure that since there are a lot of trailer shapes and sizes- your coupler fits into the right shape.

2. Is bolting a weld-on coupler an option?

Ans: No. You can’t. Never. Weld-on couplers are ready-made ones that do not require any sort of bolting or anything. They are easy setup tools, and all you have to do is set them up properly. That's all. Bolting over a weld-on coupler might seriously damage the tool.

3. Can I weld a bolt-on coupler?

Ans: Yes, you can. Instead of bolting the bolt-on coupler as normal people do, you sure can weld it. But keep one thing in mind- they won’t add to the durability or weight capacity. Moreover, it might stain the tool, so even if you choose to do it, make sure you paint it again once you’re done.

4. What exactly is a hitch-ball?

A trailer coupler helps a trailer to connect or two other vehicles. So there need to be two sides that hold on to the two vehicles. One can be the coupler- the other can be a hitch-ball. It's a simple tool that can enhance the latching abilities of a coupler. Be it a trigger or a handle; it will connect with the coupler and initially tie the two vehicles together. 


As it appears, choosing the right coupler from a number of good options isn’t an easy job. So it all comes down to you and your preference. All of these products from our list do a fantastic job; your job now is to select one that suits your work the most. 

We hope our list helped you choose the best trailer coupler. Best of luck!

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