How to Fix Windshield Wipers that Stopped Working?

Imagine driving a car in heavy rain at night! Yes, the only savior you have is your car lights and the windshield wipers. If you don’t have them, you cannot survive the road. But at times, the windshield wipers might stop working!

What can you do then? Do you know who to fix Windshield wipers that stopped working on the road? No worries, we have easy methods for you! Get your eyes on these!

How to Fix Windshield Wipers that Stopped Working

Ways of Fixing Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers require replacements often. As these are expensive, we recommend you to be frequent in replacing them. Also, if you are not confident about getting your hands on the wipers, we suggest you rely on the experts!

Torn or Broken Blades

One of the most common reasons for your Windshield wipers not working is the torn blades or the broken blades of the wiper. If you live in an area where the weather is too much rain, or you need to use the Windshield wiper frequently, it can happen.

The edges of the wiper made with rubber might start to tear. And when it is torn, it won’t clean the glass window properly. If you see that you are facing poor visibility even after using the Windshield wipers, they might be are torn! And when the rubber is torn, the plastic or metal part inside will come above. This will keep scratching the glass of your car.

To solve this issue, all you need to do is change them! A new pair of wiper blades will solve all the issues. They are affordable. And so, just like we recommend you to change the Jeep Wrangler seat covers every year, you should install a set of windshield wipers after every six months too! I

Control Switch

Another reason that leads you to steady Windshield wipers even in the rain is the control switch. At times, this might fail and result in the wipers not working at all. If you don’t have a switch that works, how can you switch on the wipers? The relay may stop working for many reasons. If you see that the Windshield wipers are not working then try turning off the control switch again and turn it on.

You will surely hear a clicking sound. If you don’t, you might need a new control switch. Thankfully, just like the Jeep wiper blades, the control switch is also easy to find and very inexpensive. Keep a spare control switch in your car to avoid the problem in the future.

For this, you have to take off the trims surrounding the steering wheel first. It will give you complete access and then you can replace it. But make sure you know how to do it!

Stuck or Slowed Blades

Windshield wipers are to remove the rainwater and the snow from your glass window by moving back and forth. But they can get stuck too! How? Yes, there are chances that the ice and snow might make it stuck. In some cases, they might not be stuck but will get slowed after being in contact with snow and ice for a long period.

This happens when the ice and snow in the area are heavy. And if you keep using the wipers, there is a chance that they get broken or slowed down, and at times, they will stop working. The best things you can do are getting out of the car and clean the ice and snow from the wiper blades.

Do it manually. If you wait for the ice and snow build-up on the wiper blades, this can ruin them. While cleaning, get your hands on an ice-scraper. And if you hate to clean it manually, install the winter wiper blades designed for the extreme seasons!

Loose Nuts

At times, the reason behind your Windshield wipers not working can be the loose nuts. Yes, if the pivot nuts are loose, you can end up facing unfortunate events. When it comes to connecting the wiper transmissions to the metal arm, the job is done by the nuts.

But if they are not tight enough, the transmission will not be complete. Eventually, the wipers will not work. To learn how to fix a Windshield that stopped working for the loose pivot nuts, all you need is to tighten them! If the problem is regarding this, it will be solved.


Another very common problem that can stop your Windshield from working is the fuse. If this happens, the wipers won’t move. The only way to deal with burnout fuses is to replace them. Yes, these are affordable and so, do not risk. Instead, replace them. You must check the wiring too! Your Jeep Wrangler LED tail lights won’t work if the wiring is loose or imperfect. The same goes for the wipers too.

Wiper Motor

If the previously mentioned methods didn’t work for you, you have to check the wiper motor. When the wiper motor fails, you should replace it. Firstly, take off the cowl and then you will get complete access to it. When you get the access, you can easily add a new one and reset it!

MIKKUPPA Replacement for Jeep Wrangler Windshield Wiper Blade

FAQs on Fixing Windshield Wipers

1. How to fix Windshield Wipers that won’t move?

Wipers not moving even when the motor is on might be the result of torn wipers. As we said before, if the rubber is not in proper condition, it won’t work. Make sure you change the wiper and install new ones, it will start working again!

2. What to do if Wipers Stop working while driving?

Have you ever faced the Windshield Wipers stopped working while driving? For this, first, you have to go and take a look at the wipers. Manually, take off snow, ice, or anything that’s stopping it from working. Check for torn or broken blades. Then tighten the nuts if necessary and take a look at the control switch. Solve the problem carefully. If nothing works, you have to take your car to a professional.

3. What to do if your windshield wipers stop working in the rain?

On some unfortunate days, your Windshield wipers might stop in the rain. Yes, no matter how calmly you drive, if there is heavy rainfall with low visibility, this is common. What can you do then? There’s nothing much you can do about this. In the rain, you cannot continue driving because it isn’t safe. If the methods mentioned above work, it will be amazing. If they don’t you have to wait for the rain to stop and then solve the problem!

4. What to do if front wipers not working but back on is?

This is not very common but it’s not unusual to see the back windshield wiper working completely fine but the back one stopping. What will you do if you see the front wipers not working but back one is! The reason behind this can be the blown fuse or the faulty relay. The faulty switch, motor, or wiring can also be the reason. At times, the control module can be faulty too. The method methods are mentioned above. But if you have a control model fault, you have to check the output at the wiper relay first. Check the power in the relay board at 86 while keeping the wipers off.

And then, you have to get your hand son a DVOM for probing both sides of the relay. Make sure someone helps you in turning on the ignition of the wipers. Sometimes, you might not find any power. Go for an external ground. Check for power at 86 while keeping the wipers on. Switch the test light to a power source. You have to check the board pin 85 for ground. Make sure the wipers are on. At times, control supply can be missing too. Testing the wiper switch output is the key then.

Wrap Up

Aren’t all the methods on how you can fix the Windshield wipers that are not working easy? Yes, they are! You can solve the problem easily. But it is always better if you have a helping hand with you! And not to forget, if you are not sure of it, get your car to a professional. Fixing windshield wipers alone or in the store-none of these cost much!

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