5 Easy Ways To Increase Ground Clearance Of Your Car!

Shielding a car from scratches to maintain stable handling on the road is the role of ride height or ground clearance. In every vehicle, this trait needed to be moderate meaning not too high or low for riding comfort.   

By and large, a car with 6.7” ”“ 8.5” or more ground clearance is considered a good height.

Sometimes the vehicle can suffer from low ride height causing bad performance by affecting several aspects. These are:

  1. Ride quality & comfort. 
  2. Center of gravity. 
  3. Aerodynamic lift. 
  4. Corner steering.
  5. Traction.

Now, let me explain how to increase ground clearance of car to prevent damages that can occur!

How To Increase Ground Clearance Of Car

Explaining How To Increase Ground Clearance Of Car.

Using 5 simple ways might raise the vehicle's ground clearance such as using larger wheels, coil spring spacers, lift kit for suspension, air springs, and leaf spring blades. 

Ground clearance is the distance between the chassis and the ground. And raising it through the given techniques would require some car ground clearance increase kit. So, bring that before you hop into the procedure. 

car ground clearance increase

My Recommendations

  • Next, the Superior 18-1901 is a donut-like coil spring spacer to add lift over car sagging springs. It does a great job to ensure good height with better ground clearance. 

1. Add Coil Spring Spacers.

The car height spacers kit for coil spring is a magical solution to lift or restore the ride height. Using this tool would probably fix the sagginess of springs.

Most spacers can lift up to 1” to 3” to level the ground clearance. And, it is logically priced while being solid to work fine for years. 

Average Cost: $20 to $130.

2. Get A Suspension Lift Kit.

The lift kit for suspension is another gear that helps to increase the height and offer great ground clearance. FYI, most people who have to add height or correct ground clearance focus on suspension by adding this tool.

And, this kit is excellent to return the stiffness and ensure better stability when handling the truck over bumpy roads.

After you add it to the car suspension, it lifts the car while ensuring the chassis and ground has a fair distance. That's how to increase car suspension height.

Average Cost: $700 to $1,750.

3. Re-curving Spring Using Air Cylinders.

If you are wondering do I need new shocks with lowering springs to ensure better ground clearance, it can be solved using alternative gear called air cylinder only. Just install the air cylinders on the spring and it'll inflate or deflate to adjust the correct ride height. 

Average Cost: $14 to $120.

4. Invest on Extra Leaf Spring Blade.

Using an extra leaf spring blade on the leaf spring pack will boost the performance of the car while adding ground clearance.

So, if you are asking others ”˜my car is too low how do I raise it', just add the extra leaf spring blade and it'll stiffen the ride in a positive way.

Average Cost: $820 to $1,000.

5. Using the Large Wheels.

One of the most popular picks to increase the ground clearance of a car is easy if adding wheels. A lot of people choose this method to fix the issue at ease. For that, you just need to check your truck wheel size and insert 1” or 2” bigger ones.

But, carefully raise the truck height using this trick as the cost to lower a car 2 inches or more is pretty high. For example, if your car owns 185/40 R14 tires then using 185/50 R14 tires would be ideal to increase the ground clearance.  

Average Cost: $820 to $1,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is higher ground clearance better?

No! A car with an unstable high height would be harder to ride causing roll-up. It needs to be in the pinpoint in order to get the ground clearance better. However, having higher ground clearance might be handy to have more space for off-roading.

2. Does lowering kit increase ground clearance? 

The lowering kit can add ground clearance if the truck is insanely tall. Just add the best lowering kits for Ford F150, Ram 1500, Dodge Viper, or other vehicles models based on your car to attain good ground clearance.

Ending Notes

All cars have a specific ground clearance which sometimes feels low or high. To expand the ride height, I have mentioned 5 different ways by using handy gears. Hope you find these helpful with this guide about how to increase ground clearance of car. See You Soon with New Topic!

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