How to get a Towed Car back without paying California?

How to get a Towed Car back without paying California

If you leave your car in the impound lot for a long period, your car will be auctioned! Is that what you want? Do you want to see your car broken into pieces? NEVER! So, before they damage the car, you must get it back!

Do you know how to get a towed car back without paying California? The more days you keep your car there, the more you need to pay! Let us tell you how you can make your work easy with some tips and tricks!

How to Get Back Towed Car without Fee

If you go through the right methods, you never need to worry about the fees when your car is towed! Learn more about how you can get your car out easily! 

1. Know the Location

The first work when you see that your car has been towed is to learn about the location. In some cases, people don’t know where their car is let alone getting it back. However, if you got arrested, mostly, the police will serve you with the information regarding the impound lot. But most of the time, the cars are usually impounded without your consent.

In that situation, knowing the location of the car is necessary before taking further steps. Here, you will surely be at loss. You have to take initiative for calling the city office building. From there, inform them that your car is lost and ask someone to check for the list of cars that have been listed as impounded. At times, we park our cars illegally and if that’s the situation, you must check the area for the signage about where your car can be impounded.

2. Money or No-Money

If your car is impounded, it is the best option to get the car back as soon as you can. If you have heard stories about impounded cars before, you will know that the car owners have to pay a specific amount for keeping the car there. And the amount increases with every passing day. The amount of the fee you have to pay will not be the same.

The fee completely depends on the area where your car got towed. So, it is better to get the paperwork done quickly and get rid of all these problems. It is nearly not possible to get the car back without paying but if you have a friend in these sectors, you can ask for their favor.

Also, if you get the car the day it has been towed, there is a chance that you don’t need to pay the fee! However, if you still have to pay the money and you don’t have any, you can rely on selling something valuable, or getting a small loan can work too!

3. Get the Papers

Everybody that thought dealing with towed cars is easy changed their mind when they came to learn about the paperwork. Yes, it is not the easy you are expecting! You might feel miserable if you don’t work properly. Here, we will tell you how you can work without losing your mind! First, check the lot and search exactly where your car is located, then, learn about when the lot opens and closes. If you are late, you have to learn about the fee you have to pay there.

Check the day and count the amount beforehand to avoid future confusion. In cases, different sectors take their payment in a different method. In such a situation, it is always better to learn about the right method of payment so that you do not need to waste time afterward. There are several methods of paying- credit, check, cash, etc. Ask them about these details and learn about them so that you have enough money ready to pay them in their manner.

Beforehand, it is better to ask about the paperwork because you won’t be able to get ready with the paperwork immediately when you will pick up the car. Know about the paperwork because you might need several documents here. The documents that are usually necessary for such events are a driver’s license, VIN, proof of insurance, and a lot more. Ask them about the exact papers you need to release your car.

Asking for the fax number of the lot is a great idea because it will help the insurance carrier send the proof directly to the lot. If you think that you can get your car back without the information and details, you can try; but you will lose! You have to be prepared to search for the information and also get yourself ready to wait because these works usually require time.

4. Proof of Insurance

Very crucial information that you need when it comes to the paperwork is proof of your car’s insurance. Make sure that the car insurance you show is current and active. In the proof of insurance, the name of the insurance carrier along with the policy effective dates will be included. Also, the named insured, the year of the vehicle, the make, the model and the Vehicle Identification Number will be stated there.

In time cities, you will be able to show the electronic proof of insurance to the police. But if you intend to use the electronic proof, you have to let the impound lot know about this beforehand. In some cases, the impound lots do not accept such proofs. It is always better to inform them to avoid unwanted troubles.

5. Time and Tide

They say time and tide wait for none and this is a fact when you are dealing with the towed car. Of course, you love your car and you don’t want it to stay in the impound lot. And for this, you have to work harder and faster, most importantly faster. You might think that you will receive the car after some days. But let us tell you, this will only increase the fee you need to pay to get your car back.

And if you are unable to pay it then, you won’t get your car back! Also, there are chances that you lose your car if you keep it there for a long period! After you get the car, check the tires, glass, shackle hitch receiver, trailer coupler, and everything to ensure your car is in perfect condition. This is necessary!

Wrap Up

So, now you have learned how you can get a towed car back without paying in California! All you need to do is be careful about the paperwork, make sure the insurance is active, and not waste time at all! Don’t forget to check our site to learn about your vehicle! We come up with all the needed information so that you don’t need to worry about them!

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