5 Quick and Cheap Garage Organizing Ideas!

5 Quick and Cheap Garage Organizing Ideas

Garages are one of the most common places in a home where DIYers, mechanics and so many creative geniuses tend to work out with their ideas. A messy garage might seem like the owner has put his heart and soul for many projects.

But this idea isn’t really cool and soon you’ll start realize it. Since a blocked with stuff and unorganized garage often brings miseries and problems too.

I’ve been on this list of having such issues in the past. There was a time, I wasn’t really focused on organizing my tools and stuff inside the garage. And for that reason, I had multiple tools disappear, even after only one use.

So, I changed that habit and made myself a person who loves organizing and maintaining clear space for at least the sake of my expensive gears. Today, I’ll tell you about some cheap garage storage ideas, that are quite expensive functional wise. Keep Reading!

How to Organize A Garage on a Tight Budget – 5 Quick & Simple Ideas!

Buying a mechanic tools box might handle all those tiny stuffs. But I’m talking about tools that are not minimal in weight.

If you are a beginner, you should start with your first DIY project on garage organizing. If you are a latecomer in realizing the importance of garage organization, then also try these really cool hacks to sort out those mess.

Its time saving and also rescues you from a lot of hassle. So, without any further delay, here’s how to organize a garage on a budget and make your worries along with tight spaces go away.

Smartly Stack Using Regular Bins!

Smartly Stack Using Regular Bins

Do you want me to name one regular tool that always nails the organizing game? It’ the regular bins. Yes, this amazing tool is a great way to help you categorize your garage stuff according to their requirements. You can make separate arrangements for your tools by season or sport.

However, the most boring thing you probably already do with bins is stacking them on a wall. This makes it super hard to reach for the most bottom bin when there’s a need.

If you and your little son love doing DIY together, the poor kid won’t be able to do anything for getting stuff from these bins. And there are so many occasions where you’ll regret using a bin for the very same reason. How can you fix that?

Just free one weekend noon for making yourself a cool storage tower. This is probably a very ingenious idea that also looks super attractive in any garage. Not to forget, this will also take away the pain of accessing your tools from bins.

Customize the bins with different colors. You can keep one color for a particular category of gears. You can also put a fish holder at the side of these wooden frames for accessory items. Use some utility hooks as a lightweight tool organizer.

Bringing Shelf & Hooks into Your Garage.

Bringing Shelf & Hooks into Your Garage

Now I’m about to tell you a great hack for garage organizing if you’ve been suffering from two types of situations. One is when garage has a pretty narrow alley between your car and the sidewall. So, you can’t have enough ideas to design that little amount of space

The second circumstance is about those who want something solid for creating a mounting surface. A place where they can easily attach shelves and hooks. So that stuff that is hundred pounds in weight can be managed easily.

For such two situations, a great way is using some wood strips horizontally and making a framework. This is a pretty cheap shelf standard idea. You can decide any arrangement for hooks and shelves with this idea. Also, you can try using it for any point over your garage wall. Rearranging is a piece of cake here.

Proper Floor Planning = Easy Space Management.

Most of you might not know but proper floor planning will solve half of the space problem inside your garage.

Many prefer to go for a garage-organizing system here that is usually provided by manufacturers. You can search for free space planning services with these systems. They help you to research gear storing inside the garage.

When you decide to buy something from them, make sure to take your garage’s dimension along. You need to measure the size of receptacles, switches, windows, doors and also car usage areas.

Use the following rules to simply arrange tools.

  1. There are tools such as lawn chemicals and gardening equipment that needs simultaneous using. Make sure they stay together.
  2. Use the corners to store tools that are heavier. For example, the lawnmower can easily bump or knock you while parking car inside. Store them at the edges of garage.
  3. Your garage door area needs to have items that you use frequently. For example, your bike.
  4. The spots inside your garage that are hard to reach should hold tools that you don’t use on a regular basis.

Hanging Buckets & Monkey Bars.

I’m sure every garage has this big plastic storage bucket to hold different tools. One great hack is to get them out from your garage floor and hang on the ceiling. This is a very easy and creative way to utilize the space above.

Use some 3.5 inches screws at every two feet of distance in the 2×2 ceiling framing position. You may want to use the buckets as a guide for spacing exactly 2×2. Once you brush the bucket lips on 2×2, it should get into place.  

Then go for 1x4s for centering and screwing to 2×2 using some two-inches-screws. If you have seasonal items that are light to medium in weight, this is a perfect way to store them. For example, the gears for camping or decorative items for holiday.

If you want to get rid of loads from your garage floor but not somewhere too hard to reach like celling, another cool trick is right here. Money Bars! These can easily handle tools and accessories that are more important for constant accessing.

This way you can easily use a modified hook-and-bar system if in future there’s need to make changes. Also, the tools would be out of your way but not far from sight

Multipurpose Melamine Cabinets.

Having a whole plan dedicated to a cabinet is another cool way to make some scores for garage organizing. Yes, it’s really space-saving and kind of go-to storage idea that most garage will look lovely with.

All you need is an easy plan for cabinets that are actually worth the dollar and time. Well, this is possible with a nice 8-foot tall unit clocks for around thirty dollars less investment per linear foot.

There are even options for pre-assembled shelving available at home improvement centers. You can choose melamine as material choice for cheap making. It’s not only reasonable but also needs absolutely no finish.

You just need to start measuring with masking tape for the right configuration on floors and walls. Make sure the cabinets are having at least one stud behind. So that fastening is not a problem later.

Bonus Tips – Timely Decluttering Event.

There was a report that stated that around 70% of us are not capable of storing cars inside our garage. Why? Because of the too many stuffs inside.

So, it’s’ important to have a ritual for decluttering stuff that might not be essential enough to stay inside your garage. Here are some ideas you can implement:

✔  Have enough time on hand for the decluttering process. You should keep at least a full day and sometimes even two. This is depending on the amount of jam inside your garage.

✔  Want to complete the process in less time? Invite your family or a few friends. Your teen daughter or son might love to help you with this every once in a month. Turn it into a fun family project.

✔  You should go through every little thing inside your garage. Even boxes that were untouched from the last time you moved in. There are surprises waiting such as your family heirloom.

✔  You can use the three piles technique here. One pile is for tools that are necessary inside your garage. Another one that holds the gear that you can donate. And finally, a pile of things that you can sell for a good amount. Get rid of expired chemicals, worn-out toys, or stuff that age more than two years.

Another Visual help below,


I’m sure with these few ideas and DIYs, you are going to get rid of a big amount of mess from your dear garage. It might feel a bit burdening to go for everything that was mentioned.

But you can be smart and use the ideas that seem possible to implement right now. Give yourself enough time and gradually you can make use of all these hacks from today’s chat.

Garage organizing isn’t something you should ignore. Later when you don’t find a tool that was worth a big dollar amount, you’ll be blaming the mess. So, make sure you don’t ever reach that point!

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