Tesla Monthly Charging Cost: Is Tesla More Cost Efficient?

Tesla has brought a revolution in the automobile industry with the introduction of electrical vehicles. It does not need any fuel or gasoline to run. It uses electricity to charge its batteries for the motors to run. You may wonder how much does it cost to charge a Tesla per month.

Though the cost depends on how much you are using your car and the price of the electricity in your area. But on an average, it is seen that the cost is around 50$ a month. In high-cost electricity area like Hawaii the cost is about 70$ a month.

There are a bunch of Tesla electric car models in the market right now. Each of them has their own unique features. The monthly cost to charge these vehicles differs from model to model and zones in the USA. I am going to give you a good hindsight on every possible aspect.

What Are The Facts That Determines The Charging Cost?

There are a variety of factors that determines your monthly charging cost. The electricity bill in your area, how much distance you are covering during a month with your car, how many hours you are charging in total, the battery capacity etc- all these factors determine your monthly cost.

The average electricity cost per KWH in America is 13.99 Cents. The highest rate is found in Hawaii which is 33.15 Cents per KWH. And the lowest is found in Louisiana which is 7.01 Cents per KWH.

Besides, there are several models of Tesla in the market. They have various mileage ranges. They may take various charging hours for a complete charge. So, to let you know the charging cost I will describe each and everything one by one.

How Much Does It Cost To Charge A Tesla Per Month?

Like I said earlier, the average charging cost per month is 50$ depending on an assumption of total mileage in a month. But the electric bills in all regions are not the same in America. Like in Hawaii the bill is higher and the monthly charge is about 70$.

This is an amount calculated through assumption and average values from a home outlet. It will be easy if we can calculate how much charge it will cost per mile of coverage. Then we can simply calculate the total cost by multiplying the mile driven in one month.

What Are The Ways To Charge A Tesla?

Tesla can be charged in a number of ways. It can be charged by a 110 Volts AC supply, like the one in your home outlets. It can also be charged by a 220 Volts AC supply. And the fastest way to charge a Tesla is by the DCFC supply that is found in the Tesla Supercharger technology.

Another efficient way to charge a Tesla at home is to wire a wall connector (Tesla wall connector installation). Charging through a normal outlet is also a way to charge, but it will days to complete charging your battery fully. The charging time of a Tesla (How long does it take to charge a Tesla) depends on the battery capacity and the way you are charging it.

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What Is The Charging Cost Of A Tesla Per Unit Mile Of Range?

The average charging cost of a Tesla is 2-3 cents per mile when you are charging from your home outlet. If you are charging by a supercharger it will take 4-5 cents per mile. This value is variable for the different models of Tesla car available in the market. I am going to show you how you can calculate this by yourself.

How Much Does It Cost To Charge A Model 3?

The standard model comes with a 50 KWH battery. It has a mileage of about 263 miles. Assuming a charging efficiency of 85%, to charge the battery fully it will cost about 8.22 $ since the cost per KWH is 33.15 Cents. This means the electricity cost for 263 miles is 8.22 $. So, it costs 3.13 cents per mile.

If you are charging in a Tesla charging station via supercharger, the electricity cost per KWH is 21.6 Cents. So, to charge the battery it will cost 11.36 $, with a charging efficiency of 95%. Thus, the cost per mile is 4.3 cents.

If you drive 1500 miles per month the charging cost will result in 46.95 $. Now you can see that the charging cost greatly depends on how much you are going to drive your car in one month. To be noted, I am using the average electricity bill per KWH here. In regions like Hawaii, the cost will be much higher than this.

The other versions of model 3 come with a 82 KWH battery. Which will cost about 13.5 $ to charge fully at home outlets. And 18.64 $ to charge at Tesla super charger stations.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

I receive a lot of questions regarding the charging of Tesla Cars. So, I have listed a number of those questions in this section. I hope you will find everything you want to know here.

1. Are Tesla Charging Stations Free?

No, Tesla charging stations are not free. In fact it is the fastest and costliest way of charging a Tesla. It costs about 21.6 cents per KWH of electricity charge.

2. Are Tesla Charging Stations Free For Model 3?

No, it is not free right now. It will cost same as the other models. But in the year 2018-2019 the supercharging was made free for Model 3 for a short period of time only for the first owners. It was limited to some owners with referral codes only.

How Much Does It Cost To Charge A Tesla In The Charging Station?

Tesla has a variety of models that has battery of different capacity. Other than that, it costs about 21.6 Cents per KWH. Let’s see how much each one cost to charge from zero to full capacity.

Tesla 3 standard version has a 50 KWH battery. It will cost 11.4 $ to charge it fully. On the other hand, the long range version uses 82 KWH batteries which will cost 18.64 $.

Tesla Y model uses a 75 KWH battery. Charging it will cost about 17 $. And the Tesla S and Tesla X come with a 100 KWH battery. This will cost about 22.73 $ to fully charge the batteries.

How Much Does It Cost To Charge A Tesla At Home?

Lectron 240V 16A Extension Cord

It costs comparatively low when you charge your Tesla at home instead of charging at a charging station. It costs about 13.99 cents per KWH. Then again, there is different capacity batteries used in various models of Tesla.

If the battery has a 50 KWH capacity like the standard model of Tesla 3; it will cost 8.22 $ to charge it fully. A 82 KWH battery will cost 13.5 $ to charge fully at home.

A 75 KWH battery is used in the Tesla Y model. It will cost about 12.34 $ to charge fully. Tesla S and Tesla X comes with a battery of 100 KWH. They cost about 16.47 $ to fully charge the battery.


If you have a Tesla or planning to buy a Tesla, you are going to face a lot of questions regarding charging your loving car. In such case, this is the perfect article for you. Go through it in details to get a good point of view. Ultimately you can guess yourself after reading the article that, Tesla saves quite a lot of money in comparison to an engine driven car. I have covered a lot of details to the significant topics related to the charging cost of a Tesla. I am sure you have found it helpful. See you soon in the next article…

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