How To Tell BBS Wheels Apart From Replicas (Fake Vs Real)

BBS wheels are built of unique quality as they are built of hard cast metal alloy characterized by minimum mass and maximum stability to give a ground-breaking performance. The BBS wheels have various designs for different market needs. The company considers the performance designs, motorsport designs, utility designs, and classic designs, all available and with a wide range of sizes.

The wheel has an eye-catching appearance which makes it appear stylish. BBS wheels are made of premium raw materials, mostly aluminum, used to make alloys and produce an outstanding product. However, replicas of the original may be hard to detect and recognize the originality of the wheel you are purchasing. This article will try to address whether there is any way to tell if bbs rims are authentic and also be able to differentiate between fake and real BBS rims.

How To Tell Bbs Wheels Apart From Replicas

How can you tell fake BBS?

There are several procedures that you can consider to realize whether the BBS is real or a replica. The center caps on the wheel are one of the ways how to tell real bbs from fake. When the BBS wheels center cap is removed, try to identify stamps like “bbs,” “Volk,” “made in Germany,” among others. If there is none, then the wheel is fake. In addition, real bbs rims weigh a bit lighter than the replicas and have an engraved weight on the interior of the wheel.

Inside the casting of factory BBS wheels, they usually have the abbreviation BBS which might not be found on the replica wheels. It is also advisable to visit the BBS(Technik aus dem motorsport) compare the images available at the website versus the images of the rim you are purchasing. Use the images on the website as the marking scheme to the wheel you are purchasing, and in case of any difference, it must e a replica.

How to Tell BBS ch003 real or fake

The CH’s wheels have the word “motorsport” engraved or stamped around the inner center of the wheel. It also contains other descriptions on the spokes or the lips of the rim. Furthermore, The CH’s wheels are mainly manufactured with either diamond silver, bright silver, or black with a stainless lip. The lower offset fitments contain 5 holes in the bolt pattern at the center of the rim. When searching for a set of CHs, normalize asking the seller the offset, width, size, and part number of the wheels you require, and make sure the pictures concerning the same are available to you for confirmation before purchase.

Mostly replicas do not have markings or may have several and omit some around the lip. The markings include the BBS logo, the offset, width, size, model number, JWL/VIA stamps and may also contain other wheel information in raised print. There may be a slight difference in the word “Motorsport” stamping. The replicas have it stamped on the face or outside part of the center dish, whereas for the real versions, the word is stamped on the curved inside part of the dish.

Are All BBS Wheels Forged?

To start with, what is a forged wheel? This is a wheel designed from a huge piece of solid metal, also known as a billet, heated to intense temperatures and pressurized to take its shape. This makes the forged wheel stronger and more durable than cast wheels. This is because the aluminum is heated up to a molten state for the cast wheels, then poured into a mold where it takes its shape and then trimmed to perfection. The casting renders a weaker material.

BBS wheels are top-grade forged, and they are ultra-light wheels with revolutionary designs obtained from special forged materials and made by expatriates available in the BBS human resources and using advanced technology. The BBS forging process starts with a billet of special aluminum alloy, which is taken through multiple forging steps, which include:

Flow making of the wheel blank which ensures the wheel is of correct width and thickness

Heat treatment is the process of hardening the molecular structure by repeated heating to help dissolve sufficient alloying elements.

Mechanical machining involves weight optimization, quality inspection, dimension check, and finishing.

Finally, there is a lacquer finish that involves applying base powder, then the colored paint, after which the clear lacquer is applied before the manual quality control.

To answer whether all BBs are forged, the answer is no. BBS Company utilizes the casting technology and the flow forming technology on top of forging while manufacturing their wheels. This means that they manufacture both forged and cast wheels to meet different markets’ needs.

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Bbs wheels are worth trying out if you want a high-performance vehicle wheel. They can be expensive, but not if you’re looking for ultimate safety and performance. Besides, how well does an automobile look without these beautiful wheels?

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