Best Husky Air Compressor Review | Top 3 Picks in 2022

Husky Air Compressor ReviewIf you decided to purchase a Husky air compressor, you made the right decision.

It is one of the most reliable brand names in the domain of power tool manufacturing. It is loaded with vast experience, fame manufacturing compressors and other power tools.

Husky air compressor introduced several compressors keeping the types of users in mind. It has been producing power tools since 1924. Its products are now available on Amazon, along with Home Depot and all other popular stores.

Top 3 Husky Air Compressor Reviews

As you have already started walking towards the market to purchase an air compressor, you need to keep some crucial factors in your mind before you make it happen.

If you want to know how to select the perfect Husky air compressor, I suggest you read the reviews thoroughly written exclusively for Husky purchasers. I hope it will work.

For the Husky air compressor review, we targeted the three most crazy air compressor after filtering them through some important matrics.

1. Husky 8 Gal. Oil-Lubricated Air Compressor

Highlighted Features

  • Runs by heavy-duty inductive motor offering permanency and reliability.
  • Wheels and rugged steel-made handle for comfortable transportation anywhere.
  • Replaceable automotive-style filter element traps dust and particulates in the intake air to extend pump life expectancy.
  • 1/4 turn chamber condensation-drain valve allows quick draining of moisture from the tank.

Husky 8 gal. Oil Lubricated Air Compressor, 1.5 HP 4CFMComing at the oil-lubricated air compressor, we discovered Husky 8-Gallon Oil-Lubricated Air Compressor amazingly reliable to get your job done. It is made of fine material that eliminates the need for replacement of any parts.

The compressor is designed in a way that you can also run this unit with electricity. It can render 4.0 SCFM at 90 psi and up to 125 psi. It means you can engage it for heavy-duty performance.

The lubrication system is oil-generated. And the most sought attribution of this compressor is the filtering. It comes with the auto-filtering system. So, it is just a matter of your command.

When the oil-lubrication system and air-filtering come together, it adds extra durability to your compressor. The sensitive mixture of oil-lubrication and auto-style air filtering in Husky 8-Gallon lets your compressor be longer lasting and durable.

This compressor features a quick coupler and a drain valve. The Quick coupler works to quicken connecting with other tools, and the drain valve engages in easing to discharge air pressure. And at the end of the service, it expels moisture from the compressor.

This compressor has a rugged steel container and an oil-lubricated pump with a strong cast-iron tube. As it is oil-lubricated, it makes less noise. For a trouble-free transporting from place to place, wheels and a handled frame have been along with that.

This unit is a good choice for a host of bloating and fastening tasks. It comes with a powerful 1.5 HP induction motor. It runs a husky 8-gallon portable electric air compressor giving a trusted service for many businesses.

If you ask me about reliability and durability, it is acknowledged by millions of users around the globe.

2. Husky 20 Gal. Portable Air Compressor

Highlighted Features

  • With the decibel rating point of 83 dBA, this compressor carries less clamor to your workplace.
  • With 175 max PSI for 80% longer tool run times contrasted with normal 20 Gal. compressor at 150 max PSI.
  • Wheels are for easy movability.
  • The vertical design takes less space in your home or anywhere you place.

20 Gal. 175 psi Quiet Portable Air CompressorAnother worthwhile selection from the brand of Husky is 20 Gal. 175 psi quiet portable air compressor. It is empowered by corded electricity. It means you can get your heavy job done comfortably with it.

The most appreciating side of this unit is the motor power. It renders 175 max PSI. I find it 80% longer tool run times when compared with other typical 20 Gal. compressor.

It is perfect for all inflation, finish stapling, bolting and medium-duty framing or roofing, HVLP painting, cutting/drilling, and surface prep.

The common complaint against the air compressor is making noise. It has the initiative to produce less noise with a decibel rating of 83 dBA. Thus, it brings less noise to your work environment.

When it comes to an air compressor, we think the motor should get the closest attention because it is the lifeblood of the machine. Husky 20 Gal. has a high-performance pump and a motor that delivers higher PSI and SCFM to operate your tools at peak performance.

The downside of this unit is the power source. It is run by electricity. But it makes it convenient for your home as it makes no sound. It is the best pick considering its reasonable price.

If you can ignore the hassle of electric wear, you must love it. Because it has wheels underneath the compressor to take anywhere you need. It has 7-inch wheels for easy portability.

3. Husky 0300813A 8 Gal. Portable Air Compressor

Highlighted Features

  • It includes one quick coupler for connecting tools easily.
  • An oil-free lubrication system lets you save frequent maintenance costs.
  • The changeable grip and elastic wheels enable you to move the compressor easily.
  • The pump is shrouded, and the noise is tolerable.

Husky 0300813A 8 Gal. Portable Oil Free Electric Air CompressorAnother 8-Gal Husky air compressor in our rundown is Husky 0300813A. If you need an air compressor to do plentitude of household activities, this 8-Gal compressor one is perfect for you.

This compressor is born for DIY or small indoor projects with 1.8 horsepower. You can get your many inflation jobs, such as bike tires, car tires, sports balls, pool toys, and air mattresses done with this compressor.

