6 Best Weight Distribution Hitch for Travel Trailer in 2022

6 Best Weight Distribution Hitch for Travel TrailerSuppose you want to take your travel trailer out to someplace and have a lovely camping trip with a group of people. But the sway and the up-down motion your trailer makes while being towed makes the journey unbearable. This is an extremely common problem faced by many.

But what if we told you there was an easy solution to this? With the best weight distribution hitch for travel trailer, you can easily keep the sway and up-down motion of your trailer in control.

And to help you select the right hitch for your vehicle and trailer, we have listed and reviewed 6 of the very best options out there.

1. EAZ LIFT 48058 1000 lbs Elite Kit - Includes Distribution, Sway Control and Hitch Ball

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with ball mount and shank for a convenient setup and smoother towing experience
  • Has a tongue weight of 1000 pounds and a gross trailer weight of 10000 pounds
  • Made of high-quality steel for maximum durability
  • The hitch ball comes pre-installed and thus saves you some trouble
  • Fantastic sway control

EAZ LIFT 48058 1000 lbs Elite Kit - Includes Distribution, Sway Control and Hitch BallThis hitch from EAZ delivers on all fronts. Be it durability, convenience, or performance; this hitch has you covered.

If we are speaking of its durability, we absolutely have to mention its amazing construction. This hitch is made of high-quality steel. So not only is this product long-lasting, but it is also resistant to rusts. The sturdy construction also influences its ability to carry the required weight.

Speaking of said weight, this hitch has a gross trailer weight rating of 1000 pounds. And the tongue weight rating of the hitch stands at 1000 pounds. These are extremely good figures that guarantee a great performance from the hitch.

The product is also of high quality when it comes to sway control. We know sway can be one of the most annoying things while towing a trailer. But with this hitch, you can completely minimize the sway motion of your trailer.

Even when it comes to maximizing your convenience, the hitch can deliver. It comes with a fully adjustable ball-mount and shank to make the setup easier for you. This also contributes to giving you a much smoother ride with your trailer in tow.

Furthermore, the hitch ball comes pre-installed, saving you some serious troubles. Pre-installed components in any products are always a blessing, and this one is a massive one at that.

The only shortcoming of this hitch is the fact that they don’t provide a detailed setup guide. While they do go out of their way to make the setup as easy as possible, a proper guide would be much more helpful for beginners.

2. Equal-i-zer 4-point Sway Control Hitch

Highlighted Features

  • Uses a trunnion bar hitch for better ground clearance and easier installation
  • Comes with a detailed setup guide, which is helpful for beginners
  • All the parts come fully pre-assembled
  • Extremely good sway control
  • Has a variety of sizes and weight ratings

Equal-i-zer 4-point Sway Control HitchAmong the weight distribution hitches of this list, this one is a bit unique. Its uniqueness can be seen in its method of sway control. Instead of using round bar hitches or Andersen Hitches, this one uses Trunnion bar hitches. It gives you some additional advantages alongside great sway control.

Firstly, it gives you much better ground clearance and so limits the up and down motion of the trailer. Secondly, the trunnion bar hitch uses a square sway bar instead of a round one. Thus, you don’t require a hitch ball in this model of travel trailer weight distribution hitch, which makes installation significantly easier.

Speaking of easy installation, this hitch comes fully pre-assembled. You don’t even need to read through a guide to figure out how it needs to be assembled. All you need to do is simply connect your trailer and towing vehicle together with the hitch.

If you thought pre-installed components were great, a pre-installed hitch is definitely going to blow your mind. Furthermore, they care about making their products easy to use for beginners and professionals alike. So this product also comes with a detailed setup guide, which makes installation even easier.

Again, the hitch comes in a lot of different weights and sizes, giving it a much-needed versatility. Depending on the weight of your trailer, you can find many models of the same product that are catered towards your specific needs.

Unfortunately, so many amazing features do not exactly come cheap. They can come at a hefty price, and that is certainly true for this product. This is one of the pricier weight distribution hitches out there, and if you want to reap the benefits it provides you, you have to be ready to spend quite a lot of money.

3. CURT 17500 TruTrack Weight Distribution Hitch with Sway Control

Highlighted Features

  • Uses adjustable brackets for a smoother ride
  • Can support almost all trailers due to its gross trailer weight of 10,000 pounds and tongue weight of 1000 pounds
  • Offers tilt adjustments, which further adds to the versatility
  • Comes with integrated sway controls
  • The spring and cam system come fully pre-installed

CURT 17500 TruTrack Weight Distribution Hitch with Sway ControlCURT is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to making weight distribution hitches. Their impeccable design that is geared towards maximum convenience never fails to set them apart. And that is evident in the CURT 17500.

Firstly, this hitch comes with a pre-installed spring and cam system. Anyone who has worked in setting up weight distribution hitches will tell you that setting up a spring and cam system can be quite a bit of hassle. So this is a huge blessing on your part and saves you an awful lot of trouble.

