Tesla Wall Connector Installation: Steps and Procedures Explained

Tesla has brought a number of charging methods for their electric cars. The users tend to charge their car at home rather than depending on the super charging stations. For a more efficient home charging Tesla brought the wall connector in the market. It is faster than other home charging facilities. So, how can you install this connector?

Tesla wall connectors have mainly three external parts to install. The Wire Box Mounting Template is attached on the wall. The Wire Box is mounted on the template where the power wires are connected. The Main Unit is then attached on the Wire box to complete the physical installation before connecting the Wi-Fi to the router.

I am going to show you the steps and procedures to install a wall connector at your house. So that, you can do it yourself and no need to call an electrician for the purpose.

Tesla Wall Connector Installation

What Level Of Charging Does A Wall Connector Provides?

Tesla wall connectors provide a level 2 charging technology. The wall connector is the fastest second level charging available. It provides a 240 V AC output with a current rating of 12 to 48 amps. It gives a maximum power output of 11.5 KW. So, the car needs only about 7-9 hours to charge fully. To see the time required to charge a Tesla visit the article (How long does it take to charge a Tesla?)

Right now there are 3 levels of charging facilities provided by Tesla. The level 1 charging uses a 120 V supply from the regular outlets. It uses a NEMA 5-15 adapter and is the slowest form of charging.

The level 2 is the perfect fit for house charging (What is needed to charge a tesla at home?) . It works on 240 V. You can use a NEMA 14-50 or a wall connector for level 2 charging. The fastest and costliest form of charging is level 3. The DCFC super charger uses this technology providing a 480 V DC supply and is found in the Tesla charging stations only. To learn about the cost of Tesla charging stations see our article (Are Tesla charging stations free?)

Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector Installation guide:

Installing a Tesla wall connector is no easy task. You have to learn well before trying. Right now the Generation 3 wall connector is in market as the latest one.  I am going to give you an overall hint on how to install it.

Step 1: Getting to know about the parts and their installation:

The wall connector has a bunch of parts. I will show you the main parts and things you must consider.

The parts of Tesla Wall Connector
Figure 1: The parts of Wall Connector.

In the pictures I have shown you how each of the main parts look like. The wire box mounting template in figure 1(b) is attached on the wall where you want to install the connector. You must consider a suitable height and place for this. There are screw holes to attach it on the wall.

After installing the wire box mounting template mount the wire box (figure: 1c) on it. There are 3 entry holes on the wire box for wires to enter. You can choose any of the holes depending on from which side the wires are easier to enter. When the wiring is completed the main unit (figure: 1a) is mounted on the wire box.

Step 2: Wiring The Wire Box Of Wall Connector:

After installing and mounting the wire box mounting template and wire box we need to attach the power wires to the connector. There are 3 wire terminals- Line 1, Line 2/N and Ground. Figure-2 shows the connection terminals of the wire box.

Connecting wires in the Tesla wire box
Figure-2: Connecting wires in the wire box

It is important to know what kind of wires you need to use in this case. Before that you must know what the possible current supplies by the connector are.

Circuit Breaker (Amps)Max output (Amps)Power output at 240 V (KW)
Table: 1

These are the current output settings of the wall connector. For a maximum power output you have to install a double pole 60 Amps circuit breaker. The connector has built in GFIC protection, so no need to install any GFIC circuit breaker. The important part here is you must use at least 6 AWG, 90°C rated copper wires for maximum power output.

The wall connector module automatically detects and serves load managements. This customizes the max output. If the electrical supply is unable to support the 60 amperes configuration you should choose a lower one that supports.

It is important to note that there must a proper ground connection. Failing to ground the wire properly will result in faults during the ground assurance test.

Step 3: Attach Wall Connector To Wire Box:

After finishing the wiring, you have to attach the main unit (Figure: 1a) to the wire box. There are screws and fasteners to attach the units properly. You can always see the installation manual that comes with the package for further details.

Step 4: Energizing The Wall Connector:

After completing all the installation steps, turn on the upstream circuit breaker with the related switch to energize the connector.

Step 5: Connecting The Wall Connector To The WI-FI:

The wall connector comes with a built in Wi-Fi that connects to the router. The Wi-Fi helps the connector to be connected to mobile devices and other Tesla products.

Things To Remember:

You should follow certain things while installing the connector. Let me point out them for you:

  • Use the proper wires necessary for the power dissipation in the circuit. It is better to use a better grade wire than necessary but never use lower grade wires.
  • The wires can be solid or stranded. Both are okay to use.
  • Use water tight fittings in the wire box area if the wall connector is for outdoor use.
  • Follow the grounding rules well while installing the device. Without proper grounding the installation will not be complete.

What Is The Price Of The Wall Connector?

The 3rd Generation wall connector costs 550 $. This is the latest version of Tesla wall connector right now. The installation charge by the Tesla is variable between 750-1500 $

Tesla Wall Connector Generation 3 Firmware Update:

To update the firmware you need to follow the following steps. I am showing you an offline update method. Let’s go.

Step 1: Download the firmware file on your phone or laptop which you are going to connect to the Wi-Fi access point of the wall connector

Step 2: Connect your phone or laptop to the Wi-Fi access point of the wall connector. You will find the password and network name in the quick start guide that comes with the wall connector.

Step 3: After connecting to the Wi-Fi access point open your web browser on the phone or laptop and navigate to the update site-

Step 4: Choose the file from your local drive of the phone or laptop and install.

Tesla Wall Charger Troubleshooting:

To troubleshoot your Tesla wall connector connect your smart phone or laptop to the Wi-Fi access point of the device. In this case use the quick start guide to get the network name and password to connect your phone or laptop to the device. Then you can troubleshoot.

What Does “Tesla Wall Connector Partially Configured” Means?

If your connector is switched to 60 amperes circuit breaker configuration but your home electricity supply does not support it, you will be shown this message. To solve it and fully configure select a lower ampere of circuit breaker configuration.


The article covers all the necessary things you need to know about the installation of a Tesla wall connector, especially the latest 3rd generation one. If you want to install by yourself; be confident and follow the steps I have explained for you.

I am sure you found this article helpful and a lot of answers to the questions that may come in your mind while installing. Good luck with your experiment.

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