It is the best choice for many DIY users. Because it has a transferable grip and rubber wheel are attached with the compressor making it easy to carry anywhere you like.

It is an electric air compressor with many advantages. For being the corded electric compressor, you’ll get an assurance of quite zero vibration tools. Like Husky 8 gal, it brings a quick coupler with it to connect the tool faster.

This electric-run air compressor offers you an opportunity to save money. If you buy it, you can avoid spending money on purchasing gas. On the other hand, it has no emissions as it runs on electricity.

When it comes to a motor of this air compressor, it is reliable. The motor is shrouded so that it generates a substantial amount of power without making no sound or sometimes, if so, it is simply ignorable.

It comes at a reasonable price with two years of warranty. This Husky 8-gallon air compressor would be the best selection if you are a DIY hobbyist or want to use for small business at home.

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Things to Consider Before Buying A Husky Air Compressor

You might be in immense trouble and can’t decide which air compressor you should get. (Even after reading the reviews.)

That is the reason for writing this section. In our buying guide, we highlight the major factors of the best air compressors in general. Let’s see what they are.


There are two types of air compressors in the market – oil and oil-free. The oil-free ones are cost-effective as you don’t need to buy oil extra. It is even less messy and easier to use.

On the other side, the oil-lubricated compressor might cause the replacement of the air dryer. So, sometimes you might have to buy an air dryer. But the good thing is that it makes a better impact on the environment. Some other advantages of the oil-free compressor are that it causes less noise and longer-lasting life.

So, if you need an air compressor for frequent use, an oil-lubricated compressor would be good for you.


It is the thing that you need to keep in serious consideration while you make your purchase is the horsepower of the compressor. Because it’ll tell you how much power is your compressor.

The problem to figure out the horsepower nowadays is the hyperbolic description of the manufacturers. Don’t get convinced with their description. You can measure the horsepower by looking at the electricity consumption of the compressor.

Air Volume

Air volume is the main standard to utilize when looking at air blowers. And it is normally estimated in cubic feet every minute (CFM), or additionally Standard CFM (SCFM). This figure, basically, is the volume of air that the air compressor can yield into its tanks in time.

The devices that require an air compressor to run will commonly have a base CFM they need for action. The run of the mill air caulking weapon, for instance, is best combined with an air compressor that can put out at any rate 4 CFM.

A greater device like a 3/4-inch sway wrench will work with an air blower that produces around 14 CFM, yet they work better with something that can put out 16 CFM or more.

Weight (PSI)

The air pressure that your air blower can put out is evaluated in pounds per square inch (PSI). Air compressor that can put out high PSI needs to have weighty motors. Anyway, they similarly need outrageous air tanks assessed for it moreover.

While most vehicle tires will take 30 to 35 PSI, most air-controlled mechanical assemblies need something between 90 to 100 PSI to work. For the significant certified occupations like working lifts or running impact torques, those will require 200 PSI or more.

The power source of Air Compressor

Generally, air compressor takes power from two sources. With little differences, both are almost the same.

1. Electric-run Compressor

If you work at home or around the courtyard, an electric-run air compressor would be a good choice. Electric-Run compressors are convenient for the home environment as it makes little noise. As it is corded, you don’t need to tolerate the annoyance of dealing with too much wear. There is a chance to get a cordless (battery-operated) compressor.

2. Gas-operated Compressor

A gas-operated compressor can be an alternative if you have any issue with the electric-run compressor. It is the best suited for the job site for heavy-duty performance. They are heavier than their counterparts, need much maintenance and usually louder. But they are the most flexible for the movement.

FAQs About Husky Air Compressor

1. What is the common feature of Husky air compressor?

Ans: The common thing for all Husky air compressors is the safety measure. All Husky accessories ensure safety with a 90-days refund policy.

2. Does Husky air compressor make any sound when it runs?

Ans: Yes, it does. But you can ignore it as it is not intensive. If you purchase 20 Gal. 175 psi Quiet Portable Air Compressor, you can get rid of the noise. It promises to make less noise at the job site.

3. What would be the perfect air compressor for me?

Ans: It actually depends on the job you want to do and the area you want to place. Your demand will tell you to determine the size and the performance you expect from an air compressor. Once you did it, you can have plenty of options in the market. Even we can help you provide the guideline for the perfect one.

4. Can I use it for painting?

Ans: Yes, you can. But for this operation, I would like to suggest you buy Husky 20 Gal. air compressor. And during functioning, keep a keen watch over the compressor.

What do SCFM and CFM stand for?

Ans. These two terms are very related to the air compressor. They are applied for indicating the most important thing to understand when evaluating air compressors is CFM and SCFM. The CFM stands for “cubic feet per minute” and describes the rate at which an air compressor can fill. And SCFM is a solution to that problem. It stands for “standard cubic feet per minute.”

What’s Now?

You have read Husky air compressor review including a buying guide in general. Now, you pick the most convenient and the best compressor among them.

I reviewed the best three with a few of the highlighted features. Make your purchase by selecting the perfect Husky air compressor. Don’t forget to let me know which one you choose in the comment section below.

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