Do Wheel Spacers Affect Alignment – Know the Truth!

If you are familiar with tuning scenes, then wheel spacers will be a common thing to you. Because these are super cheap and helps to make the wheel fitment better plus give some boost in track width, people basically have them installed.

However, it’s also true that some people consider it to be a ruining item for the vehicle geometry plus drops handling efficiency. Wheel spacers for trucks also have quite the same reputation. 

The thing that makes it even alarming is assumption of it affecting alignment. If you have no clue, make sure to stick till the end. Because I’ll not only tell you the truth about wheels spacers affecting alignment but also other important stuff that should help you measure up the decision of whether to get or skip this controversial element. Let’s Go

Do Wheel Spacers Affect Alignment

So, Do Wheel Spacers Affect Alignment?

The answer is yes it does and also no when you do it right. There’s a chance of it involving your suspension warranty. However, that happens usually when you mess up with something. For example, the caster or caber.

If you do it right then the thing will only push the wheels out more without that alignment concern. And you see, it’s a bit twisted when we look for an exact answer. So definitely something to be deeply aware of. Basically, why I’m going to explain things a bit further for you to decide if getting the wheel spacer is a right choice, with all information in your hand.

A Bit More About the Wheel Spacers Alignment Matter.

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Frankly most of the time that wheel spacers cause a problem of alignment is only because of improper installation. And so, the thing to be blamed is actually inaccurate installation, not wheels spacer itself. If you get it fixed right, then this thing should not cause you a failure. The common installation issues usually responsible are improper torque value and hub bore.

When you take the initiative of getting the wheel spacers correctly installed it helps with performance improvement. And also, there are aesthetic benefits to it, according to many users. In fact, some even share that packages that do not offer this part are usually very unsatisfying compared to the one that actually does include it.

Also, surprisingly, you can actually mask alignment issues if there’s one existing already with wheel spacers. The protagonist is of course proper installation and also, you need to use it full time for your vehicle. The ones that are older models are more likely to get better results.

However, if the case is about offset of a quite significant amount, that you keep on fixing, then things are a bit different. In such a case, it’s best to just go for a solution to have the alignment done instead of anything else.

If you are wondering what do wheel spacers do that improves performance, then the common ones are giving enhanced track width, increases cornering force, and allow high speeds too.

Why Some People Consider Wheel Spacers to Be Bad – You Could Be One of Them as Well.

The fact that some people (also experts) do consider wheel spacers to be less safe is still valid. And they have a few reasons to back up that doubt. First of all, the load will be transferred to axle from wheel. And this happens through clamped joint friction. This was supposed to happen through wheel stud. With fewer torqued lug nuts, the stud will only be able to bend here.

Another key reason could be making the wheel moving to a wider position. And at the same time, rest of suspension arms stay in very same position. Also, the kingpin inclination axis.

This means there can be a wheel outboard problem plus scrub radius alteration due to wheel spacers. Now, this is also a problem if your vehicle has a positive scrub radius. Because then the wheel spacer will cause it to increase. And there will be issues such as steering and bumps on road feeling more amplified.

It can end up making the tire lose its grip as well. In the case of a negative scrub radius, problem becomes even more serious. It basically takes the wheel to worst position.

Avoiding The Negative Side of Wheel Spacers to Enjoy Only Benefits – It’s Possible.

Yes, having such wishes is absolutely fine. You just need to be a bit aware of how to make that happen. First of all, don’t compromise the quality, type, and material when choosing a wheel spacer. Having the wrong bolt pattern or fitment usually invites those negatives, which we want to avoid at any cost.

Next, you want to make sure you’re capable of performing the installation correctly. And if you cannot do it by yourself, ask a professional for help. There’s no way an expert will mess up the installation.

And, when you purchase the wheel spacers, they should be from a reputable source. That definitely does not have a record of serving cheaply made ones. Those will eventually lead to premature failure and all the problems including alignment things that you must avoid. So yes, definitely for the sake of overall safety as well, choose a reliable supplier.

Finally, I want you to actually consider why you’re willing to get the wheel spacer for your vehicle. Understanding the purpose of this thing and if it’s able to accomplish what you’re intending to achieve, are important considerations. And you should not ever skip such thoughts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do wheel spacers affect MPG?

It does very slightly decrease the efficiency as well as MPG. This is when you use the spacer to increase wheel weight and also by pushing tire outwards it reduces aerodynamics.

2. Can wheel spacers cause death wobble?

If it’s a death wobble we are talking about, then keep in mind that the wheel spacers alone cannot cause that. It must be something else as well that basically becomes worse because of the interface of wheel spacers. So, you don’t want to blame only the spacers but also concern on what could be a that unidentified issue.

3. What’s the point of wheel spacers?

Usually, people who want to get larger tires to think about getting the wheel spacers to allow it to fit in there. So that there’s additional clearance for the wheel as well as hub assembly. Basically, to increase the offset for any reason the user could have.

4. Do wheel spacers make a difference?

The whole point of is wheel spacers good or bad usually refers to if this thing even makes any difference. That’s something the one planning or considering wheel spacers need to decide. Because of the purpose, only the person looking into it for his or her truck or vehicle can actually say. And when you know what you’re trying to achieve, you basically also figure out if these spacers can help you achieve that.

5. Are Wheel Spacers Legal?

People wondering do wheel spacers cause problems sometimes refer to the legal troubles interlinked. Because some states, don’t allow the wheel to protrude from vehicle body. Only when it comes factory fitted.

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Wrap Up 

From answering your concern on do wheel spacers affect alignment to basically diving a bit more deeply about those actual concerns that could be behind this question, I’ve tried to summarize everything in this guide. Hopefully, it will help you decide what to do next.

Just one advice that I want to give before ending, don’t risk your vehicle’s wellbeing if it’s not absolutely necessary. And at the same time, don’t miss out on better performance if hiring an expert to do tricky installation is within your budget. The whole thing is very subjective, so you need to figure things out and then decide if the spacers are bad or good for your vehicle.

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