How much Does a Polaris Ranger Weigh?

Before buying a Polaris Ranger or any other UTV, the weight is a factor! The seating facility along with the size, so many thing matters when it comes to choosing the right UTV mode. From adults to kids, the models vary and so does the weight. Check out how much does a Polaris Ranger weigh depending on the models and size!

Polaris Ranger Dry Weight vs. Wet Weight vs. Gross Weight

Let’s check out the dry weight, curb weight, and gross weight of the Polaris Rangers before you go through the specific models.

Dry Weight

Well, in most cases, the dry weight is the weight that is mentioned when it comes to the UTVs like the Polaris Ranger. This is the weight that is measured by the manufacturers. So, what is the dry weight?

It is the weight of your Polaris Ranger or any other UTV that you see on the showroom floor. In this case, no oil or gasoline, or any other fluid is added to your vehicle. When it comes to especially the Polaris Ranger models, the dry weight of the RZR collection starts from 996 pounds.

And the heaviest Polaris RZR’s dry weight so far is 2020 pounds. Here, the most lightweight model is the Polaris RZR Trail 570. And the heaviest model by the brand is Polaris RZR XP 4. The weights mentioned below are the dry weight.

Wet Weight or Curb Weight

However, some of the manufacturers or vehicle models mention the wet weight too. In this case, you must know what wet weight means. It is the weight of your Polaris Ranger or any other UTV that is measured with the standard equipment added to the vehicle.

Along with the standard equipment, all the fluids necessary are included in this measurement. Also, the tank of the gasoline is full while measuring the wet weight. The wet weight is also known as curb weight. If you see a vehicle that mentioned ready-to-ride weight, well, that’s the wet weight too.

As you are dealing with a UTV, you might get confused about which weight to rely on. Let us tell you that for the UTVs like Polaris Rangers, the weight of the standard equipment including the full tank and fluids isn’t too high. It won’t be adding a ton to the dry weight. So, in that case, this is something that won’t make too much difference in terms of the weight.

Gross Weight

Now that you know about the dry weight and the curb weight of the Polaris Ranger, the next thing that comes in line is the gross weight. This is the weight of your Polaris Ranger or any other UTV that includes the UTV along with the total load your vehicle can carry.

The total weight will include the equipment along with the riders. In this case, it might add up a little extra. If you are dealing with the 4-person Polaris Ranger or UTV, the gross weight will be higher. When it comes to towing, the gross weight is something necessary. For the best towing experience, don’t forget to get your eyes on the best trailer couplers!

Weight of Polaris Ranger Models

The size of your UTV matters a lot when it comes to the weight of the vehicle. There are three different variants when it comes to the UTVs like the Polaris Rangers. There are 48 inch wide models available. Along with this, the wider models of 60-64 inches are available in the market too.

And then, you can see that there are also three-seat or four-seat Polaris Rangers. And these will surely be heavier than the previous models of the two-seat facility. However, we will also describe the weight depending on the models of Polaris Rangers.

Weight of Polaris Ranger Models

48+ Inch Models

  • The Polaris Ranger 925cc RZR XP Turbo is a 48+ inch model by the brand. And the weight of this one is 1495 pounds.

60+ Inch Models

  • One of the 60+ inch models by the brand Polaris Ranger is the 875cc Polaris RXR. This one weighs 1240 pounds.
  • Another one by the same brand named 999c Polaris RZR S 1000 weights 1235 pounds. So, the weight isn’t that different when the widths of the Polaris Rangers are close.
  • The Polaris Ranger model 925cc Polaris RZR XP Turbo weighs 1500 pounds which are higher than the previous ones. If you are here to know about the weight for the towing capability of your vehicle, you can rely on the Polaris Ranger 1000.

