How to Assemble a Lawn Sweeper?

How to Assemble a Lawn SweeperMaintaining a clean and green garden will need your effort and some useful tools help. A lawn sweeper is one of the more common equipment that garden owners would think about in such cases.

After buying one, you should get a manual on assembling the whole thing right. But there can be complexity faced. Especially, on assembly part including the Lawn Sweeper and Dethatcher.

Today we are discussing how to assemble a lawn sweeper using a general method. We will be talking about a tow-behind lawn sweeper’s assembling process. So, let’s get on it.

Follow the Steps Below

Start by Mounting the Angle Bracket.

There should be provided angle bracket with the sweeper. You need to fix this with the housing of sweeper. Use bolt and nut to tightly secure this. The nuts and bolts should be provided with the whole package.

Make sure you align the brackets according to instructions provided within manual. You also don’t want to over-tighten anything, that’ll cause damage.

Hitch Tubes Attaching.

Next, you need to put the provided two hitch tubes. These are usually placed on the right and left side of sweeper’s housing assembly. Use the bolt and nut to secure hitch tubes nicely. Here also, you should avoid any sort of over-tightening.

Now once both hitch tubes are attached, it’s time to use the hex bolts. These would go through the hitch end. This end should be away from the body of sweeper. You need to use nuts for connecting both tubes. Loosely tighten them using these nuts and bolts.

Hitch Assembly Mounting with Tubes.

It’s time for some mounting process. On top of the hitch tubes, you need to place angled bracket. The straight hitch bracket will go on bottom part. Mount them carefully in this spot.

Use two hex bolts next. These will go through the bracket you placed earlier. Also, you need to pass them through the hitch tube’s premade notches. Don’t forget the straightened bracket and then use two nuts to secure them on place.

Through the angled hitch bracket, you need to use a hitch pin. This also goes through hitch spacer and straight bracket. Make sure you fasten everything securely.

In some cases, the two hitches can be between eight to ten inches. If so, then the angle bracket should mount on tube’s bottom part. This will ensure better performance.

Fixing the Handle for Height Adjustment.

Next, you need to attach to the height adjustment handle provided. You should find the bar on the housing assembly’s outside spanning wheels. Using two hex bolts and nuts simply attach the handle to it.

Now fix adjustment strap on angle bracket using the aligned round hole. This need hex bolt and nut. Using the bolts, you need to fix connecting rod next.

Attaching the Hopper Bag.

You need to place the hopper bag on ground after unrolling it. This will let the nylon fabric be on top. The heavy-duty nylon floor must be on bottom at this point. Find out the brace holes and check rear hopper tube. Inside the hopper bag, you’ll find sewn in bag loops on top. You need to pass the tubes through these loops. That way brace holes will face downwards.

On either side of nylon fabric, you’ll find stitched sleeves. Make sure to insert the upper side tubes through these sleeves. For passing through the rear tube, the orientation should be downwards. Now securely attach the plastic plugs.

Now focus on the second rear hopper tube. This will go on the nylon floor. Make sure the braces are facing upward at this point. With upward orientation, next, you need to insert the side tubes of lower hopper through each side into rear tube. Securely attach the plastic plugs.

The lower and upper hopper ends need to align on either side to fasten together. Use clevis pins for attaching. On the bag floor’s front part, you will find a stitched sleeve. Here the bag frame strap will pass through.

The strap might also be already inserted. After this, use clevis pins to mount the strap onto side tubes securely. Find the nylon fabric’s strap buttons and snap them onto rivets.

You’ll find these on the floor of hopper. Pass through both support rods into the upper and lower rear hopper tube’s brace holes next. And the assembly should be almost done. You can use it after attaching the hopper bag with sweeper.

And that’s how to assemble a lawn sweeper. You should never neglect those instructions provided with your bought lawn sweeper. Because usually, the method keeps varying based on different brands and models. So, Make Sure You Check the Provided Instructions Well Before Trying the Assembly.

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