How Much A Tesla Model S Plaid Edition Costs

While being a hot brand that provides the best electric cars, Tesla has produced the latest edition, known as Model S Plaid. And, the pricing of it is getting higher and higher.

As a co-founder of this brand, Elon Mask’s new edition is becoming a new standard for this generation which makes the Plaid price go high and low. Now, it’s hard to define exactly how much is a Tesla Model S Plaid edition.

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How Much A Tesla Model S Plaid Edition Costs

How Much Is A Tesla Model S Plaid Edition Price/Cost In Detail.

From the official site of Tesla, they claim the Model S Plaid edition is $129,990 starting price with no upgrades. If including the destination & doc fee and delivery charge, the total amount would be $131,440.

After digging a little bit of Tesla Model S Plaid history, I find it was launched officially on battery day. In which, the price was originally costed around $119,990 as starting price. And after including docs and other charges the cost would be $121,440 in total.

However, right now, the price is getting higher which stands in the $131,440 range including all the charges.  

One might ask is this expensive, is the Tesla Model S plaid street legal? The answer is no. It is just launched on the website but will be revealed later just like the car Nurburgring.

Due to its nice features like speed, acceleration, extras, exterior, and interior, the price of this edition gets higher.

If you are planning to get it, then be sure to grab one from the best Tesla charger extension cord lists. Now let’s see what’s the real pricing of it if adding other upgrades.

Cost Of Tesla Model S Plaid Including Upgrades.

As you know, all the features of Tesla cars are top-notch. And so, they arrange these features by tagging a price tag for each upgrade. This basically means if you need upgrades extra expenses will occur. Let me break that out for you. 

NameTotal Cost
Model S Plaid $129,990
Red Exterior$2,500
Wheel (21″ Arachnid)$4,500
Cream Interior$2,000
Full Self-Driving Capability$12,000
Vehicle Price$1,50,990
California Clean Fuel Reward*– $750
Gas Savings– $5,500
*Price after potential savings$144,740
Vehicle Price $1,50,990
Destination & doc fee$1,200
Order fee$250
Total Vehicle Cost $152,440

Exterior Paint Job Cost

If you don’t like the basic color of the Plaid which is white, then they offer excellent shades to choose from. You’ll find only 5 colors such as pearl white, solid black, midnight silver metallic, deep blue metallic, and red shades. 

But these shades will cost around $1,500 no matter which colors you choose. Yet, the red shade cost is around $2,500 in total. 

Wheels Cost

Next, the price to add new 21″ arachnid wheels in order to make the truck smooth. And this single-wheel upgrade will cost $4,500 in total. 

Interior Paint Job Cost

Although the interior is basically black which is included, still there are other 2 options (Black & white and Cream) if anyone prefers. Most of the time, the cost of adding interior paints cost will be $2,000. 

Full Self-driving Capability

This is a nice feature that contains navigation, auto park, summon, and other facilities. And this upgrade would cost at least $12,000 in total. 

Order Fee

It means the charge for orders that can be different based on your location. In standard, the cost would be around $250 on average. 

Destination & Doc Fee

This basically means the shipping or delivery charge. And also, the cost of it would be around $1,200.

What Are the Finance Options?

Tesla contains 3 different ways to support placing an order which are cash, lease, and loan. Take a look into that to understand the whole finances.

*Potential Savings

It is a saving type.  which will pop up by subtracting the ‘Incentives’ and ‘Gasoline savings to find the total potential savings.

  • Cash: It mostly take around $129.990 (material cost) + $1200 (doc fee) = $131,190 after potential savings.
  • Lease: You can pay the lease in 24 or 36 months. And, a client has to pay around $1,653 per month after potential savings.
  • Loan: It let you pay off instruments for 36-72 months. Also, the loan after potential savings would be around $1766 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is the cheapest Tesla car?

The cheapest Tesla car out there would cost around $50,000 to $60,000 as a starting price. And the cost can be higher if changing shades or doing some upgrades. 

2. Is Tesla Model S worth buying?

Regardless of the new Plaid edition, most state the Model S is good for having a luxury vibe and comfortable ride. The design is excellent and so is the Tesla Model S price range.

3. Why are Teslas so expensive?

As the brand use energy instead of oil, that causes the Tesla cars to be pricier than other types. Plus, the unmatched features and functions also make it an expensive item.

4. What’s the difference between the Model S and the Model S plaid?

The main difference between them is speed, weight, and price. The Model S has 155mph speed whereas the Plaid owns 200mph. Then again, you’ll find the Plaid lighter than its previous edition. And, their pricing is different.

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Wrapping Up

Finally, the curiosity of learning how much is a Tesla Model S Plaid edition ends here. Hope you are fully informed to determine the exact cost of it.

Although the most brand gives a starting price at the top, it doesn’t mean the overall pricing that you have to pay.

You have to include the cost of rims, exterior & interior shades, and self-driving features to count material expenses. Plus, adding the doc fee along with the delivery charge to state the exact pricing. Hopefully, this guide didn’t let you down with the information to explain everything related to the topic. Have A Nice Day Ahead!

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