Best Water Separator for Air Compressor Buy in 2022!

Best Water Separator for Air CompressorHow horrible it becomes when the air compressor becomes sticky with a mess of liquid residues inside the compressor? Even the newly bought compressor stops working for the debris and moisture inside it!

However, like the other amazing inventions, we have got a solution here too! Fortunately, getting rid of this hassle has been easier with a water filter.

The best water separator for air compressor aims to provide you with completely dry and clear water filtering away all the wet dirt inside the airline. A water filter with easier operating facilities and high-quality design allows you to enjoy the service most.

1.1/2" Particulate Filter Water Trap Separator

Highlighted Features

  • This water separator comes with a ½ inch water trap to remove moisture and oil.
  • It can clean 95 percent of water and debris with a 5u micron filter.
  • There is a 5-inch polycarbonate bowl to apply pressure.
  • A semi drain that holds the moisture and debris is included in the water separator.

Particulate Filter Water Trap Separator Moisture Compressed Air Compressor by THBIf you are looking for a water separator at a low cost yet has the best quality, definitely check this one. This one has a ½ inch water trap to remove moisture from the compressed air tube.

With the ability to clean 95 percent debris and water vapor, the 5u micron filter provides an amazing service. There is a polycarbonate bowl of a 5-inch diameter that comes with a metal guard for ultimate satisfaction in removing wetness or any wreckage.

I came to know about the function of the semi-auto drain from the user guide, which is included in the compressor. The drain runs auto and manual both ways; for example, when I try to apply pressure to the bowl, the drain keeps holding the moisture stuffing and waits for you to discharge it manually. But, when there is no pressure, the bowl itself opens and discharges the stuffed moisture!

Now, come to how much pressure is good to apply for the best result; the highest pressure input for this air compressor is 175 PSI, where the maximum output force should be 145 PSI.

2. Heavy-Duty Industrial Rated High Flow Particulate Filter

Highlighted Features

  • It is an industrial rated heavy-duty water separator.
  • There is a ¾ inch female NPT air Inlet port included in this water separator.
  • A floating draining system is built inside the separator.
  • It comes with a mountain bracket for easy installation.

Heavy-Duty Industrial Rated High Flow Particulate Filter By THBTHB creates another best air compressor water separator, which is a heavy-duty and industrial rated filter that can separate water and oil both.

This ¾ inch particulate water separator can be used for a heavy load of water flow with efficiency to provide ultimate satisfaction.

The maximum input pressure for this water separator is 175 PSI, and the best output pressure is also 175 PSI. They have used a ¾ inch female NPT air Inlet port. The output port is also of the same size. Like the previous one, there is also a built-in float draining system. The flow rate of this drain is 140 CFM.

But this water separator does not have any bowl. Most of the users find it easier to use manually. The drain auto works when the pressure drops to almost zero.

There is a mountain bracket in the water separator, to install you just to screw it and is all done! A very easy installation and maintenance process for you.

3. 3/8" Mid Flow Particulate Filter Water Trap Separator

Highlighted Features

  • It is a 3/8 inch and mid-flow water separator for air compressors.
  • It works with a 5-micron filter element and a poly bowl so that you can see the moisture level.
  • There is a 3/8 inch female NPT air inlet and an outlet port of the same size.
  • There is a poly bowl to gather all the liquid and a manual drain for releasing the liquid.

Mid Flow Particulate Filter Water Trap Separator by ALL Tool DepotThis is a 3/8 inches particulate filter to clean up the compressed airline. To remove any kind of liquid such as water or oil, it removes the dirt so that the air compressor works better.

With a 5-micron filter element and polycarbonate bowl, you can observe the amount of moisture. The flowing rate is 88 CFM. There is also a 3/8 inch female NPT air inlet port with the same size outlet port. The maximum output pressure you can put is 150 PSI, and maximum input pressure should be 215 PSI.

There is a poly bowl which is 2.7 with temperature 41f through 140f oz twisted drain, which is used for releasing any liquid dirt, but it is totally manual.

There are no wall mounting facilities provided, you have to arrange yourself, but they provide a detailed installation guide.

4. Air Compressor Water Separators for Air Compressors

Highlighted Features

  • It is a minimalist design yet heavy-duty water filter for air compressors.
  • It keeps your air compressor totally dry and clean clearing away all the water, oil or dirt.
  • It comes with a push-button drain valve. All you have to do is just to push the button to clean the air of the compressed line.
  • It comes with a Teflon tape, which helps to mend any inadvertent leakage.

