How Much It Cost to Lower a Car 2 Inches in 6 Ways!

Adding aerodynamic and smoothness in your car to steer well is possible if it is close to the ground. One of the cheapest solutions would be cutting the stock springs. This will give solve the issue for awhile but eventually cost more in long run. So, don't just depend on that to increase ground clearance of car!

Instead, you can drop the 2” height of your truck by using lowering kits like coilovers, leaf springs, and so on.

All of these kits will cost differently if you install them yourself or get help from experts. Let me just explain how much does it cost to lower a car 2 inches down below method wise.

How Much It Cost to Lower a Car 2 Inches

How Much Does It Cost To Lower A Car 2 Inches:

If appointing a technician, the cost to drop a car 2 inches will be between $250 to $15,000. In comparison, no extra cost will need except for the material ranging from $50 to $10,000 in the DIY route.

In order to state exactly how much to lower a car price, you must know each possible way and then their cost based on the decision of work done by an expert or you.

My Recommendations

  • If you want to drop the truck's altitude and improve its traction, then go for the Speedway Motors 2 inch Kit. It's an affordable kit that includes blocks, U-bolts, and axle housings to install with no struggle.
  • Being a high-quality option that can help in to lowering truck, the QSA 2″ Drop Lowering Spindle Kit is also a great one. It adds clearance and tension while improving the handling by curing the car's gaps.

1. Leaf Spring Kit

Fits on the wheeled truck's suspension system, the leaf spring looks like a half arc. It is one of the cheapest options for lowering the truck to 2”. In case, you need one of the best 3-inch lift kit for Ford F150, try the MotoFab Lifts F150-3.

  • DIY Installation Cost: It will price between $50 and $200 (material charge). However, if you don't have the compulsory gears like a screwdriver, then it might cost more than that.
  • Professional Installation Cost: Not more than $250 to $1,000 including material and labor expenses.

2. Lowering Spring Kit

As a part of the suspension, the lowering spring is one of the handiest and easiest options for dropping the central gravity of a truck.

  • DIY Installation Cost: With no extra cost, a lowering spring kit price is between $100 and $2,000. But you need a spring compressor to fit it safely into the car.
  • Professional Installation Cost: Adding the labor expense which is around $200 to $800 with the material, you have to give $300”“$2,800 as wage.

3. Coilover Kit

Work like a damper, the Coilover is one of the finest choices for adding ground clearance and grip.

  • DIY Installation Cost: A Coilover kit will take $300 to $700 with no labor charges.
  • Professional Installation Cost: Most experts set the range between $600 to $1,700 to get the job done in an auto shop.

4. Drop Spindle Kit

Another great tool that helps to lower the truck height to 2” is the drop spindle. It is a costly but effective pick.

  • DIY Installation Cost: A drop spindle kit will charge around $250 and $1,400. Just like the lowering spring kit, you'll need to pay for the spring compressor to do it safely if installed with no help from a technician.
  • Professional Installation Cost: Experts in auto shops charge around $400 to $11,400 to work with the kit and remove the other parts.

5. Airbag Suspension Kit

Operate like a balloon, the airbag suspension controls the air pressure and drops the height. It reduces the chances of rollover and increases lateral handling as well.

  • DIY Installation Cost: It cost only the material which is between $300 to $4,100. Installing the airbag suspension kit is hard and takes a lot of time.
  • Professional Installation Cost: You have to wage more than $1,300 to $5,000 to install through an expert.

6. Hydraulic Suspension Kit

For a quicker drop of a car to 2”, the hydraulic suspension is a wonderful choice. Even though it is a lot expensive, this never fails in most fields including riding quality.

  • DIY Installation Cost: A hydraulic suspension kit is anywhere between $1,300 in most cases. However, the high-quality one will cost more than $10,000.
  • Professional Installation Cost: Get ready to pay $3,300 to $15,000 before hiring a skilled mechanic in an auto shop to drop the height.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it expensive to lower a car?

Based on your material and decision, it can be expensive or affordable. Even if lowering the car via a skilled technician is costly, it will be done quickly and flawlessly. In contrast, using your DIY technique to drop the height might be inexpensive but it does require you to have good skill and knowledge.  

2. How much should I lower my car?

It is suggested by nearly all professionals to lower a car in between 1.5” to 2”. And, if you cross the limit, this may cause stiffness and bad traction in riding.

3. How much does it cost to raise a lowered car?

By and large, it might cost not more than $400 to $12,000 to lift a lowered car by 2” to 5”. Thus, the range can be pricier if you hire a proficient auto mechanic to get the job done.

Wrap Up

That's pretty much all to dig out about how much does it cost to lower a car 2 inches. One thing I want to suggest before you drop a car's height is to think of achieving a race-level performance rather than just the budget.

Also, grab one of the best lowering kits for Ford F150, Chevy Silverado, Ram TRX, or other series based on your car model. Good Luck on Making a Choice!

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