How to Connect Generator To House Without Transfer Switch

How to Connect Generator To House Without Transfer SwitchThere are various types of generators available today with different power option. One common thing about each of them is that these are literally a lifesaver. I can’t imagine sitting in the dark without any electricity. A real-life nightmare is having no contact with technology.

Once my area went through a horrible power cutout which bought me several frustrations. I was not able to use my washing machine; kids were having a hard time doing their homework and everything was just a mess.

That was the moment we decided to get a generator, it was a long time ago.

Hooking to Hook up Generator to House without Transfer Switch

This situation sometimes appears and I know how to handle it. There’s a lot of emails I’m getting with requests to talk about how to use a generator without a transfer switch. So here I am, with the whole process. Let’s talk in steps.

What Do You Need?

Here you are going to need two types of tools basically. One category involves protective gears that ensure you are playing it safe while hooking up generator to home. This sector involves a good pair of gloves. Rubber gloves will do the job.

Next, you need some sort of eyewear, a safety goggle is alright. Don’t forget boots so that no electrocution happens to you ever.

Now the next sector is about tools that will help you to connect generator with your home. These are directly involved and includes some gears that you may want to buy beforehand.

I suggest you to buy them from a reliable source so that there is no risk with the process. Remember dealing with electricity is already enough risky. You don’t want to add the burden by messing up with poor-quality stuff. A list of things you’ll need is given below.

  1. Pliers
  2. Wrenches
  3. Screw Drivers
  4. An Interlock Kit (Suitable to Your Home Breaker)
  5. Additional Red, Black & Green Wires
  6. Electric Tape
  7. Drilling Machine
  8. 30-Amp Dual Breaker (This too needs to fit your home breaker box)
What Is an generator Interlock

What Is an Interlock?

Basically, the interlock and transfer switch do the same job but in different way. A transfer switch is automatic and often costs a lot. Still, they are prevalent and common in most households.

While an interlock needs human operation. It’s also relatively less costly than the transfer switch. Possibly, price point is the main reason why many homeowners want to try this.

Most interlock set up is capable of pouring power to panel’s circuit, no matter what type. However, sometimes overloading can become a huge problem leading the breaker to trip. By turning the breaker on and off, this can be controlled by a user.

Hooking Up Process

I’ll put down a few steps on how to wire a generator to a breaker box. I’ll use no transfer switch at all. Here’s the process:

  • Your generator needs to have a huge round plug. Only then it’s possible to power both sides of the breaker box. There might be some codes written on it. Google them and find out if they allow dual powering.
  • You need a space or hole to make wires travel from generator to all the way into your house. It needs to be huge enough to fit in all wires accurately. Find the right spot to place your generator and then make a hole.
  • Now find another space that is a few feet away from the hole you just made. Simply mount the power inlet box here. It needs to be watertight and attached with proper glue.
  • Simply pull wires one by one from the conduit body and wire generator inlet plug. You’ll need to remove 0.75 inches of insulation for each wire. Use a screwdriver and tighten it up. X & Y needs black, common needs white and ground needs green wire.
  • Let the breaker box be ready to receive the wires you pull inside. Shut off everything from the breaker box to branch. Let the wire stay in upper right space. Make everything sorted out with proper breaker retainer installation. Now cover it and you are done.

A Few Don’ts for Safety Concern

Never try to use any type of male to male plugging. This will damage the whole system.

Avoid using generator directly connected with your circuit breaker. It’s going to burn down your entire house.

Don’t try to do any sort of adjustments without turning the main switch off.

Contact the govt. offices related to electricity and find out if it’s legal for your states.

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Using an interlock kit, its’ absolutely possible to connect a generator to your home. Never go for methods that are illegal and not appropriate according to your state rules. They might sue you for this. 

The best way is to contact an electrician and he’ll do this job for a small amount of money.

If you’re not lacking the technical know-how and proper wiring methods, it’s still recommended that you get some sort of permission first. Good Luck!

The tutorial is for knowing and learning purpose about generator connection. If your area does not allow such manipulation then it’s completely your responsibility to avoid using it. Any illegal attempts done by you is only your crime and we will not take any sort of responsibility.  
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