How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Tie Rod?

As tie rods connect the wheel with steering gear, you will have more control over your car. But, like most of the things in life, they don’t last an eternity. Once they get old, the extra control over the car you used to enjoy will start waning. That is when you will have to think about replacing this piece. So, how much does it cost to replace a tie rod?

Depending on the piece of machinery, labor cost, and difficulty you would be get covered within 300 dollars. Although it also varies from service to service.

On top of that, you can also install the unit yourself. Once you reach end the, you will have a clear idea of all of your options.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Tie Rod?

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How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Tie Rod?

How much you will have to spend to replace a tie rod depends on a number of factors. These are parts value, labor cost, and service center. But, do not worry! There is a general estimation. Considering all other factors, you will need around 170 to 450 dollars.

Although it is a rough estimation. The exact cost would be depending on the market’s situation. The component price and labor cost go up for expensive vehicles.

That is because those models tend to have advanced steering technologies. Which is a bit more difficult to handle than replacing the tie rod.

On top of that, the tire rod will have to match that advanced steering system. So, the component cost goes up too, due to the use of advanced technology.

If you want to know how much does a tie rod end cost, I must tell, for a generic car model, you will have to spend a fraction. Usually, the part will cost around 30 to 120 dollars.

And do you know how much are tie rods at AutoZone? Most tie rods in their store are 70 to 100 dollars. While the service charge will cost you between 30 to 100 dollars. The tie rod replacement cost firestone is also similar with a little variation.

So, to sum up, in the most favorable condition you might be able to get away with spending less than a hundred dollars. In case you own any mid-range or expensive car, then be ready to spend some more.

How To Read Tie Rod Specifications?

Tie rod specification might seem daunting at first but it is not as hard as it seems. It follows a generic pattern that conveys information about the rod. The pattern starts with M which indicates the measuring metric.

Then comes the digits, a hyphen, digits, and ends with R or L. So, it would look like M**-**R or M**-**L. The first set of digits indicates thread diameter, the second set indicates the number of threads per metric unit.

If the label says M10 – 18R then it would mean, the thread diameter is 10mm and there are 18 threads pitch per millimeter. The ‘R’ at the end means that the threads are right rotation oriented.

How Long Do Tie Rods Last?

It mostly depends on your driving style and terrain. Depending on these factors they can last from several years to more than 10 years. Like all other components in the car, tie rods are prone to wear and tear too. Debris, potholes, driving in hazardous conditions could contribute to reducing its lifetime.

To make sure your tie rod lasts a long time, you will have to drive cautiously. Avoid potholes, debris, and most of all drive on favorable terrain.

Model-Wise Cost Comparison

Cost for different models according to community. They will give you a rough estimate, the exact cost would depend on the market situation.

Car model Cost including labor and parts
BMW230 to 450 USD
Chevrolet Trailblazer240 to 360 USD
Ford Escape220 to 450 USD
Ford F-150220 to 450 USD
Ford Ranger250 to 380 USD
Honda Accord280 to 400 USD
Mazda 3175 to 250 USD
Nissan Altima235 to 290 USD
Volkswagen Jetta160 to 250 USD

What are the symptoms of a bad tie rod?

Misalignment: A bad tie rod is likely to get the front end of the car misaligned. So, the car won’t be able to keep a straight path even if you hold the steering wheel still.

Unusual Noise: Keep your ear sharp for a squealing or squeaking sound when you turn corners. It means the rubber boot on the tie rod end might have cracked.

Shakes and Vibrations: If you feel shakes or vibrations on your steering wheel, it might be time to check the rod thoroughly. It is usually caused by tie rods that start to wear out.

Loose steering: The steering wheel will start to rotate freely and there will be little response from the wheels. This usually happens when the tie rod end gets loose.

Uneven tire: Put a sharp look at your tire from time to time. Look for uneven tire wears on wheels. If both tires don’t have similar wear marks, do a physical check of the tie rod.

Steering getting stuck: Once the rod fails completely, you won’t be able to steer around. But don’t get worried as things don’t usually get this worse. You face the symptoms mentioned above before you get to this one.

A Way to Save Money

You replace the tie rod if you have access to the required tools. It is a fairly easy process if you can follow the instructions accordingly. Doing it yourself would have you at least 100 dollars. It can be a good option if your tie rods need changing frequently, like once in 2 or 3 years.

However, changing it might be easy, you will need to spend time adjusting the alignment. Check the video in this paragraph below to change it yourself. And, don’t forget to do a test drive in a safe environment once you are done. Although leaving it to the professionals would be better if you don’t feel confident enough.

How to change tie roads

Bottom Line

Replacing a tie rod can be a hassle if you don’t have a clear idea of what you are doing. The aim of this post was to help you sort out this problem as much as possible.

So, I have not only answered how much does it cost to replace a tie rod but also things you should be aware of before replacing it. Now that you know how much it cost and why you can pick the option that suits you best.

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