How to Set up Weight Distribution Hitch?

How to Set up Weight Distribution HitchOnce you plan to add a weight distribution hitch for the heavy hauling you do every day, you are one step closer to install a WD hitch! Do you know how to set up weight distribution hitch?

Getting a WD hitch will solve the problem of swaying, complicated braking and tough maneuvering. Now worries; we have come up with some easy steps that will help you install the weight distribution hitch without any professional help.

Let us check out how you can install it and haul your loads with safety!

How to Install Weight Distribution Hitch

We know, installing the WD hitch is complex but we are at your aid! Now, we will discuss how to install weight distribution hitch in seven easy steps. Let us jump right into it!

Step 1: The Measurement

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The first job you have to do when it comes to setting up the weight distribution hitch is to take the right measurement. Firstly, search for a leveled surface. Get your vehicle and drive it there. Park it on the leveled surface so that you can take the right measurement. Take a trailer tongue jack and a level. All you need to do is certify that the trailer and the ground are parallel!

Now, go through the height of your vehicle along with the trailer. After measuring the height of these both, you have to take a note of the measurements. Get your hands on the trailer coupler and measure the distance from the ground to the trailer coupler’s top part. Also, take the measurement the distance from the ground to the rear and front bumpers of the towing vehicle.

You can also measure the distance from the ground to the wheel if you need. A drop hitch for truck is necessary for keep the trailer level in some case. Make sure you have it.

Step 2: Attaching the Shank and Head

Now that you are done taking the measurement, you have to go through the weight distribution shank and attach it to install the weight distribution hitch for travel trailer. Get it inside the receiver tube first. After doing this, recheck what you have done because it is necessary that the shank is completely inside the receiver tube of the trailer hitch.

In this position, you have to go through the hitch pin and the clip and secure the position of the shank inside the tube. Once you are done adding it, you have to check the head assembly and place it one the adjustable shank. Ensure that the head is raised into a height that the top part of the trailer ball is more or less 1-3 inches above the coupler height. All you have to do is hold it in the place now. Get a mounting bold for this. We do not recommend using a nut to tighten it.

Step 3: Adjusting the Head

Once you did you job with the shank and the hitch head, you have to start adjusting the head. Here, you have to pivot the head towards the bottom. Check the adjustment road and position tow washers here. Now, put emphasis on the rod and insert it inside the hold that it on the bottom of the head. If your WD hitch does not have this mechanism, skip this step.

Now, you have to rotate the head upward. Take it to the mounting position on your WD shank. It can be positioned vertically or it can also stay tilted a bit backward. You must certify the proper angle here. Now, take the second bolt and get it inside the top hole of the head. With nuts and washers, you have to fasten the bolts here. Start tightening the bolts but make sure you have to tighten it only to keep the head in its place.

Step 4: The Bars and the Trailer

You are not done yet! To learn how to hook up weight distribution hitch, you have to go through the spring bars on the hitch head and mount them. Ensure that the spring bars chains are attached properly. Now, take the trailer couple and raise it up. Then, you have to back the towing vehicle. Here, you have to couple the trailer ball and the trailer carefully.

It is time for raising the trailer jack now. When the coupler is latches onto the trailer ball, you have to get a trailer jack so that you can lift the coupling point up about 3-3.5 inches above the level position of the vehicle.

Step 5: Engaging the Brackets

Get the spring bar chains and use them as a guide for placing the spring bar hookup brackets ideally. Now, search for the bolts you have and mount the brackets onto the trailer frame carefully. After you are done with the hookup brackets, you have to add the spring bar chains with the brackets.

Here, keep in mind that the two sides of this should be spaced identically. The number of chain links that goes through the spring bars and the brackets should be the same. Now, take the lift handle and pry the brackets. Pry them inside the locked position with care.

Step 6: Adjusting the WDH

In this position, you have to ensure that the weight of the trailer rests on the hitch. For this, you have to retract the trailer jack. After you are done with the process, you have to go through the distances that you have measured in the first step. You have to go through the point of the ground to the rear and front bumpers and measure the distance.

In this situation, the distance will be more or less ½ inches of the previously measured amount. Sometimes, the distance may change a lot. If you encounter this, you have to go through the number of links of the spring bar chains. All you need here is to increase or decrease the tension and you will find the right measurement. Also, you can get your hands on the tilt of the head unit to make it right.

Step 7: Securing the Bolts

Now that you are done with the whole procedure, you have to uncouple the trailer and torque all hardware. For this, check the instructions and confirm that you are keeping the values mentioned in the instruction in mind.

Do you remember that we told you not to tighten the bolts before? So, now, it is time to do that unfinished work! You have to start tightening the bolts here. And you are done with installing the weight distribution hitch!

NB: Keep in mind that the WB setup is not the same for every model. So, you must go through the instructions by the company before you start the installing process. You can also check the online instructions and videos for this.

Wrap Up

So, you have already learned how to set up your weight distribution hitch without any professional! All you need to do is get a WD hitch and prepare yourself for installing it! This might be tricky but with the proper instructions, it is easy!

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