Air Compressor Filter, Water Separators for Air Compressors by LE LEMATECHere is another sturdy water separator that is very effective in keeping the compressed air line dry.

It has a push-button drain valve which is used to drain all the trapped rust and liquid. This push button easily clears up the entire residue without requiring any other assembling. It saves you from wasting your time and energy.

It provides 100 percent clean air filtering away all the moisture and particles from the airline. It is very convenient because it is compatible with any kind of air compressor.

This zinc material made water separator is very reliable and durable with a very low cost. This heavy-duty and minimalist water filter comes with a complimentary Teflon tape that helps to bandage any accidental leakage.

5. Air Oil Water Separator Trap Filter Separator

Highlighted Features

  • This air compressor water filter strains away all the moisture and dirt to give you clean and dry air.
  • There are a male input port and a female output port of ¼ inches each.
  • The working pressure of this water separator is 90 PSI
  • It can be used in any air compressor and any type of air tool.

Air Oil Water Separator Trap Filter Separator NPT Air Compressor Tool Shop by Air PressureThe last water separator for this air compressor review post is another amazing little tool by Air Pressure. This water separator can trap not only water but also oil and any other part which should not go into the airline.

The quality of the product is very good, and it will work for a long time without giving you a chance to complain.

This water separator has an inlet and outlet port. The inlet is of male ¼ inch NPT and the outlet is female ¼ inch NPT. The maximum working pressure is 90 PSI in 0 to 6 BAR.

The good news is you can use it on any air compressor. It is convenient with any type of air tool! Anybody can use it very easily.

This high-quality water filter is indeed an efficient low cost and reliable water separator for your air compressor.

Air Compressor Water Separator Buying Guides

Many companies make vigorous water separators. You have to be smart while buying one. Let us have a look at what to keep in mind while buying a water separator. Never overlook them. These things are more important than you think.

The Bowl

Look out for the quality of the poly bowl where the extra water and oil can be trapped. In the water separator, there is a bowl. Make sure it is made of polycarbonate or metal.

The Quality of The Drain

A drain is the most important part of a water separator. There are automatic and manual drains inside the Compressor Filters. An auto drain helps it to lower the working pressure by doing the clearing process by itself.

Glass Sealed

To examine the moisture level, it is good to have a glass sealed water separator. You can check the condition through the glass material and take action easily.

Pressure Load Capacity and Input-Output Port

Check the pressure loading capacity of the water separator according to your air compressor load. The water separator must cope up with the load of your air compressor. Also, check out if the input and output port are efficient enough to work out with the air compressor. Most of the best water separators are convenient to work with every type of air tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, I am going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about water separator for the air compressor to help you get rid of any kind of confusion.

Q: How does a water separator for an air compressor work?

Ans: The water separator collects the untreated residues. The separating process is done by depressurization.

The depressurized items then go to another part where there is media made of a fiber that absorbs oil and let the water pass. Going into the next part, the fiber floats and the weight of oil make the filter sink and the clean filter touches the water.

The rest filtered ingredients then flow to the other part, which has activated carbon to absorb all the remaining oil. Finally, the clean water also drops out by the output port and thus the water vapor, oil and dirt get filtered out of the air compressor.

Q: Does my air compressor need a water separator?

Ans: While the compression process occurs, the contamination such as hot oil, water vapor, and remaining dirt gets mixed. It makes a mess that disturbs the air compressing process and destroys the compressor. So, you need a water separator to maintain the workability and durability of your air compressor.

Q: Where do you put the water separator on an air compressor?

Ans: You must mount your water separator minimum 20 feet away from the compressor. This distance allows the air to have time to cool down and drop the moisture. The more time it gets, the more condensation can be filtered from the air compressor tunnel.

If you mount it right next to your compressor, there are chances of remaining the vapor inside the compressor as it gets little time to cool down and drop as water.

Q: How often do I need to change the filter?

Ans: Usually, it does not need to be changed frequently. It depends upon your use and the humidity of the place you use it in. However, when you see any kind of breakage problem, distortion or anything like a ‘fish-eye’ lens, you may need to change the filter then.

Final Words

After going through so many water separators, I picked the top five to review here with a buying guide and some important queries-answeres. All of them has something to take a position on the list. Manufacturers implicated high-quality material and modern design in making these water separators. As a result, these tools separate the air from all kinds of oil and water mess from the compressed air.

The tools are the ultimate selection for ultimate user satisfaction. These water separators are super durable yet come at a very low cost. I hope my reviews make your shopping easier and give the best user experience.

Let me know if you have any query regarding these water extractors for air compressor. I would be more than happy to help.

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