This is considered to be the Polaris UTV with the highest towing capacity. Here, you might get into a dilemma about the Jeep Wrangler too. So how much can a jeep Wrangler Unlimited towlearn about it!And then compare it with the Polaris RZR 1000

Trail Models

  • The trail models like the Trail 900 and Trail S 900 weigh almost similar. For the Polaris RZR Trail 900, the weight is 1150 pounds with 300 pounds box capacity and 740 pounds payload.
  • In the case of the Polaris RZR S 900, the weight is 1204 pounds with the same box capacity and payload.

Xtreme Performance Models

We are on the Xtreme Performance models now. So, how much does a Polaris Ranger 1000 weigh?

  • The Polaris XP 1000 weighs 1460 pounds with a payload of 740 pounds and a box capacity of 300 pounds.
  • Where the XP Turbo Polaris RZR’s weight is about 1528 pounds. The box capacity and the payload are the same here.

Four-Seat Models

Now, let’s talk about the Polaris Rangers that have four seats. These are the sports model we talk about.

  • A very popular Polaris Ranger of four-seat is the 875cc Polaris RZR XP 4 900. And the weight of this vehicle is about 1390 pounds.
  • On the other hand, another four-seat model named 999cc Polaris RZR XP 4 1000 will be 1596 pounds in weight.
  • However, there are Polaris Rangers available above 1800 too. The 999cc Polaris General 4 1000 will weigh 1857 pounds. The Polaris RZR XP 4 1000 will weigh 1671 pounds and has a box capacity of 300 pounds. The payload capacity is 900 pounds here.
  • On the contrary, the XP 4 Turbo Polaris RZE will weigh 1737 pounds. The box capacity is 300 pounds and the payload capacity will be 900 pounds. 

As these vehicles are heavyweight, if they are stuck anywhere, you are doomed! Do you know the best way to recover these stuck four-seat models? Check out and learn how to use a recovery strap with loop ends so recovering it isn’t troublesome! 

Special Edition

There is some special edition Polaris Ranger models in the market. We will go through their weight too.

  • The RZR XP 1000 Trails & Rocks is a special edition that has a dry weight of 1573 pounds. Here, the box capacity of the vehicle is 300 pounds and the payload capacity is 740 pounds.
  • Another special edition named Polaris RZR XP 1000 High Lifter weights 1545 pounds. The box capacity and the payload are the same here.

Utility Models

Here, we will talk about the Polaris Utility models and their weights.

  • First, let’s talk about the Polaris General 1000cc one. This one weighs 1244 pounds.
  • On the other hand, another Polaris Ranger model 875cc XP 900 EPS will weigh 1342 pounds in total. In the case of such a UTV, the tires might confuse you too! Have a look at the best tires for Polaris Ranger 900 XP here!

Wide Open Models

The rough terrain models are explained here. Take a look at their weight.

  • The RZR Turbo S is a rough terrain wide-open model by the brand. The weight of this vehicle is 1779 pounds with a 300 pounds box capacity and 740 pounds payload.
  • On the other hand, the Polaris RZR Turbo S4 weights 1987 and is considered to be heavyweight. Keeping the box capacity the same, the payload is about 900 pounds here.

Youth UTV Models

The Youth Polaris UTVs are usually smaller in size. As a result, the expectation is these are lighter than the other Polaris models. The best part of these models is the ease of maneuvering.

While rolling, they are the safer options. For the kids or youths, these models are the best suited. If you want to learn about the weight of these youth models, bear with us.

  • A very raved about Polaris Ranger youth model is the RZR 170. This one will weigh only 532 pounds. Yes, these are very lightweight. Almost all the Youth Models are close when it comes to weight measurement.
  • Another Polaris Ace 150 model by the brand will weigh only 556 which is close to the previous one. The reason for this one to be lightweight is the seating facility. This one is a single-seater. Consequently, it is lightweight.

Wrap Up

We have tried to cover all the Polaris Ranger models along with some other Polaris models here. Hopefully, you will get your desired RZR model here with the weight. However, if you don’t get it, don’t worry. The weight list of the Polaris Rangers is added to the model, just check it on the internet. You can also go through the weight list of the brand to know more!

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