Secondly, it makes the ride even smoother with its tilt adjustments. Depending on the weight and specifications of your trailer, the perfect hitch will require different types of tilt. By giving you the ability to adjust the tilt, the hitch gives you a huge amount of versatility.

Thirdly, the brackets of the hitch are also fully adjustable. Again, you can make sure your hitch fulfills all the requirements of your trailer because of this.

The hitch also comes with integrated sway controls, which speaks volumes for how great the overall design is. It also speaks volumes for how perfectly the performance of the hitch is enhanced due to the fantastic design.

The gross trailer weight rating of the hitch is 10,000 pounds, which is adequate for supporting most trailers. Similarly, the tongue weight is 1000 pounds.

And the only issue that customers have with this hitch is the fact it can be a little too heavy. Because of this extra weight, it can be a little hard to handle. And thus, the setup process can get a bit difficult.

4. CURT 17063 MV Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitch with Sway Control

Highlighted Features

  • Has a unique lubrication system that keeps the hitch quiet
  • Comes with an adjustable shank for more convenience and versatility
  • Has a very high gross trailer weight and tongue weight, which can extend to 14000 pounds and 1400 pounds, respectively
  • Offers integrated sway controls

CURT 17063 MV Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitch with Sway ControlWe have already sung the praises of CURT as a company for how they make their products with such care. The same care is extended to the 17063 MV.

This is one of the cheaper products on this list. At an extremely low price, you can get one of the best hitches that CURT has to offer. And the features justify this claim very well.

Let us talk about the unique lubrication system. This is a feature we have only seen in one weight distribution hitch, and that is this one. This feature keeps the ride smooth and, more importantly, quiet. Little to no noise is produced with this hitch owing to this feature.

Like the first EAZ product, this one also comes with an adjustable shank. This provides you with a lot of conveniences by increasing the hitch’s versatility. You can adjust the shank as per the requirements of your trailer.

The gross trailer weight and tongue weight stand at a standard 10,000-14,000 pounds and 1000-1400 pounds, respectively. Thus, it has a very high weight rating and can support almost any trailer.

The hitch also comes with integrated sway controls for the best performance possible. The only drawback with this hitch is the fact that it doesn’t have any pre-installed components. And thus, you need to work a lot harder in order to install this.

5. Blue Ox BXW1000 SWAYPRO Weight Distributing Hitch 1000lb Tongue Weight

Highlighted Features

  • Has a wide and versatile weight rate range
  • Very easy to set up owing to its detailed setup guide
  • Great sway control even in rough weather
  • Comes with high-quality steel construction

Blue Ox BXW1000 SWAYPRO Weight Distributing Hitch 1000lb Tongue WeightBlue OX is a relatively underrated company when it comes to weight distribution hitches. And that is a shame because their products are genuinely very good. BXW1000 is the perfect example of that.

Instead of having a starting gross trailer weight rating at 10,000 pounds, this one starts at 7500. Thus, they can cater to a wider range of trailers. Similarly, the tongue weight also stands somewhere between 750-1000 pounds.

Besides its versatility in weight, it also offers fantastic performance in terms of providing a quality ride. The sway control is top-notch, even in windy conditions. While it cannot withstand the wind of very high intensity, it will have your back in most cases.

The hitch comes with a very detailed step-by-step guide on how it needs to be set up. This makes the installation process extremely easy. If that wasn’t all, it also comes with a pre-installed hitch head, which decreases your hassle significantly.

The construction of this hitch is absolutely fantastic. It is made of top tier steel, which makes the structure sturdy and durable. Sadly, this durability doesn’t extend to the latches of the hitch. A lot of customers have complained that the latches easily break after a few months of use.

However, you can take solace in the fact that it is extremely budget-friendly and it gives you a lot of fantastic features at a very cheap price.

6. Reese 66559 Steadi-Flex Trunnion Weight- Distributing Hitch Kit with Shank

Highlighted Features

  • Great sway control even in highly windy conditions
  • Has an improved and innovative hitch head that eases bar connection
  • Comes with a detailed setup guide that is a blessing for beginners
  • Features complete stainless steel construction with a black coating

Reese 66559 Steadi-Flex Trunnion Weight- Distributing Hitch Kit with ShankThis weight distribution hitch can be a double-edged sword in some ways. On the one hand, it is very expensive. In fact, it is the priciest hitch on this list. On the other hand, the performance this hitch provides simply cannot be ignored.

When talking about its performance, we have to mention the sway control. This weight distribution hitch has arguably the best sway control out of all the hitches on this list. Even in highly windy areas, it strictly prevents the trailer from swaying left and right.

Furthermore, it has a few unique and innovative designs that make it really stand out. The improved hitch head is particularly impressive. With this head, it is very easy to make a proper bar connection.

Again, the construction is nothing to scoff at either. It is made of pure stainless steel. Thus, it guarantees durability alongside resistance from rusts. Moreover, the hitch also contains a black coat finish, which further prevents rusts and makes the hitch a bit more aesthetically pleasing.

