How Long Can a Car Sit Before The Battery Dies?

Planning to buy a car for occasional hangouts? Thumbs up to you but you have things to keep in mind! Just like if you leave your laptop unused for a long period, it won’t work after years. For the car battery, the period is short!

If you leave the car battery unused inside the car for a long period, chances are, it will be dead! Different compartments of your car run even when you are not driving.

To keep them running, keep the battery recharged! And before that, learn how long a car can sit before the battery dies so that you can take steps beforehand. Here are some tips for you!

Can a Car Battery go Dead for Sitting Long?

Going for a long drive is fun and all but we all use cars more for our daily necessities. However, there are times when we do not drive the car for a longer period. Ever thought about what happens to your car if you do not use it? Will the battery be fine or will it die? How long can a car battery sit unused?

There are tons of questions regarding the battery. What we do is keep the battery unused and we don’t go through the basic maintenance procedures to keep the battery alive. If you ask if the battery of your car will die for sitting unused then YES, it will! No matter you are keeping your favorite car inside the hood, the battery will be always be used in some ways.

So, eventually, it is will get drained slowly. Now, the question here is, if you don’t use the car then how is the battery draining? Your car has an alarm system. It has computer systems too. Along with this, the climate control system also is added to the vehicle. Apart from all of these, there are other electrical features included in your car. So, even when you think that your car’s battery is not being used, it is powering up the climate control system, the computer system, the alarm system, and all other electrical features of your automobile.

And this is how your battery drains. Keep these systems away and think about the weather. In the wet climate, the seats can get damaged and so, getting the top waterproof seat cover for your Jeep Wrangler is necessary. Just like the weather affects the seats, it affects the battery too! If you live in a very hot climate, the heat can affect your battery too. With a very hot climate, the battery will start draining faster than before. So, in a way or so, your battery will keep draining no matter you drive it or not! And after draining for a long period, the battery will be dead if you do not charge it up. It is possible, my friend!

How long with a Battery Last when Unused?

Questioning how long can a car sit with a dead battery is super easy but it is tough to answer. Every car works differently. It has different parts and the systems require different power from the battery. Not every system of a car will consume the same amount of power. So, the lasting period of a battery while kept unused can vary from one vehicle to another.

Apart from the vehicle, this depends on the battery too! The age of the battery is a fact here. If it is too old, it won’t last for long when the new batteries will last a good deal of time. But if you ask us to tell you a probable time, we would say that the battery will last more or less four weeks or close if you keep it unused. But this also depends on the weather you are storing the car. If your area is too much hot then the battery will die sooner than the above-mentioned period. On the contrary, as we already told you, the electronics of the vehicle are another important factor here.

If you have a car that has more high-end electronics that will take power from the battery, chances are the battery will die sooner. You might think that it is easy to keep the battery charged when you are not using the car. But it is not! The reason behind this is the alternator. The alternator is not capable to do its job in this case. If you do not know what the alternator is, let us tell you in short. It is the generator of your vehicle.

It helps the electrical system of your car run even when the car is not used. By providing energy to all the electrical parts of your car, the alternator does the job of aiding the car battery to maintain the charge. So, your car’s headlights, stereo, and other interior lights work with the help of this generator or alternator.

How long the new battery does last after kept used?

After you get a new battery for your car, the probability is, it will last more or less four years or more. However, if you only keep driving the car and keep the battery in use, only then it will last for this mentioned time.

In either case, if the battery is not used for a long period, the battery will due within 4-4.5 weeks! On the other hand, if you do not recharge often and keep it unused, the lifespan of the battery will also shorten.

The lifespan of a disconnected battery

Now that we have dealt with the unused battery, we should also talk a little about the disconnected battery. This is even more harmful than the connected battery. If the car battery is not connected to the car, chances are, your battery will be drained faster than before. However, if you detach the battery carefully, it might last for more or less 6-7 months or in cases, more. This depends on the battery quality too. Get your hands on the Great battery for your Honda CVR and then select the right one for you

But make sure that you recharge the battery more often. As it is not in work, it can easily get damaged and not work anymore! Above all, no matter you are keeping the battery unused while connected to the car or detached, the battery will only last long if you recharge it often. Otherwise, your battery will die. However, if you are planning to detach it completely, you have to certify that you are cleaning it before you store it.

Along with cleaning, you must keep the battery in a well-ventilated area. The best temperature for a car battery to store is 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit. If it is too hot there, your battery will not be in good condition. Make sure you keep up with the right temperature.

Wrap Up

If you love to drive regularly, you recharge the battery frequently. But if you are an occasional driver, there is a chance that your battery will only be in perfect condition if you recharge it frequently. But if you don’t your battery will die!

We have discussed how much time you have before it dies! Don’t forget to recharge it before the given time. It is always better to make a routine to recharge it so that you can increase the lifespan of your car battery.

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