How Good Tesla Car Air Conditioning System Is?

After reshaping how we see electric cars Tesla has taken the HVAC (Heating, ventilation, air conditioning) systems to the next level. Their cars are in the decent rank when it comes to air-conditioned cars. Using electricity instead of a combustion engine to power the air conditioning system has been proven to be a game-changer.

Powered with electricity, Tesla’s air condition system is one of the most efficient. It works on the same principle as the refrigerator. They are far ahead when it comes to heaters too. Although, the working of the heater is a bit complicated.

In this post, I’ll be answering questions ranging from genuine curiosity to quirky ones. If you have any questions on AC or heaters of the Tesla cars, hopefully, you will find them answered. Let’s dive in.

How Good Tesla Car Air Conditioning System Is

Do Tesla Cars Have Air Conditioning?

Since engineers figured out how to fit an air conditioning system inside a car, it has been one of the de facto primary features. Tesla is not different when it comes to its. Yes, all the tesla models come to have air conditioning.

The cars with combustion engines use the engine to run the compressor of the AC. It was a difficult challenge for tesla as their cars don’t have combustion engines. So, they did the next best thing and did a complete overhaul of the air condition system in the car alongside improving the battery technology. Now they have one of the best AC systems in the market.

Do Teslas Have AC Compressors?

Air-condition systems require are compressor. This compressor is usually powered by the combustion engine. Due to the lack of a combustion engine in their electric car, they took a different path. Their air condition systems are followed how the refrigerators work and went on the same path.

Tesla cars have AC compressors but they are not like the one that runs on combustion engine. Their compressor runs on electricity same as the refrigerator.

How Good Is the Air Conditioning In A Tesla?

The air conditioning system in Tesla cars is not among the strongest. It is due to the fact these systems run on batteries. AC system on Tesla runs on a 400-volt battery. So, the performance of the AC depends a lot on the battery condition.

Electric air condition systems in cars have much more room to improve. Many users reported that it performs decently most of the time with occasional mishaps. The software system has a very friendly interface. Occasional mishaps are often solved by my system reboot.

Is it OK to leave AC on while parked?

You can turn the AC on with your phone a few minutes before you wish to enter the car. So, you won’t have to keep the air condition system on the whole time the car is parked.

So, it is OK to leave the AC on while the car is parked but it is not encouraged.This way you will be able to save more battery thus getting better range. In Tesla cars, it is better to use AC when the temperature gets over 100F, it will be most efficient for the batteries.

How Does A Tesla Air Conditioner Work?

Tesla cars are just as domestic fridges do. One difference is that it runs on 400-volt electricity. This article from Tesla might interest you.

The chiller unit is designed as they are done in standard cars. It takes in heat from inside the cabin. Takes them to the compressor unit. Where is heat dissipates and compressor makes the coolant cold again? This cycle repeats as long as the air conditioner is on.

How Far Can A Tesla Go With AC On?

It depends on the model you are taking into account as different models have different specs. For example, in Tesla model 3 you will get ~234 miles with AC turned off, ~200 miles with HVAC on auto, and 173 with HVAC at high.

Unlike cars with combustion engines, in electric vehicles impact of air condition is highly visible. As EV runs at very high efficiency every bit of energy consumed by air-conditioning impact the overall mileage. Use of excessive AC not only impacts the range but also drives up Tesla Monthly Charging Cost.

For How Long Can I Keep The A/C Running on A Parked Tesla?

Although it is not encouraged to keep the AC on while parking, AC can be kept running until the battery reaches 20%. For a 75-kWh battery, you will be able to use 60 kWh for the air condition. On the other note, it should be mentioned that Tesla Charging Time increases if you use the AC while parking.

60 kWh capacity will allow you to use the air condition system for ~101 hours.

Do Tesla Cars Have Heaters?

Yes, Tesla cars come with heaters. Tesla Model 3, Model S, and Model X use resistive heating mechanisms. And, Tesla model Y comes with a heat pump.

The resistive heater in model S, models X, and models 3 works in the same way. It uses a resistor that increases the resistance as heat increases. The heat pump in model Y works just like a fridge but in the reverse direction.

How Does the Heater Work in A Tesla Car?

Tesla uses a PTC (positive temperature coefficient) heater. As the resistor inside the heater heats up, it also increases the resistance. This way it never gets to go too hot.

They use 400 volts for the heater because it is convenient. It also lessens the load on the wires and keeps the cabin nice and warm. Unlike diesel engine heater which is roughly around 30% efficient, Tesla heater is more than 90% efficient.

While talking about heat, I should also mention that if you want to avoid overheating while charging with an extension cord, then go with official Tesla Charger Extension Cord.

How Much Power Does the Heater In A Tesla Use?

It depends on factors like initial cabin temperature, settings on driver’s seat heater, target temperature. At the initial temperature of 52F, to heat the car including the driver’s seat you will need around 4800 watts of power.

General heating usually consumes somewhat more than 4000 watts. The driver seat consumes around 500 watts to heat up.

Tesla Model 3 AC Overview

Bottom Line

Tesla has taken a different approach when it comes to controlling the temperature inside the car. Having an electric power source onboard makes the whole process a lot more efficient than cars with combustion engines. When it comes to air conditioning, Tesla cars are a lot more efficient than diesel engines.

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