Double Flare VS Bubble Flare: Braking System Basics!

Double Flare VS Bubble Flare

You may believe the brake system in a modern car is hard to solve just like a jigsaw puzzle, which is true. However, once you break it down, it starts to make sense and get easier to understand.

The brake system comes with a lot of components. But one important part is the flare. This is practically responsible to keep the activation working fine.

Differences Between Double Flare and Bubble Flare:

First, let’s start by knowing in depth why one needs flare in the braking system.

The pedal of a brake goes through depressing. This design is ideal to cause compression in a piston in the master cylinder.

The overall compression makes way for creating hydraulic pressure. This pressure helps fluid to reach every corner of the vehicle. Finally, the brakes go for activation.

To cause proper activation, the whole system needs to be completely free from air bubbles or contaminates. In simple words, it needs to be airtight. Flares help to make the system that way.

Now, I’ll talk about two very common types of flare briefly. Let’s go for it!

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Two Basic Flare Types

In most automotive brake systems throughout the world, two types of flare are usually seen. Especially in OEM automotive brake systems. These are popular as the double and bubble flare.

Double flare is the most common type to be existing in regular brake system. In European cars, the Bubble flare was more prominently noticeable. Today there is also Asian and American vehicle that uses bubble flares and are getting quite popular.

More About Double Flare

The double flare is also known as some other common names. It is popular as SAE or inverted style flare to a lot of experts. Also, it is often called as a 45-degree flare.

These are capable to handle various production variants. However, the same standard assemblies are still suggested for better operation.

With a double flare, the end line gets twice inside a vehicle braking system. It needs the single flare’s lip to be folding over. The looks are very similar to a single flare type.

However, between double flare vs single flare, the former one is better at durability and sturdiness. They can also handle heavy pressure inside the braking system. Double flare was quite popular in American Cars during the 80s.

More About Bubble Flares

Bubble flares are also popular as DIN or ISO. In European vehicles, these types are quite widespread. Especially in the imported vehicles. This type is basically the first step of creating a double flare.

Even with similarities, there are many differences between these two flare types. So, you can’t think about interchanging them. From the late 80s, manufactures of vehicles started to switch into bubble flares.


There’s a turnover noticeable among manufacturers but still, double flaring is quite popular today as well. Without a proper flaring, you can’t expect a great braking system for any vehicles.

After knowing the basics about these two very common types of flare, you need to learn about the flaring method. That’s another fun topic I’ll like to explore someday hopefully.

Till Then Keep Going with Your Know-How Routines & Learn More Fun Topics About Vehicles. Good Bye For Today!

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