Like most weight distribution hitches, the gross trailer weight and the tongue weight of the hitch are 10,000 pounds and 1000 pounds, respectively. Thus it can effectively handle most trailers out there.

The package comes with a very detailed setup guide as well. Anyone with rudimentary knowledge about these hitches will be able to install it easily owing to this guide.

The only complaint that customers have made about this is the fact that you need to buy a hitch ball separately in order to complete the installation. And that complaint is totally justified. When you pay this much money to buy a hitch, you wouldn’t be blamed if you expect all the components to be there.

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Ultimate Buying Guide to Weight Distribution Hitch

Before buying any product, it is essential to understand what you are looking for. While buying the best weight distribution hitch travel trailer, you need to understand the specific features that a weight-distribution hitch provides and what you exactly need from it. 

Weight Rating 

Weight rating is perhaps the most important factor in selecting a weight-distribution hitch. This determines how big of a load a hitch can properly carry. There are primarily two factors that go into it. The first is the gross trailer weight rating, and the second is the tongue weight rating.

The gross trailer weight is exactly what its name suggests it is. It denotes the overall weight of the trailer. The tongue weight, on the other hand, is the downward force that the trailer exerts on the hitch. Therefore, the tongue weight rating denotes the amount of downward force the hitch can take.

Generally, the tongue weight rating of a hitch is 10-15% of the gross trailer weight rating. The standard gross trailer weight rating of a hitch is 10,000 pounds, and thus, the standard tongue weight rating of a hitch is 1000 pounds.

Type of Hitch

There are three types of hitches, depending on the type of sway bar it uses. The one you will pick depends on factors like the area you intend to drive in and the weather conditions of said areas.

Firstly, we have to talk about the most common types of hitches, i.e., the round bar hitches. As the name suggests, the sway bars are round in this hitch. They are great for sway control, even in windy areas. But they don't deal with bumpy roads as well as other hitches do.

Secondly, there is the trunnion bar hitch. This functions the same as the round bar hitch but has square bars instead. Unlike the round bar hitches, though, these offer fantastic ground clearance. It deals with bumpy roads better than any other types of hitches. 

Lastly, there is the Andersen hitch. These don’t use sway bars at all. They only use dampers and chains. These make for a much easier installation process. Furthermore, they almost completely eliminate the trailer bounce. However, these hitches do tend to cost more than the regular ones.

Towing Capacity of Vehicle

You cannot buy a hitch without considering the vehicle you will tow with. You have to keep in mind that the hitch only distributes the weight of the trailer evenly. If the vehicle doesn’t have the capacity to carry the necessary load, then the hitch is rendered useless.

You can check the towing capacity of a vehicle in the manual that they provide. Depending on that, you need to get the right hitch.

Simple Setup

Installing a weight-distribution hitch can be quite a hassle. So if you happen to be a beginner, it can be very difficult for you to properly install the hitch. That is why you should look for hitches that make the installation process as simple as possible.

Often it is as simple as looking for a hitch that offers a detailed step-by-step setup guide. But some hitches come with pre-installed components. These reduce the hassle of installation significantly.


You absolutely do not want your hitch to break down after a few months of use. To ensure its longevity, you need to make sure it is made out of the best materials. It should be sturdy, strong, and resistant to rusts.

To achieve all of the above, weight distribution hitches made of pure stainless steel are ideal. But do try to verify if the construction is of real stainless steel or not.

FAQs About Travel Trailer Weight Distribution Hitch

1. How does a weight-distribution hitch work?

Ans: Typically, connecting the towing truck to the trailer could create a sagging at the point of connection because of the weight of the trailer. But a weight-distribution hitch has levers or spring bars attached to it, which shifts the hinge point a little bit forward. This forces more weight on the front of the towing vehicle and thus balances it.

2. Why should I use a weight-distribution hitch?

Ans: By using this type of hitch, you will get improved stability, less sagging in the rear of the towing vehicle, much more even tire wear, and many other benefits.

3. Does weight distribution hitch increase tow capacity?

Ans: It doesn't exactly increase the towing capacity, but it distributes the overall weight more evenly. Thus, the ride will be much smoother.

4. Does it help with sway?

Ans: Sway is a very annoying problem faced by many while towing trailers. But the weight distribution hitch minimizes the sway and the up and down motion of the trailer flawlessly.

5. Can the weight distribution hitch be too big?

Ans: The weight distribution hitch should match the requirements of the trailer and the towing vehicle. It definitely shouldn't be too small, but it also shouldn't be too big.

Final Words 

An unstable trailer shouldn’t make your trip any less enjoyable. You deserve a calm and peaceful trip after working so hard to get a vacation. That is why getting a weight distribution hitch is so important in order to ensure that.

The best weight distribution hitch for travel trailer will minimize all the unnecessary and annoying movements that the trailer generally makes and make your entire trip truly enjoyable. So don’t waste any time. Get a weight distribution hitch that fits your trailer today and reap all the benefits you can from it.  

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