Find Why the Car Smoke When You Accelerate Hard!

Thinking ”˜why does my car smoke when I accelerate hard' won't solve anything unless you dig on the reasons and troubleshoot as soon as possible.

Riding a truck that smokes when you hit the accelerator is something that can be severe as well as a minor issue.

And to determine the problem level, you need to see and observe things like smoke color in order to find the causes. 

Before you get into the puzzle, I'll just explain the matter and its causes in the next segment. And, I won't forget to mention the solutions in brief to the issues. Let's Go!

why does my car smoke when I accelerate hard

So, Why Does My Car Smoke When I Accelerate Hard?

The cracked head gasket causes the white smoke to come when hitting the gas pedal. If the smoke is gray shade while revving the car, then it occurs due to excess oil or transmission fluid leak. The black smoke occurs due to excess fuel burning in the engine.

Smoke shades can be different which will tell you if the problem is serious or not. it as well will help you to determine the affected area better than ever. 

Most of the time, car smokes when hitting the gas pedal are 3 types which driver faces. Which are:

  1. White Smoke. 
  2. Grey Smoke.
  3. Black Smoke.

And these shades occur due to separate reasons as the affected areas are different. Apart from these, sometimes the tire pressure sensor can cause smoke due to the uneven pressure on the tire. If that's the trouble, be sure to fix tire pressure sensor fault

car smoke reasons when accelerating

So, it would be better to ensure the problem by learning why smoke is coming when hitting it hard. Before you head to the next segment, I want to confirm if you properly use smoke repair fluid in your truck engine to prevent that. Just be sure to use an effective engine repair.  

My Recommendation.

  • The Bar’s Leaks 1000 Engine Repair is an effective solution that not only adds pressure on engine oil but also cuts friction. And, it does a great job to reduce noise and oil use-up.  

Causes Of White Smoke from Car Engine When Accelerate Hard.

The reason why white smoke in the car comes out while hitting the accelerator pedal can be different. It actually depends on the condition of smoking to identify the causes.

You might ask ”˜why does my car smoke white when I first start it up’ and the reason would be is because of coolant loss. And it happens due to a cracked cylinder head or block where overheating trouble occurs.

To solve that, it's better to change the cracked cylinder head or engine block using a quality gasket.

If your car is showing white smoke on which you hit the gas pedal too hard, maybe the issue is with the oil-coolant mixture. To solve that, check this guide about how to fix coolant mixing with engine oil.

In rare case, your car can show white smoke on startup then disappears which mostly happen due to a coolant leak. So, if it's the problem, be sure to replace the coolant.

Causes Of Grey Smoke From Exhaust When Accelerating Hard.

If your truck uses an excessive amount of engine oil or transmission fluid leaks, it might act weirdly for long-term usage. And, the grey smoke comes from the exhaust when you speed up suddenly. 

To solve that, draining the engine oil under the car and replacing the sealer of transmission is a good solution. 

Causes Of Black Smoke From Exhaust When Accelerating Petrol Pedal Is Pressed.

The truck sometimes when hitting the gas or accelerator pedal shows black smoke from the exhaust. As we all know, the engine requires both fuel and air (oxygen) to burn it. The color of smoke is giving you a hint that your engine has been burning lots of fuel.

Although it might not seem like a problem, it will cause the combustion chamber to lack oxygen due to excessive amounts of fuel.

Changing the spark plugs and the oxygen sensor is compulsory to treat the black smoke coming from the car to speed up well. Also, it's suggested to clean the mass airflow sensor to ensure airflow.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Why does my car smoke when I start it in the morning?

Due to cold weather or jamming, a car can smoke when hitting the accelerator pedal in the morning. It actually isn't bad smoke instead provides steam or water vapor. Warming up the truck will solve the issue. 

2. Why is my car smoking but not overheating?

If a liquid (motor oil, coolant, transmission fluid, or fuel) meets on the engine, the truck will smoke although it isn't overheated. To solve that, you should seal the leakage happening on targeted parts.

3. Is it safe to drive a smoking car?

Based on the types of smoking car, you can or not ride it. If the car smoke is serious, then you should never use it unless the problem has been fixed.

What Your Exhaust Smoke Is Trying To Tell You!

Wrap Up

Finally, the curiosity of you to know ”˜why does my car smoke when I accelerate hard' is over. In this article, I've explained the causes which make car smoke whenever you speed up and the thing you should do to stop that.

Hope this guide is useful to you in order to figure out the real reasons why the smoke is coming when your car accelerates hard. And be sure to try the given solution for solving the hassle. We'll be back with an interesting topic. See You Soon!

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