Best Way to Heat a Garage in Winter & Keep it Warm!

Best Way to Heat a Garage in Winter

One of the last things I would want during winter is getting out of my warm and cozy bed. Even if I, maybe it would be going into my garage. Probably working on engines or stuff like that.

However, one thing becomes a huge obstacle to let that happen smoothly. With that atmosphere, I don’t believe it’s possible for me to concentrate on work, even slightly.

I’m sure it’s the same case for most of us. I’m talking about cold and frozen temperature inside the garage. That’s probably not going to let you throw your entire passing on a certain project.

Keep Garage Warm & Cozy: Winter Prep Up for A Mechanic

There are so many ways to keep your garage heated perfectly. Yes, plenty of actually. Starting from portable to permanent, there are quite a few options to try for your garage.

Today I’ll be talking about the best way to heat a garage in winter. Let’s go further!

Insulation Method

You probably
have already gone “duh” over it after reading the word insulation. However, I’m
not talking about a few fiberglass batt insulations slapping.

It’s more than just drywall or plywood coverings. Yes, complete garage insulation means entirely sealing off any drafts or cracks available

Preparing your garage for winter means to think about waterproofing the area and buying a properly insulated door.

This is the
very first step you need to take for your winter garage prep up session. This
way any worst temperature is right out the door making your garage more
livable. A detached garage is the best way to invite warmth.

No Need to Reduce Space in A Small Garage

Do you want
to add the warming feature without putting anything extra in your already small
garage? Nodding your head and thinking if it’s even possible?

Let me tell you good news, it is! All you need to do is think about getting radiant heat ceiling panels. These are basically mounted up on your garage ceilings.

With the ceramic heaters on the wall or ceiling, you can easily enjoy warm temperatures without losing any space.

These are
pretty good at directing heat to a particular corner of a room. So, if you have
a favorite workspace inside your garage, that area can constantly stay warm
with this amazing technology.

Don’t worry
about keeping any flammable object inside the garage. Thee panels are quite
safe with enclosing. So, waste oil or flammable objects won’t be a reason to
spark a fire inside your garage.

Installing Ductless Heater

There are so many folks who would want to invest for something permanently. Something that will help both in summer and winter. Well, here’s the ideal choice for you.

A mini ductless heater is what you need. This system can work as a heater during the winter and also give cool air during summertime sadness.

These are
super easy to install without any kind of ductwork at all. It can easily vent
outside the garage through any wall. The double duty feature working for both
hot and cold season leads to higher pricing, however.

But if you
consider overall usability of getting a temperature stuff for entire year’s
easiness, the price isn’t actually expensive. Especially if you are sure to
spend a significant amount of time inside your garage throughout the year.

Say No to Cold Floors

Working on
cars inside your garage might have made you lie multiple times on the floor.
However, you won’t love the fact if your garage floor is cold and freeze, which
is bound to happen during winters. How to deal with that?

Radiant floor heat system is the answer. These are a pretty convenient system that uses hot water tubes running beneath the garage floor.

Most of the
mechanics have these installed while building garages. It’s relatively
inexpensive that way. So, if you are someone thinking about going for a new
garage construction, keep this into your list.

However, the
retrofitting inside an already built garage might bring a bigger bill. You can
try installing the tubes over cement floor. Then it would need a new floor
installed over the system. However, the new flooring must be able to carry
heavy-duty driving and traffic.

Using Not-so-New Stone Technology

If you ask a survival enthusiast about the stone heating system, they’ll probably tell you a bunch of information about it. This is still quite a famous way of keeping any area warm among those who live off the grid as well.

Some stones have the power to absorb heat and radiate it back to nature. There are also minerals that can do so. Using these stones placed in the right way inside your garage will reduce freezing temperature pretty well.

However, they
won’t be as effective as the power options available. So, it’s something you
want to think about when there’s no power option available inside your garage.
Two of the most popular stones used for this purpose are:

Soap Stone-

  • Used by placing inside the oven or fireplace.
  • No chance of exposure at all.
  • These are great to keep the garage warm for whole night.
  • Even after fire dried out, it keeps the place warm and cozy for a
    long time.

Sodium Sulfate –

  • They are popular for heating tiles.
  • Needs only 90 degrees for liquefying.
  • Solidification radiates heats evenly.
  • A great eco-friendly option to try.
  • These are storable inside hot water supplies.
  • You can hold them in solar heated cells.

Best Way to Heat a Garage

Going Cheap & Reasonable

If anybody wants to go for the cheapest way, I would say buy a wood-burning stove. These are pretty economical to use inside a garage during cold nights.

However, you
need to be safe with using these. That’s the pretty same case with any
wood-burning stove. Whether you get it for indoors or garage.

You might
have to go for getting permission to install it inside your garage. Local
municipality will help you here. You also need to meet your insurance company.
Ensure that the cheap heat stove won’t void any homeowner’s policy.

Once you are
done with dealing with these legal and safety cases, go to your local hardware
store or order one online. You can get it installed by a professional and
that’s it!

All you’ll be left with is a warm environ inside your garage and the responsibility of cleaning chimney occasionally. The later one will keep toxic gas exposure risks away.

Here is another visual help: How to Heat a Garage Workshop | Ask This Old House.


You may be
someone who spent his or her entire weekend inside the garage. Or probably you
just need the slight heating at times. No matter what group you belong to it
won’t cost a fortune in making your garage safe from freezing cold

Go with the
basic insulation and see how it feels. Mild climate areas are probably going to
feel quite right after this.

However, if
you think, some extra steps are necessary to keep your garage warm, consider
adding them reflecting your budget and requirements. Make sure you keep the
size of your garage in mind while going for options.

Good Luck on
Keeping the Winter Wind at Bay!

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